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Fedor Emelianenko’s deal with Strikeforce includes three-fight extension

When this week’s exciting news regarding Fedor Emelianenko’s future with Strikeforce broke, as expected, the legendary Russian was also announced has having signed a new contract with the organization he’ll be calling home for the foreseeable future.

While the terms of the deal were stated as being “multi-year”, it appears the label may be minimal in nature as Five Ounces of Pain has confirmed Emelianenko only agreed to extend his partnership with Strikeforce for an additional three fights on top of the one he was already inked for. If all goes smoothly for “The Last Emperor” in Strikeforce’s heavyweight tournament the additional trio of bouts would be eliminated once again leaving him promotional champ and his status beyond a lone defense in limbo.

The number of total fights on Emelianenko’s deal was provided to Five Ounces by an official from M-1 Global, backing up earlier statements by Fedor’s manager in a report by Sherdog.

Emelianenko will return to action for his initial bid on the new deal this February 12 in East Rutherford, New Jersey against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in the first round of the Strikeforce World Grand Prix. Joining them on the heavyweight-heavy card will be another quarterfinal encounter featuring a super-fight of sorts between former UFC champ Andrei Arlovski and PRIDE veteran Sergei Kharitonov. Reserve bouts between Shane Del Rosario and Lavar Johnson, as well as Valentijn Overeem and Ray Sefo, has also been linked to the event.

  • Niv says:

    Well for those who were asking for Del Rosario they may get their wish.

    I’m totally pumped about this tourney, if everything pans out it may be one of the all time great events in mma history.

    I hope Overeem and Fedor find their way into the final together, that would be the epic HW fight that in my mind would settle who the #1 HW in the world is today.

  • danw84 says:

    Based on the brackets, they can’t get to the final together.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I can see that to Niv. The winner of this would have won a tourney with 4 top 10s (I would argue 5) 3 top 15s and a top 20. As the tourney progresses if those top 15s or top 10s are winning their rank will go up. So as long as Barnett, Werdum, Overeem or Fedor wins I would bet that they will be ranked at no.1.
    You have to remember that Cain will not be active for a long time that this tourney goes.

  • MCM says:

    I would have a hard time ranking Overeem as number 1 since (to date) he hasn’t beaten a top 10 opponent, other than Rogers, since 2006.
    I do however think that Werdum, Fedor, and even Big Foot could all rightfully make the claim to being the best HW on the planet if they were to walk away as champion of this tourney.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    What if Overeem beats Werdum then Fedor then Barnett MCM?.
    A K1 champ that has beaten Duffee, 2 top 5 and 2 top 10 fighters in a row and you wouldn’t give him no.1 over a guy who has only beaten 2 top 20 and 1 top 10 and 2 top 5s (if he beats Dos Santos).
    Highly Debatable. I think you will find if Overeem wins he will be ranked at no.1 by 50% of the rankings and the buzz around the fans will be that Overeem is the best striker, the most powerful, better at sub grappling, bigger, way more experienced and may well be better.
    It is something that a lot of fans do not want to hear but what makes a UFC fighter better than a non UFC fighter?. All they are is HWs just like those outside the UFC. It always puzzles me when a guy like Rogers loses to Overeem and Fedor and UFC supporters somehow conclude that that means he is not as good as a UFC fighter who has not faced Ferdor , Overeem or anyone as good.
    Anyway as it is now some are saying he is the best and I think if he wins he will be widely claimed to be the best.
    Like I always say. We do not know who is better because the UFC prevents it’s fighters from being exposed to fighters outside the UFC. It is that simple.

  • Dufresne says:

    I think you will find if Overeem wins he will be ranked at no.1 by 50% of the rankings and the buzz around the fans will be that Overeem is the best striker, the most powerful, better at sub grappling, bigger, way more experienced and may well be better.

    If Overeem, Fedor, or Werdum win this tournament I would have to say they have a very solid claim to being the #1 HW in the world. The problem is that if SF doesn’t get on the advertising as soon as possible, new MMA fans (who make up a staggering majority these days) will have no idea who these guys are or why anyone should care about them.

    If I’m Coker I’m getting on the phones to the advertising department and ordering them to watch the promos the UFC started pumping out for UFC 67. Most fans new to MMA at UFC 66 had never heard of Cro Cop, but by a week or so before UFC 67 all they knew was that this Croatian guy was gonna come in and launch opponents’ heads into the stands and that he made a monstrous mountain of a man cry with a single punch that broke his face.

    They have enough veteran talent in this tourney that they could make a legendary highlight reel promotion and they wouldn’t have to even show half of the fighters. But if they don’t promote it, no one outside the hardcore fans will even know it’s happening.

  • MCM says:

    LOGIC- I would have Overeem in my top 5 or 3 but I still don’t think he’d be #1. That’s just me, and I know there are those that have him in the top 3 now and most will put him in the #1 spot. As for the fan buzz, I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t think Overeem is the best striker in MMA right now. I think Dos Santos is a great striker but he doesn’t have near the pedigree or accolades that AO has. But K-1 is not MMA and when it comes to talking about AO people always bring up his kickboxing as a sign greatness in MMA. If/when he starts taking out the tops in MMA the way he did in K-1, then he’ll deserve his spot at the top of the rankings, and this tournament is his first real chance to do so.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I completely agree. If he wins this tourney many who know MMA well. Like Bas, Miletich, Schaivello and personalities that do not get paid to have a bias will all say he is either the best or 1 of the 2. Many fans who know MMA well will agree. As for fans who don’t, enough said, they don’t know.
    Just thought I would add. Watch out for Bigfoot. He is underrated. He has some of the best GNP in HW MMA, he has out struck Arlovski and has heavy hands. His well rounded skills could take him a long way this year. I think he has a huge opportunity to upset Fedor and I consider him the dark horse to win
    That’s the beauty of it, anyone of 5 could win this for me. I would only count out Kharitonov, Arlovski and Rogers to win the whole thing but that doesn’t mean they wont upset a few fighters.
    Is it 5 rd fights for everyone or just title fights or neither?. Anyone know?.

  • qat says:

    seriously, if big foot wins this tournament, i will eat my pants.

    coker said that they try to make it 5 rounds for every fight, if the commissions allow it.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I want to see footage of you eating those pants on you tube if it happens qat. As long as you are wearing another pair at the time. :)
    Thanks for the info on the rds. 5 rd fights is a good thing.
    Who are people picking for the winner and their dark horse?.

  • qat says:

    Dont worry, i do my exercises, so its not that bad without any pants. 😉

    Well, considering the brackets, Barnett has an assumingly “easy” road to the finals, so its not a real dark horse huh? After Barnett I’d rather pick Rogers for the dark horse then, even though except from Barnett i see no one from the right bracket actually having the right skillset or mindset(AA) to be the victor.
    But picking a dark horse from the left bracket is a very bold move, not very mma-logical indeed. :>

    Winner.. hmm, it really depends, injuries and other stuff can and will happen, if we know of them or not. But i pick Overeem as winner, Fedor for the looming power, and Werdum for the possible beneficiary.

  • Guthookd says:

    These will be his last 4 fights. He will retire with the SF belt.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    I would not want to be Bigfoot here in this proposed tournament. He’s got Fedor coming off a loss who of course wins 99% of the time without any added motivation. I really think the only person who can challenge Fedor – if this tournament works out – is Alistair. I wish they could meet in the finals but I guess having them both on the same side of the bracket insures their chances of meeting are higher. How does the belt system work? Or is the tournament for a Trophy or something? Say Alistair loses in round 1, does he lose his belt?

  • MCM says:

    Don’t think of it like a tourney but like proper match making.
    Alistair vs. Werdum for the HW title
    Fedor vs. Bigfoot for #1 contender
    Winners fight each other.
    Every one from the the right bracket is basically fighting to build up an argument for a title shot.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    It is a bit like that MCM but we rarely know who the next few fights will be against like here.
    It is all mapped out which doesn’t usually happen in the UFC and almost never happens in SF or Dream (3 weeks before the fight or less is common).

  • Im takin Fedor to win, Overeem next and Dark Horse is Bigfoot….he’s pretty bad ass but i think if he gets past the last emperor he just might get past Ubereeem

  • MCM says:

    It’s tough not to say Fedor will take the whole thing, so I’ll just stick with him. For the Dark House, Bigfoot or possibly Rogers.
    I know, ya’ll are gonna read Rogers and be like WTF!, but that’s why he’s the dark horse. He beat the crap out of Fedor in the first round before forgetting he was in there with Fedor and getting KO’d, and he didn’t come out to fight at all against Overeem. I think he’s got the goods to walk away with the title at the end of this, we’ll just see if he can put it all together.


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