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Strikeforce announces extension with “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler

The final week of 2010 has been an exciting one for Strikeforce, as the company has once again shown an investment in their current crop of highly-touted talent by announcing a “multi-year” contract extension with 185-pound stand-out Robbie Lawler only a day removed from doing the same thing with welterweight champion Nick Diaz.

Official terms of the deal were not stated in the company’s press release.

“Strikeforce has treated me good and I am happy to re-sign with them,” said the 18-6 knockout artist. “They have given me an opportunity to fight for the title and I’m looking forward to that and to fighting any and all of the top 185-pounders.”

Lawler is currently set to take on submission-specialist Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza on January 29 in San Jose for the company’s middleweight strap. The heavy-handed Midwesterner is coming off a highlight-reel knockout of Matt Lindland less than a minute into their match-up earlier this month. Fifteen of his eighteen career wins have come as the result of strikes.


  • Rece Rock says:

    SF is protecting all there assets huh… The only thing I dont want to see is a headline reading:

    Strikeforce announces extension with ” The Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko…

    Save your money SF, create your own stars.

  • Niv says:

    Yeah who would want to tie up the best HW ever?

  • Rece Rock says:

    he is the best HW of his time not in present day time… i would let him see who else is willing to pay for the headache he has become… let M-1 try and promote big enough cards to have him on. If not let him go to Dream or japan in general and drift off to pasture… I’m done with hearing about him.

  • stone says:

    I’m a huge Cain fan… You might have read me (Stone) before, I might have been the only one here on 5oz. predicting the win over Brock… I gotta say, if it was Cain vs Fedor I would have to put money on Fedor! With that being said, YES, Fedor is STILL #1!

  • stone says:

    Anyways! Good move for Strikeforce! Maybe once Robbie gets his hands back on that belt, SF can line up LAWLER vs DIAZ 2 godamnit!!! For the love of MMA! LoL…

  • Rece Rock says:

    Naah. Fedor is the #1 business man in MMA that’s about it.

  • stone says:

    If Fedor isn’t #1, he’s definently top 3… Cain, Shane & Fedor (no particular order) really man, who else???

  • Rece Rock says:

    Shane Carwin? … Top 3 nah but I consider him top 10.
    Here’s my top ten in NO particular order… as of today.

    Cain Velasquez
    Junior dos Santos
    Alistair Overeem
    Brock Lesner
    Fabricio Werdum
    Fedor Emelianenko
    Shane Carwin
    Frank Mir
    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
    Roy Nelson / Antonio Silva

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I am with you Stone, id still pick Fedor over any HW fighter right now, people are way to quick to write him off after 1 loss, but when he comes back he will no longer have the pressure of keeping his streak going and he may just tear somebody arm right off.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I’m not writing him off because of a loss… i’m writing him off because of whom he has fought as of late…. let’s say since ’08…

    Win over Hong Man Choi…. do I really need to say anything.

    Win over Tim Slyvia…. whom next goes on to get KO’d by Ray Mercer, Timmy is not a serious threat at this level.

    Win over AA…whom next goes on to get KO’d by Brett Rogers, AA is not a serious threat at this level.

    Win over Brett Rogers… Rogers shouldn’t be even mentioned in the same sentence as Fedor or any other top ten HW but for some reason he is… Rogers goes on to get TKO’d by Overeem landing only one punch during the fight. Rogers is mediocre at best. very one dimensional but gets an “A” for effort.

    Loses to Werdum… Fabricio is legit but before he beat Fedor he wasn’t really on the map although having some quality wins against known fighters he has had seen defeat against the likes of Dos Santos, Nog and AA as well…but of Fedor’s last few opponents he is def. the most worthy.

    So what does this mean?

    Fedor hasn’t fought a worthy opponent in years out side of Werdum whom he lost to.

    Being great and having BEEN great is two very different things, I’m not a hater but if this guy is going to be called the greatest he should be worthy of the title.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    He has fought no.2, no. 5 no. 7, no. 8 and will fight no.10 in the world Rece.
    Who has JDS faced? how about Carwin? what about Nelson?, what about Struve, Kongo, Crocop, Mir, Werdum, Overeem and every single fucking fighter out there.
    Now discredit them as much as you like but you are taking the FACTS that Fedor’s opponents WERE ranked that highly by MMA rankings world wide and using Roger’s 1 more loss to a non-UFC fighter, Arlovski’s 2 losses to non-UFC fighters, Sylvia’s 1 more loss to a non-UFC fighter, Fedor’s loss to a non-UFC fighter to make UFC fighters who have fought far less top ranked fighters sound better. WTF!???
    That is sooooooooo stupid. Just try and use MMA math that at least make sense if you DO have to use it.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Oh and this is good news for SF, Mayhem, Jacare, Kennedy Hendo, Le and Diaz.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Sorry Roy Nelson is top 10. I just noticed that. He has NEVER beaten anyone in the top 20 and is 2-3 recently with losses to Arlovski, Rothwell Monson and every other top 25 fighter he has ever faced with the only notable win being Struve who was probably not even a top 25 at the time.
    How the fuck can you justify putting him in the top 10?. Please do not say because he looked good against JDS when JDS was using him for a punching bag ( albeit a sturdy one) or say that the refs stand up in his fight against Arlovski was bad. It was but for over 3 mins in rd 1 he lay on top of Arlovski threw 1/2 a dozen rabbit punches and 2 knees and apart from a kimura attempt did nothing, so it was not the worst stand up ever and 1 rd later he got knocked the f#ck out.
    Roy Nelson is border line top 20 in my opinion and can not be ranked higher than Arlovski who is also 2-3 from his last 5 but has a victory over Nelson and another top 20 guy who beat Nelson in that same time period.

  • Rece Rock says:

    My rankings are subjective and how I see things…AA has no business in top 10 in my opinion…Nelson and Big foot are there by default. When you say Fedor faced #2, 7 or whatever- who were you even taking about? Werdum was his only worthy opponent since god know when… That’s my story My I’m sticking to it. Happy New year and Fuck Fedor.


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