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Phil Davis gets step up in competition with fight against Matt Hamill at UFC 129

With four wins in the Octagon and an 8-0 record it was only a matter of time before Phil Davis received the first high-profile fight of his career and now it appears his wait is finally over. Though nothing official has been announced, the 26-year old “Mr. Wonderful” is likely to face 10-2 Matt Hamill at UFC 129 on April 30 in Toronto.

News of the grapplers’ pairing and inclusion on the historic event was reported by MMAJunkie.

Hamill, a winner of his last five fights, should mark the biggest challenge of the four-time All-American wrestler’s career based on the Ultimate Fighter Season 3 alumnus’ comparable mat-based savvy, power, and improving stand-up. “The Hammer” is coming off a unanimous decision win over Tito Ortiz with success against Keith Jardine and Mark Munoz in other bouts also attached to his current streak.

However, while Hamill is a difficult draw it is far from a foregone conclusion he will emerge victor when he and Davis square off at the Rogers Centre. The former National Champion Wrestler out of Penn State has shown an ability to both submit opponents as well as render them defenseless from strikes. His last appearance in the Octagon resulted in a second-round modified Kimura of Tim Boetsch at UFC 123 in November.

The light heavyweight duo are set to join welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, defending his belt against Jake Shields, on the card, in addition other rumored match-ups between Lyoto Machida and Randy Couture, as well as Ben Henderson and Toronto native Mark Bocek. The show will mark the UFC‘s first in Ontario and is expected to shatter the North American attendance record for a MMA event.

  • MCM says:

    At first I thought this was a step down for Hamill (wasn’t he supposed to only fight top 10 now?). Then I took a look at their records and realized that their almost even in wins and quality opponents. Neither one of these guys is the best striker around, but they both have power enough to beat the hell out of you. Hamill has especially improved in this area. If the same Hamill that showed up against Tito shows up in this fight, he’s gonna be tough to beat. But then again, Mr. Wonderful is just so smooth it’s tough to pick against him. I think this one goes to the judges but it’s any ones guess who they’ll see it for.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Not a Hamill fan.

  • matt says:

    This match up is made in my opinion for Phil Davis to win and move up the ranks. Hammill is the tailored made opponent for Davis at this point. Good wrestler but not as good as Davis and a limited striker.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Looks like Hamill has 5 fans Logic.
    I’m not a big fan either. His stand up is so ugly.
    He is an OK fighter and it was great to see Ortiz getting out Ortized.
    Davis via sub rd 1.

  • boomnutz says:

    yea, not a huge Hamill fan, i still can’t believe he knocked Munoz’s head off, if you think about it, Hamill was supposed to be a stepping stone for Munoz, oops that didn’t work out, he was probably supposed to lose to Tito and help Tito get back to relevance, oops that didn’t happen either, but i don’t think there’s going to be an oops again…Davis’ top control is nasty so i have to think GnP stoppage or submission, hopefully he tries to stand and bang a little bit, so we can see how he’s progressing

  • Rece Rock says:

    Think they will ever let jones revenge that loss with hamil…poor matt still has nightmares.

  • Dufresne says:

    Think they will ever let jones revenge that loss with hamil…poor matt still has nightmares./

    I’ll probably get thumbs down for this, but that DQ was BS. The 12-6 elbows were illegal blows and should have resulted in the ref calling time and checking on Hamill. When Hamill said he couldn’t continue because of his shoulder the ref should have called the fight in Jones’s favor as a TKO. The illegal blows were not the reason that Hamill could not continue and as such they should have resulted in a one point deduction from Jones’s scorecards. If a fighter cannot continue due to an injury caused by a legal move, like Hamill’s shoulder when Jones slammed him, the fight is to be ruled a TKO.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Still not a Hamill fan.


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