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Bellator adds Daniel Gracie to Season 4 roster

One of the individuals competing in Bellator Fighting Championships’ upcoming light heavyweight tournament this March has been revealed as Daniel Gracie, a two-time BJJ world champion and of course member of the legendary family whose last name he shares. Gracie recently returned to action last month after being sidelined since 2006 with a chronic elbow injury with a first-round submission win over Martin Wojcik.

“The Gracie family has truly influenced MMA as we know it today and I’m proud to say that heritage continues when Daniel steps into the Bellator cage to try to become our Light Heavyweight Champion” said Bellator’s chief executive Bjorn Rebney in a press release to media. “A Gracie back in the tournament format is reminiscent of the days when the Gracies dominated MMA and that’s something I’m excited to see”.

Gracie echoed Rebney’s sentiments, explaining how his involvement in the format felt from his perspective.

“This Bellator tournament is the Gracies getting back to our origins,” replied the 38-year old PRIDE veteran when asked for his opinion on the matter. “The tournament is the way the Gracies got started in MMA. That will give me extra motivation to win this tournament.”

“I’m imagining myself winning this tournament, I have nothing but winning this tournament on my mind right now,” Gracie further explained. “Of course I know that anything can happen in MMA, but one thing I guarantee everyone that tunes in is that I’m going to put on a great show. You can bet on that.”

His participation in the Season 4 endeavor will mark a drop in weight for Gracie who has typically fought a division north of 205. “I feel faster and like my technique is better when I fight at light heavyweight. I also feel like my cardio is much improved and I’m much more explosive at 205 lbs.,” said Gracie of the change. “I feel like I’m just better all around at light heavyweight.”

Gracie is 5-2-1 in his MMA career with a win over Wes Sims from his time in the IFL. As might be expected, four of his victories have been the result of a submission.


  • Rece Rock says:

    Always good to have a gracie on the roster at the very least for name recognition alone…
    I was surprised so many fans are giving BFC alot of slack for the move to MTV2 but i think it’s brilliant and soon enough i’m sure most mma fans will see this was a great move and a good way to get some new fans and bring a smaller promo to the mainstream.

  • Guthookd says:

    Yep, nice to have an elite grappler involved. Everybody better be working on their sub defense.

    In terms of the move to MTV2 I think there’s good and bad.

    The good thing will be consistency, which is absolutely key, especially when you’re airing different rounds of the same tournament on different nights….nothing worse than catching the first 2 rounds and then missing the final.

    The bad of it all is that MTV2 is deep into the cable packages. To reach as broad an audience as possible I think it’s important to be as close to network TV as possible (Free). Best for Bellator, IMO, would have been a network channel like CBS, next best would have been a BASIC cable channel like SpikeTV, then a deeper channel like MTV2.

    For me it no longer makes a difference though, because I got a package now that includes all the channels that show live MMA….so I’m stoked.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Hey in NY and surrounding areas we get MTV2 for free… MTV 2 is part of our basic cable here. i have a house in PA and it;s the same deal… don’t know what goes on elsewhere.

  • Guthookd says:

    That’s cool. That must be why they went with it then. Bellator is basically an East Coast/Mid West promotion, so it makes sense for the fans on that side of the country to have free acess to the programing. In California though, MTV2 is like the 3rd cable package up from basic.


    Too bad-I’m on the left coast and won’t be seeing BFC live on the regular for the forseeable future-Out here MTV 2 is shown only on milk cartons-anyways-I will be very interested to see how far one of the younger generation Gracies goes in the tournament-I guess I am old school-I just love tournament style fighting


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