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Marcus Davis joins list of UFC 125 casualties

Marcus “The Irish Hand Grenade” Davis has joined Antonio McKee and Brandon Vera among the notable names receiving their release after losing performances last weekend at UFC 125. Though the popular 37-year old had initially appeared to be winning his match-up against Jeremy Stephens he was caught with a stiff shot midway through the third round and knocked out as a result. The defeat was Davis’ fourth in his last five Octagon appearances.

News of the cut was confirmed by Five Ounces of Pain with Davis’ management as word of the UFC‘s decision broke on MMAJunkie.

Davis exits the Octagon after starting out his four-year run in the company with an 8-1 record including a 2009 win over Chris Lytle (8-2 if counting a cut-based loss to Melvin Guillard in 2005 before joining the regular rotation). The former professional boxer is expected to field offers from other promotions with his focus remaining on the lightweight division.

  • Dufresne says:

    Not too shocking with a 1-4 record in his last 5 appearances. Even in baseball that’s a shitty success rate.

  • MCM says:

    I’ll miss Davis as I found him to be an exciting fighter, be even he knows that he doesn’t have much left in the MMA game. Like he said, he’s 37 with the body of a 53 yr old. Hopefully he’ll win a couple more fights before he calls it quits for good.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Hopefully he can put some wins together and get back to the UFC. I’ve always liked his willingness to stand and trade.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I am a little sad to see the Irish hand grenade go, always puts on a good show and has heart for days.

  • Rece Rock says:

    tough call…

  • matt says:

    I think Marcus’s time in MMA is just about over. He clearly can not compete with UFC level fighters anymore. He is 1-4 in his last five fights and was knocked out cold in two of those, his lone win was against Jonathan Goulet. He is 38 years old and his chin is starting to falter. I believe he will be able to get a couple of wins under his belt in some regional show but his time in the big show is over. He put on some great fights and I am sad to see him go but, everybody has there time and his time has come and gone. Thanks for the entertaining fights Marcus Davis and good luck in the future.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Marcus you should of taken steroids, had some time off and started a money laundering scam with a few mates, been busted and squealed like a pig on said mates. You would only be “suspended” then.
    Oh well, you live and learn. Next time just be an absolute piece of shit, rat criminal and cheat.

  • I wish him well. I hope strikeforce takes him on.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Sf will not take on a 1-4 UFC reject.
    Why would they?. To look like a B grade org would be good motivation to do that but sadly I don’t think they want that.

  • MCM says:

    Because this UFC reject goes to split decisions against title challengers, holds wins over quality opponents, always puts on a show and is a crowd favorite. Better reasons than hiring Gurgel. I say Coker should sign Marcus and have him fight Jorge on CBS in a guaranteed ratings booster.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Gurgel went 3-4 not 1-4 MCM and “Because this UFC reject goes to split decisions against title challengers, holds wins over quality opponents, always puts on a show and is a crowd favorite”
    Well the UFC sacked him MCM so if SF picks him up SF will be picking up a guy who was sacked from the UFC because he couldn’t cut it.
    You guys make me laugh. If you guys were running SF they would hire Jardine, Vera and this guy and would be thought of as a company who hires shitty fighters that can not make it in the UFC.
    I think Coker is a better biz man than any of you and will not make SF look like a UFC reject company. Sure he hired Gurgel and I have outlined why in his thread but I can not see them hiring a guy who has lost 4 from his last 5 in the UFC just like the UFC would not hire a guy who has gone 1-4 from SF. The UFC would not do that so why do you think SF will do it every time a fighter is cut.
    Just use your heads guys. He can’t even if he wanted to. It would be bad for biz. Imagine if a UFC reject goes into SF after losing 4 from 5 and takes out a top SF fighter. There is no way SF will hire him, no way, not until he wins in a smaller show and not on a main card against a known fighter.
    Sf has Noons, Aoki, Thomson, Melendez, JZ, Gurgel, Kawaijiri, Healy, Ishida, Sakurai etc available at LW. So if they hire Davis it will be for 1 fight only (at first) and be on SF challengers and I can’t see that happening until he wins in another show. They don’t need him and they don’t need the implications.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Joey Villasenor has beaten UFC contenders and WVR champions. Did you say that he might be picked up by the UFC after he was released by SF?. Why not?. Is the UFC the A grade?.
    Whats the bet you guys imply Ortiz will be picked up by SF when he gets cut.
    Every fighter that the UFC dumps for losing people say he might end up in SF and every guy who is winning or good in SF the same people say he might go to the UFC.
    The funny thing is that it is not that way at all and the fighter exchanges between the 2 have been even for the most part. SF gets Hendo and the UFC gets Shields. Overeem was wanted and he chooses SF as do Fedor, Mousasi, Aoki, Bigfoot etc. But still you keep implying that SF takes UFC losers. Why?. They don’t and I can’t see them starting.

  • Sykotick says:

    He hired Gurgel who went 3-4 in the UFC and you wouldn’t think it a good idea to pick up Davis who went 9-5 in the UFC, logic? And as for Strikeforce not being considered a B class org, Coker and co have kind of done that on their own

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    The UFC hired Baroni who is now 13-13 and 3-8 in the UFC and this guy Davis has lost 4 from his last 5 and would still be in the UFC if he was 3-4 probably. Like he was when he was 3-4 and Vera was and Jardine was and like Wanderlei is at 2-3 in the UFC recently.
    We will see if Davis is picked up by SF wont we. The way SF haters talk SF would be full of B grade fighters instead of Melendez, Fedor, Mousasi, Mo, Cavalcante, Aoki, Thomson, Hendo Barnett, Bigfoot, Werdum, Diaz, Noons, Daley, Babalu, Lawler, Le, Mayhem, Kharitonov, Rogers, Arlovski (he rejected the UFC), Cormier, Kennedy, Del Rosario, Johnson, Prangley, Lashley, Gracie, Healy, Womens champ Santos and the K1 champ Alistair Overeem.
    Rogers is not as good as UFC HWs because he has lost to 2 guys that have rejected UFC offers and beaten X UFC champion Arlovski. Yes you guys hit the nail on the head. SF hires all UFC losers like …. Gurgel and … oh I know Baroni and Kimbo no, no they went somewhere besides SF.
    I agree that SF has been dumb. I mean it hired Daley, Werdum and Babalu and has Overeem, Fedor and co-pro with Dream. It signed Diaz again and is holding the best HW tourney ever held.
    You are right and it is not the UFC or as good (seriously if you think it would be you are an idiot).
    SF is so dumb that it is the most successful US MMA org outside of the UFC ever. They are so stupid that they were the first major org to sign a network deal (before the UFC). Coker is so f#cking stupid and SF so bad that they have the 2nd best LW, MW and probably LHW and WW divisions in the world and the best women fighting for them as well as arguably the best HW division. He is so dumb!. He is so dumb that Shamrock vs Gracie was one of the biggest MMA shows ever. SF is so f#cked that they managed to get Fedor and Overeem when the UFC was chasing them. Man is there no end to how stupid the CEO of the 2nd biggest MMA org in the world and growing can be.

    SF is not the UFC, get over it. It has to find the balance between getting fighters to fight and not holding them in order to compete with the UFC. It is doing a better job than anyone else ever has. SF is bigger now than the UFC was 6 years ago when Pride was in full swing. At that time the UFC had no LW division, a solid WW division, an ave MW division 2 or 3 top 10 LHWs and 2 top 10 HWs. So if you ask me SF is doing pretty f#cking well for it’s self and a lot of fans on here are willing it to do poorly because they are pro UFC and for no other reason.

  • adamsfamily says:

    Scott Coker, is that you?

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Shhhh. I’m in disguise.
    Pretend you don’t know and I’ll get you tickets.
    Just trying to point out a few truths.
    People say how dumb SF is for putting a guy who has just lost up against a champion but forget the UFC has done that at least 6 times that I know of. They say that they pick up UFC losers but they don’t, they say that all fighters want to be in the UFC but they don’t, they say I … I mean Coker is an idiot but he is doing better than the UFC was doing 6 years ago and is actually doing very well. People have very short, selective memories and need to think a bit before pointing fingers at me.. I mean Strikeforce.

  • mma.Australia says:

    Hey MMA LOGIC. How do I get a job working for Strikeforce like you?

    Just stirrin brother…

  • LiverPunch says:

    Ha ha.
    They also have selective hearing Logic.
    I have to agree though. If anything Coker has profited from poor UFC decisions and UFC losses. For example , do you think the UFC or Strikeforce profited from the axing of Werdum , Babalu and Daley?. Was Hendo’s contract dispute a win for the UFC or Strikeforce?. Who was unable to secure the signatures of Fedor , Mousasi and Overeem and who was and who profited massively from it?. I can see why there is the frustration at Strikeforce’s inability to put together certain fights but they are dealing with a different type of contract, a contract that has served them well in the end.
    You are right Coker is playing his cards well and his company has grown in leaps and bounds recently, I don’t think even the most hardened Strikeforce haters (RR) would argue otherwise. He may look on the surface to be making stupid decisions but results show that they were stupid like a fox. Most recently I hear that Bellator is in big $ trouble. Dream and WVR too. I think in the next 2 years big things are going to happen. Strikeforce vs the UFC is just warming up.

    Davis was good to watch and it is a shame he has been shown the door. He will be OK though. If he still wants to fight , I’m sure he will have a fairly decent place to do it.

  • Sykotick says:

    Strikeforce is doing so well and better than the UFC was 6 years ago because of the fact that the UFC has done so much to help bring MMA to thd main stream.

    Strikeforce was not the first company to sign a network deal, Elite XC signed it and Strikeforce bought it when they (basically)bought the defunct company.
    And yes Strikeforce has profited GREATLY from signing Fedor and Overeem, I mean Fedor has fought a grand total of 2 times since signing with them how long ago? Overeem has defended that title how many times since winning it how long ago?
    Believe it or not I like strikeforce but I’m not about to kiss their ass and be all “yay strikeforce is the answer to the UFC” when they continually man dipheaded decisions. And as for all the brilliant names you named Logic, how many called the UFC home?

  • MCM says:

    Damn MMA-LOGIC, why does every single post you make in every single topic have to be “Strikeforce Good, UFC Bad.”? This thread is about Marcus Davis not Scott Coker. Do you know why someone suggested he be in Strikeforce? Not because he’s a second rate fighter, but (if you read the rest of posts) because he’s an EXCITING FIGHTER THAT PEOPLE WANT TO SEE. And the best way for U.S. audiences to continue to see him is in Strikeforce. If has nothing to do with casts offs or rejects or good vs bad organization management, is has to do with fans enjoying the sport and one of it’s players.
    I would love to see Marcus finish out his career in SF. Not because SF is for losers or retirees, but because I like watching Marcus fight and he would get some decent fights in SF. And if Coker reads this thread and the rest of the threads on the rest of the internet, then he would see that most people enjoy watching “the Irish hand grenade” and that he has the potential to profit from signing him.
    No matter what happens, I wish Marcus Davis the best for the remainder of his career and just hope that I’ll be able to watch him come out with his hand raised at least once more.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Yeah I can see that I come off that way MCM and I did go on a bit of a rant there but it does seem like a lot of people don’t think. They hammer SF for decisions like Rogers getting the shot at Overeem after a loss but forget that was common practice in the UFC with Randy, BJ, K. Shamrock and others all fighting for the title after losses and Silva fighting guys like Irvin (WTF?) on short notice or Forrest off a loss. They hammer SF for not being able to put together fights like Fedor vs Overeem but forget that Fedor vs Overeem has been brewing and did not have to happen straight away just like Shields vs GSP or whatever. People attack Diaz for not going up to MW even though no UFC top WWs do, in fact none of them do catch weight either. There are rules for SF and rules for the UFC and I think it is because people are either bias or naive (maybe both)
    People attack SFs decisions as if they are dumb but SF has grown rapidly, so SFs decisions are working right? they are growing and signing more and more fighters right? their cards are getting better and better right?. People attack SF for putting Herschel in the cage but the UFC and Pride did things similar and worse. The UFCs decisions to sack Daley and Babalu were insane to me and I can’t see the logic behind sacking a guy who misses a punch after a fight and only suspending a drug cheat that is ratting out his money laundering buddies.
    Tell me what poor decisions has SF made that the UFC and Pride did not make or worse. You guys must agree that you said Sylvia, Melendez and others would want in the UFC and that UFC rejects would go to SF. You have and do and I just can’t understand why people think that.
    As for “how many called the UFC home”. I’m not sure I get your drift, and yes SF has gained massively from signing Fedor. More than any other signing, in fact as much as all signings put together. They signed the legend when the UFC wanted him. Think of all the publicity and gossip that gained them. Werdum beat him, MASSIVE!. They have had him for 2 years and he has fought every 7 months too. Yes the UFC was first and gained popularity first but Pride was bigger from 2002 to about 2006. If you want stupid decisions that was it, closing Pride completely. They would have had Fedor , Mousasi, Gomi, Sakurai, Jacare, Lawler, Diaz, Aleks, Barnett (well maybe not), Kharitonov etc etc but they closed it and I think they will pay for it more and more as time goes by.. In my opinion that was a big f#ck up. The UFC has only been the biggest org since 2006, only 4 years and like I said SF is rising fast. The UFC had it’s chance to take world MMA by the balls but threw it all away for, what I think, will be less than 10-15 years as the big cheese.

  • adamsfamily says:

    I’m just jabbing Logic , wouldnt be much of a fight furum if we didnt.
    I know Marcus landed several Fight bonuses in his earlier fights, does anyone know if Strikforce offer similar ‘pay for pluck’ type bonuses? We never seem to read about the pay scheme as readily as the UFC.

  • mma.Australia says:

    Drug cheats need longer penalties, 6mths in any sportspersons book is laughable! Especially when it in reality is a 2 month ban really, considering 4 months is often the minimum time between fights anyway.

    Daley cocked up – 12-24mth ban.

    Fighters getting cut for a few losses in a row – shite! Cut for putting in a soft performance, or unwilling to engage, absolute bullshit! If I want to watch entertainment, I’ll watch Jersey Shore or the new season of Entourage – MMA is a sport, develop real organisational, numbered, rankings, like almost EVERY other legit sport.

    Sonnen – well, what a pole smoker. Gets a suspension to get his drug cheating, money laundering, partner snitching life back on track… Get F#cked!

  • Dufresne says:

    The UFCs decisions to sack Daley and Babalu were insane to me and I can’t see the logic behind sacking a guy who misses a punch after a fight and only suspending a drug cheat that is ratting out his money laundering buddies.

    These decisions have bothered me in the past as well. Tim Sylvia defended the HW title for the first time and then immediately tested positive and not only was he not fired, his next fight was for the interim HW title 7 months later…

    The only reason I can think that the UFC came down so hard on Babalu and Daley was because their transgressions occurred in the ring where millions of people could see them while guys like Chael and Sylvia’s screw ups weren’t revealed on live TV. And since most casual fans don’t read MMA forums and ESPN doesn’t cover MMA with the same kind of thoroughness as they do pro baseball or football, most people have no idea that they tested positive. It’s a stupid reason to me, but I guess they’re going with the “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy with suspensions/firings.

  • 1 fight deal with option for a second is not a bad idea MMA .. .the sport wasn’t nearly as big six years ago so of course StrikeForce is doing ok but not better than the UFC was six years ago. .ok maybe but thats because of Fedor and Fedor alone. Who do they have that would dominate Marcus Davis… Nobody. Marcus puts on a good show and all I said is I HOPE they do. I realize they may not but I were running Strikeforce I would bring on Davis for a few fights. Why not.. he does put on good fights and he was beating Jeremy Stephens before he got caught. Marcus has a fan base so again…1 fight deal with option for a second is not a bad idea.

  • Noons and Diaz are the only 2 fighters in strikeforce at 155 and 170 that could dominate Marcus IMO. Sign Davis StrikeForce! I’ll watch 😀

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I think Beerbolm, Daley, Smith, Diaz, Noons, JZ, Saffiedine, Woodley, Santos, Thomson, Melendez, Zaromskis, Healy and Aoki would disagree. So do I. You are on drugs. There are many fighters that Davis would not be the favorite against in SF at 155 and 170 (like 20-30).


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