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Lightweight title-fight becomes official as all UFC 125 competitors make weight

The UFC’s attempt at kicking 2011 off in style began this afternoon in Las Vegas, as the twenty-two competitors set to square off at “UFC 125: Resolution” all stepped on the scale with the goal of making weight and securing their place on the company’s first card of the year. As hoped, all fighters hit their marks meaning the planned line-up will go on as originally scheduled.

Headlining the event is a title-fight between lightweight champion Frank Edgar and Gray Maynard. In addition to putting his belt up for grabs, Edgar will be attempting to avenge the only loss of his career, as Maynard outpointed the 155-pound champ in a 2008 match-up.

Joining them on the card, light heavyweights Thiago Silva and Brandon Vera are scheduled to test each others’ skills in hopes of re-claiming their divisional mojo, slugger Chris Leben fights decorated Marine veteran Brian Stann, Nate Diaz attempts to deliver the first loss of Dong Hyun Kim‘s career, and Clay Guida puts his non-stop motor on the line against Japanese striker Takanori Gomi.

Here is a complete breakdown of UFC 125 weigh-in results:

Antonio McKee (156 lbs) vs. Jacob Volkmann (156 lbs)
Daniel Roberts (171 lbs) vs. Greg Soto (171 lbs)
Mike Thomas Brown (146 lbs) vs. Diego Nunes (146 lbs)
Phil Baroni (186 lbs) vs. Brad Tavares (185 lbs)
Dustin Poirier (145 lbs) vs. Josh Grispi (146 lbs)
Jeremy Stephens (156 lbs) vs. Marcus Davis (156 lbs)
Thiago Silva (206 lbs) vs. Brandon Vera (205 lbs)
Clay Guida (156 lbs) vs. Takanori Gomi (155 lbs)
Nate Diaz (170 lbs) vs. Dong Hyun Kim (171 lbs)
Chris Leben (186 lbs) vs. Brian Stann (186 lbs)
Frankie Edgar (155 lbs) vs. Gray Maynard (155 lbs)


  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I know I will get grief for this and my comment hidden but I don’t think I could care less about a title fight.
    I don’t really rate either of them as great fighters because Edgar finds it very difficult to finish anyone at all. He has won 8 out of 13 by dec including 8 from his last 10 victories and Maynard has won 8 from his 10 victories by dec too. I think they are both great wrestlers and very skilled but I don’t consider them anywhere near the best true fighters in the MMA LW division. I just think they are probably the best at using MMA rules to their advantage.
    Just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about, Jim miller has finished in13 of his 19 victories, Oliveira 13 of his 14, Dunham 8 of his 11, Alvarez 19 of 21, Melendez 12 of 19, Aoki 18 of 26, Nick Diaz 19 of 23, Nate Diaz 12 of 13 and most damning of all Jon Fitch 10 of 23. The 2 of them are a couple of the best MMA practitioners at the moment but like I said, I don’t think they are anywhere near the best “fighters”. It’s a sport but it is still called fighting and I believe true fighting is trying as hard as you can to finish your opponent with in the time frame and not trying as hard as you can to avoid being KOed or finished and winning via wrestling take downs, control and out pointing.
    Sorry to remain down on this card but it is the least interesting card for me for a long, long time. I can only recall a couple of cards in England being as bad.
    I will be interested in the Vera, Silva fight and want to see more of Grispi but I feel that Guida will smother Gomi’s attempts to strike and grind out a win. Leben is entertaining for a lot of you but I find his style ugly and just wish he would tighten up and use his hands to hit his opponent more than his head to hurt his opponents hands. I don’t like the idea of fighters just entertaining us rather than us being entertained by a fighters skill, if you know what I mean.
    Anyway I hope it all turns out for the best.

  • Rich S. says:

    I feel you, Logic. Although, it’s hard for me to say that Frankie isn’t truly the best when I immediately picture him beating BJ Penn… twice. And I think Gray is a very talented, BIG and STRONG wrestler with serious power in his hands. He just tends to fall short in using those strengths to really WIN a fight. I recall moments in the Florian fight where I thought he could have pulled the trigger and won big, but he was tentative.

    I definitely think these guys are championship material. I mean, Edgar truly earned the belt, and Maynard has already beaten him for Christ’s sake, and has yet to actually lose a fight. But, I think it will take time before they become dominant fighters, in the sense that their opponents fear them, or that they know they are in for the fight of their life, as one of GSP or Silva’s opponents would.

  • Rich S. says:

    With that said, though, I do think this has the potential to be a war.

    The big knockout or huge submission is unlikely. It comes down to: Will these guys go all out and leave everything in the cage to emerge champion? Or will they realize that this is a very important bout and fight a very strict, safe fight?

    There’s just no way to know.


    i -just -see -Gray -dominating -by -decision

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Here is an interesting fact for you. If Alvarez wanted to get to the same % of dec victories as Maynard (80%) he would have to win his next 78-79 fights by dec.
    It doesn’t mean anything but it is quite interesting.
    Edgar did beat Penn on points twice and does deserve the belt but I will stick to my “true fighter” theory.
    MMA is not fighting anymore in the true sense of the word. You are able to abuse the rules in order to win on points whilst making no REAL attempt to finish your opponent. Guys like Rashad Evans use their wrestling to avoid having to fight, like when he faced T. Silva and did the old take him down let him up take him down let him up trick. That is not fighting. That is wrestling a guy who is trying to fight you.
    The priority in every fight should be to a least try and finish your opponent and the rules and allocation of points should be changed so that that is the norm. A few rules that could be introduced are 1) score the fight as a whole and not the 10-8 system. This would help stop somebody winning rd 1 and 2 and then playing it safe and lets face it the 10-8 system does not work. 2) More stand ups. The ref should be told that if he feels that the fighter is not attempting to finish and is only trying to control and keep the fighter on his back to reset the fighters standing and warn repeat offenders. I’m sorry but MMA is not wrestling you attempt to finish or up you get. 3) Knees on the ground. Enough said. 4) Do not award take downs with points unless it is damaging and do not award a fighter points for simply wanting to fight on the ground, again MMA is not wrestling. 5) More resets when fighters keep clinching. A favorite tactic of Couture’s and a way of tiring out your opponent whilst avoiding any kind of finishing attempt from your opponent and not attempting to finish yourself. This is a negative tactic and should be reduced to a minimum.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I just wanna see leben BANG! I hope your wAtching wand your next

  • stone says:

    MMA Logic!!! You really put this whole thing into perspective! I’ve said it 1000 times, “FINISH FIGHTS PLEASE!” BJ is still the best LW in my eyes. Frankie didn’t beat BJ, he just didn’t lose to BJ… Same with Grey n Ken-Flo… BJ & Ken-Flo are true MMA practitioners, not dominate wrestlers in the wrong sport at the right time! Very well stated MMA-LOGIC! Its 1-1-11 but you may have posted comment of the year already! FINISH FIGHTS PLEASE


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