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Roy Nelson vs. Frank Mir likely on tap for UFC 130

Two of the UFC‘s top heavyweights appear set for action on May 28 in Las Vegas, as Frank Mir and Roy Nelson have reportedly agreed to settle a score in the Octagon at UFC 130 dating back seven years. Nelson infamously beat Mir at a grappling tournament in 2003 and has been rumored for an in-ring date with Mir ever since, even occasionally drawing verbal jabs from the former UFC champion based on physique and his ability to succeed in the division against top opponents.

News of the potential match-up and attached event were first reported by BetUS.

Mir (14-5) is coming off a late knockout of Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic after landing a flush knee against the striking legend last September at UFC 119. He is 5-2 since 2007 with wins over Brock Lesnar, Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira, and Cheick Kongo in the bunch as well as defeats to Lesnar and Shane Carwin.

Comparably, his rotund rival has gone 1-1 since walking away with the title of Ultimate Fighter Season 10 champ as a result of his first-round flooring of Brendan Schaub in December 2009. The 15-5 Nelson followed the win up with a thirty-nine second knockout of Stefan Struve but was outpointed by top title-contender Junior Dos Santos in his follow-up performance this past August. He had originally been linked to a bout with Carwin at UFC 125 but the match-up fell apart due to Carwin being injured.

  • qat says:

    cant wait for them to cross their fists!

  • MCM says:

    Mir is the more technical striker, but doesn’t posses the power of Nelson. On the ground, I’d give the advantage to Nelson but only if he’s in top control, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Roy off his back. Nelson’s takedown attempts are almost comical, but Mir’s takedown defense is not great. I think we’re gonna see Mir try to keep this fight standing and either use his superior technical striking to out point Nelson, or (since he’s bigger, not heavier, but bigger) use his size to clinch with Nelson up against the fence and try to wear him down.
    I’m a big fan of Roy’s but think that Mir has more ways to win in this fight. With that said, Roy via KO rnd 2.

  • Jak says:

    Would have liked it to be Nelson vs. Lesnar instead. Not because i like Lesnar, but because it’s the oe logical fight for him and Nelson already called him out before.

    Mir just seems completely irrelevant right now.

  • I stand on the opposite side of you on this MCM. I think Roy has alot more ways to win this…his bjj is just as good(albeit not as creative due to his big belly) as Frank’s and his winging bombs posses more power so i feel he has more ways to win.

    That’s being said I agree with your outcome Roy by big country KO round 2 maybe 3…strangely i think Roy has a cardio advantage and also seems to react better when pushed to his limit whereas Mir tends to fold in similar situations.
    regardless this should be a good one that’ll end with an ending that leaves more than a few people jumping up from their couches spilling beer all over the floor.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Mir is a better grappler than Nelson. Nelson beat Mir 2003 due to Mir kicking his ass early, Mir gassing and Nelson being 40 pounds lighter. Nelson did very little but control a gassed MIr later in the fight. Mir has won 8-14 times via sub holds and against Brock, Williams, Sylvia, Kongo. Nelson 4 times and against nobodies 5 years ago and Bo Cantrell 7 years ago.
    Nelson is an OK striker with heavy hands but he was destroyed by Arlovski on the feet and Rothwell also won in a striking duel. Monson won a dec against Nelson, albeit a suspect 1, via out striking Nelson.
    I don’t rate Mir that highly, he is just too inconsistent and his heart is questionable but I rate him higher than Nelson who for me is only a borderline top 20 fighter who has lost to every top 20 fighter he has faced.
    Now having said that Nelson could win this by pressuring Mir and wearing him down. He is capable of KOing Mir but not winning a dec in a striking duel. I’ll go Mir via TKO but Nelson winning would not be a huge surprise.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    they both suck.

    also, saying Dos Santos “outpointed” BurgerKing doesnt really do that attempted murder justice in my opinion.

  • Dufresne says:

    also, saying Dos Santos “outpointed” BurgerKing doesnt really do that attempted murder justice in my opinion.
    Agreed. I can’t really critize either fighter for that being a decision. JDS beat the living hell out of Nelson and hit him with shots that would have finished almost any human alive, and Nelson just kept coming.

    Personally I’m hoping Nelson wins, mostly because Mir grates my nerves. He’s got to be one of the most narcissistic fighters on the planet.

  • Sweet. I’ve been waiting for this .. could go either way but I’m going with Mir

  • danw84 says:

    If Dos Santos couldn’t knock out Nelson, we know Mir can’t.

    We also know Mir can go to sleep if you want him to.

    We haven’t really seen Roy’s jiu jitsu yet in the UFC, but Mir seems to have basically abandoned his so I figure this will be a striking fight, and Roy will knock Mir out.

  • LiverPunch says:

    When do we ever see his BJJ. Nelson’s BJJ is like Mr Snuffleupagus on Seseme St. We all hear about it but never see it. I’m starting to think Nelson’s BJJ it’s just a story made up by Big Bird.
    Nelson may win this but if his past record is anything to go by, he won’t. Mir via Nelson being average and TKO rd 3.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Mir out struck Nog, Mirko and Kongo recently. Nelson got out struck by Monson, Rothwell and Arlovski recently. I say Mir wins the stand up and the ground game.

  • windstorm says:

    mir is a douche end of story

  • Angry Mike says:

    LiverPunch is absolutely right about Mir’s stand up. People dislike him personally, and that colors their opinions about his skills. And I don’t buy the theory that Nelson’s bjj is better than Mir’s. Nelson uses his weight to pin opponents, perferably in a crucifix, until the ref stops the fight. He said so on TUF. That isn’t bjj, and in any event he’ll have a difficult time implementing that game plan against Mir because of Mir’s skill and experience. If it goes to a decision, Mir wins, but I think there’s a reasonable chance that Mir stops Nelson before the end of the second round.

  • MCM says:

    I do dislike Mir personally, but I don’t think it’s coloring my opinion. Mir can win this fight striking by keeping his distance and outpointing Big Country on his way to a dec. He can win it on the ground if he gets top position and rides it out to a dec. And in the most unlikely scenario, Mir may be able to pull off a submission. I still think Mir has more ways to win it than Nelson.
    But I’m baffled by those that think he has anywhere near the power to TKO Roy. JDS is a KO artist and hit him with everything, including the kitchen sink, and Nelson still kept coming. Mir on the other hand, only recently started taping his hands during training cause he never hit that hard before. Big Country has that one hit KO power and all five of Mir’s loses have been due to KO’s or TKO’s. I hoping Frank underestimates Nelson and walks strait into one of those overhand rights and gets put to sleep.
    I’m routing for Roy Nelson because I think he’s funny and really can’t stand Mir, but looking at it objectively, I have to give the edge to Frank Mir.

  • MickeyC says:

    this one has been a long time coming. Tuff to say how it will go. Either way I would like to see the winner, match the victor of a brock/carwin rematch.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    don’t hold your breath. If Brock returns, Carwin won’t be high on his list of priorities to fight.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Can’t believe Nelson gets such support. He got hit 3 1/2 times for every time he hit Dos Santos.
    If Nelson wins this it will be a big upset in my books.

  • boomnutz says:

    i think this will be a fun fight, and i think that’s the best you can hope for with these 2, after Brock’s destruction of Mir and JDS’ destruction of Nelson, does any one really hope these 2 can accomplish anything in the UFC HW division…you can make all the excuses you want, “he only won because he tired him out and controlled him” he still won didn’t he???? “he’s only good at jui jitsu becuase he lays on people” it still works don’t it??? Anyway, i’d say this fight is about as even as you get, Mir has the experience over better competition, but Nelson has the heart, neither has great striking, Mir a little more precise (although lets dispell any notion right now that his striking is good, at this point i could outstrike Cro Cop, and Nog’s never been great at striking plus came into that fight in bad shape, knee problems and staph, i think) but Nelson has more power, and jui jitsu should be even (they both suck off their back) although Mir may have an edge in the clinch…anyway i’m thinking it should be a good fight

  • Angry Mike says:

    Actually striking was supposed to be Nog’s strength. I can’t even guess how many times announcers mentioned he trained with the Brazilian Olympic boxing team. Nog may not have been healthy, but Mir lookeded great and landed the left uppercut at will. And that was the first time Nog was ko’d. Mir is a better technical striker than Roy. Roy’s biggest asset in striking is his chin, and the pummeling he took from dos Santos proved that

  • boomnutz says:

    i think it’s lil Nog they always talk about with the boxing, Nog’s been good obviously, but he was more known for his submissions and threatening from the guard, he actually had a reputation for getting shit kicked for a few rounds and then submitting guys late

  • Rece Rock says:

    If Mir wins this where do we place him in the HW mix? Thinking who he gets next?

  • Dufresne says:

    If Mir wins this where do we place him in the HW mix? Thinking who he gets next?

    With Lesnar/JDS just announced with the winner getting the next title shot, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them match up Mir with the loser of that fight. It’d be a win/win for the UFC because they’d either be getting Mir v JDS (the last guy to beat Nelson) or Mir v Lesnar III which simply sells itself.

    I personally don’t care to see Mir v Lesnar III, but I also want to see JDS take Cain on for the belt. JDS is possibly my favorite HW these days and Cain has more than proven that he’s no joke. Plus, Lesnar just got handled by Cain and I don’t really care to see a rematch just yet. Especially since it’d be the 3rd time in the last year that a champ had to fight the same guy twice in a row.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    If Mir wins he gets the winner of Struve vs Brown. Maybe?.
    What is Rothwell doing?.

  • Dufresne says:

    What is Rothwell doing?.

    He is coming off a win and it has been 6+ months since he had a fight, so that’s a decent possibility. And just for giggles, why don’t we throw Heath Herring into the possible scenarios? He’s been off the radar for a bit, his last two losses were against Lesnar and Big Nog, and he’s tough as nails. I wouldn’t mind seeing him throw down with Mir.

  • MCM says:

    I think they put Rothwell against Carwin at 130 (just speculation). Heath hates Zuffa and Zuffa hates Heath so I don’t think we’re ever gonna see him back in the Octagon again. But I’d love to see the Texaz Crazy Horse back in action. I think he’d a bigger test than Gonzaga, Cro Cop, or Kongo are.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Read earlier today that Rothwell is actually coming off a torn ACL suffered in the Yvel fight and is hoping to be back this July (but it could be longer).

  • MCM says:

    If Mir wins, I think he’ll either get another title shot or someone like Struve and then a title shot.
    I know we all like to talk about the new UFC HW division and whether or not it’s better than SF’s or some other companies, but to be completely honest, there are only about 10 or 15 guys world wide that can compete with the tops in the class. And with those 10 or 15 spread out between 2 or 3 organizations, each org is gonna constantly rematch it’s top 5 or 6 guys. If Frank gets by Nelson and one other fighter, who else is there for the winner of Cain/JDS?


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