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Keith Jardine reaches out to federal law enforcement for help in overseas fiasco

Sadly, as Mixed Martial Arts continues to grow in popularity so too will the number of less-than savory characters involved on the promotional end of things hoping to exploit the sport and its participants for a quick profit. A recent example of such a situation involved a show called “Nemesis MMA – Global Invasion” in the Dominican Republic where UFC veterans Keith Jardine, Eliot Marshall, Mike Nickels, and Paul Buentello (as well as announcers Seth Petruzelli and Mike Van Arsdale) were not only stiffed from a financial perspective but had to share gloves during the event and fought without official judges or a commission being present.

Jardine, who won his headlining bout over Francisco France by decision, recently spoke to the United States Secret Service in hopes of helping resolve the issue who in turn are said to be investigating the matter. Though nothing can replace the time spent or blood and sweat spilled in relation to the card, “The Dean of Mean” is still hopeful some sort of good can come out of the situation even if it doesn’t mean federal involvement.

“Our ultimate goal at this point is to obtain the hard drive and the rights to the Nemesis fight footage,” explained Jardine in a press release under the premise the video could possibly be sold to help recoup some of the losses. “Despite the unfavorable circumstances, all twenty-four fighters on the card honored their commitment. They fought their hearts out and put on one hell of a show. There were some really amazing fights on this card. If we are able to obtain the fight footage, we plan to air the show via internet PPV in an effort to compensate the fighters that were taken advantage of.”

Other shockingly unprofessional factors stated as being present at the event include a First Aid Kid serving as essentially the “ringside physician”, a lack of posters in the arena promoting the line-up, and no backstage staff assisting with the show’s production. Fighters’ room keys were also deactivated the following day leaving a number of them left to find accommodations on their own dime.

  • Rece Rock says:

    As much as this SUCKS the fighters / announcers MANAGEMENT or reps should had required to see the purse held in escrow and if not then require a % up front at signing and a % when they show at the event…and if you don’t have management then you should become a lil biz savy yourself (being this is your lifes work) and think a bit before traveling out of the country for work…

    I do feel bad dont get me wrong but this could have been easily avoided. If promoters get a feeling fighters outside of the bigger promotions are just out there chasing a check and willing to agree to anything for the pay day then they wave that check in front of them like a carrot infront of a horse dragging the fighters along until the services have been performed and the pay check magically becomes smaller or non existant… it’s NOT right at all but the fighters are contract workers and in any other industry I couldn’t imagine a contract consultant traveling out of the country with out at the very least the cost of his travel, room and board covered let alone a deposit/ down payment for services to be completed.

    The fighters might need to evolve in more ways than one.

  • Guthookd says:

    I thought this was going to involve some injury or something……I’m real glad him and the rest are all OK at least.

    That is a fiasco. I hope they sort it out and pay these dudes. If they end up with the footage I might just buy the PPV to support… long as it’s less than $20….LOL….

  • danw84 says:

    I’ve read in a few places that there were no judges, here it just says “no official judges,” but a lot of the fights ended in decision. Were there judges who just weren’t real judges or what was it? Random dudes from the street?


    What a mess


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