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UPDATE: Brendan Schaub sets sights on Mirko Filipovic in March

After months of speculation spurred by public statements from the involved individuals lead the MMA community to believe rising heavyweight Brendan Schaub would be facing former UFC champion Frank Mir in his next fight, it turns out the Ultimate Fighter Season 10 alumnus will apparently square off against PRIDE veteran Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic in March.

While it was first reported Stefan Struve had emerged as his opponent in a report by Sportsnet, and confirmed by other outlets, according to Fighters Only Magazine it now looks like Filipovic is being considered for the slot opposite Schaub.

Five Ounces of Pain has since confirmed with sources close to Schaub’s camp that the contract to fight Filipovic was inked this morning, meaning the match-up is now official.

“The Hybrid” originally expressed his interest in fighting Mir, as well as Filipovic, after coming off a victory over Gabriel Gonzaga in October with Mir responding in a kind shortly thereafter through various media outlets. Whether Mir’s replacement indicates his possible involvement as a coach on the upcoming season of TUF, as previously rumored, is still unknown at this time.

Filipovic fell victim to a late Mir knee at UFC 119 in his last fight after having won back-to-back bouts against Pat Barry and Anthony Perosh. “Cro Cop” is 27-8-2 overall with twenty of his victories coming by way of strikes. His run in PRIDE is the thing of legend, as are his head-kicks.

Comparably, Schaub has notched victory in his last three match-ups including a pair of knockouts with each coming about a minute into the respective bouts. The former Colorado Buffalo fullback is 7-1 with six first-round TKOs and his only career loss coming to Roy Nelson at the Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Finale.


    Schaub versus Struve

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I would hope for Struve as Cro Cop- even a older version shouldnt be out there for younger fighters to get. I really enjoy Mirkos fights but seeing him as a guy young fighters make a name for themselfs as isnt anything id be interested in. Struve vs Brendan would be a pretty good fight but I think Brendan had the advantage there.

  • MCM says:

    I think Struve has the striking skills to hang with Brendan and is worlds ahead on the ground. But he has a tendency of blocking punches with his face and against Schaub, that’s gonna end with him taking nap. It’s a good fight for both guys though so I hope they make it happen. If Steven works on his striking defense, he could walk away with the Dec (I don’t think he’ll get the sub), but most likely Brendan takes this via TKO rnd 2.

  • matt says:

    Just give Schaub and opponent already. I think Schaub vs. Struve makes the most sense followed by Schaub vs. Mir. At this point Schaub and Struve are two of the brightest prospects in the division and both are relatively young. If this fight occurs the fighter moves into title contention and deserves a fight against a top ten or top five fighter. If Schaub fights Mir a win puts him extremely close to the title as he would then hold a win over a former two time heavyweight champion. I think Mir would provide the biggest test to Schaub as he has very technical stand up and we all know about his bjj. At this point in time a fight against Cro Cop does not make any sense in my opinion. Crop Cop is a shell of his former self. He seems to have lost some power in his hand and he has forgotten how to set up his head kicks with leg and body kicks. I win over Cro Cop at this point would not really move Schaub up the rankings.

    If I were Joe Silva I would set up Schaub vs. Struve and let two up and comers battle it out to see who deserves to move into title contention and who isn’t quite ready to take the next step.


    Struve vs. Schaub

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I wonder if Crocop will fight this time.
    It is like watching an Anderson Silva fight without the dancing with Mirko these days. I hate to say this because he was one of my favorites in days gone by but these days he is nothing like the guy he was 6 years ago, in fact he is boring.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Hey Cro Cop syas he feels good and has been training hard and finally feels like 100% healthy… yea never know this could be his final shot at one last great outing…Schuab is still a work in progress and all it takes is one opening for Cro Cop’s leg to seperate Schuab from consciousness.


    Cro cop vs. Struve in Germany-why not

  • Angry Mike says:

    Schaub was ko’d in the first round by Roy Nelson. No disrespect to Big Country, but Schaub isn’t ready for a powerful, technical striker like Cro Cop. Even if Cro Cop ain’t the man that he once was, he could actually kick Schaub’s head into the cheap seats.


    Hey Angry can’t help but think that Cro Cop is past his time and will lose by KO-just a feeling

  • Angry Mike says:

    Could be, but that would be the nail in the coffin for Cro Cop. Back in the day he could’ve handled Schaub and an evil twin at the same time. Cro Cop seems defensive and backs up when fighting aggressive fighters who are also physically large. I don’t think Schaub has the size to back up Cro Cop, and that’s when he’s the most vulnerable.


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