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Brendan Schaub vs. Frank Mir possible for March event

Shortly after beating Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 121 in October, TUF 10 finalist Brendan Schaub mentioned his desire to face former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir at an upcoming event as a means of not only hopefully getting a step closer to a title-shot but also as a proverbial measuring stick. Though Mir had been linked to a potential rubber-match against Brock Lesnar, it now appears UFC match-maker Joe Silva will grant Schaub’s wish after all with March 2011 as the targeted period for the pairing to occur.

News of the potential scrap was reported by MMAJunkie who confirmed the bout had been offered to both camps and verbal agreements were in place.

While the UFC has not officially announced any events for March, February’s cards are set at this point in terms of major match-ups meaning the following month is a far more likely option. Two shows currently rumored for the involved timeframe are “UFC on Versus 3” (3/3) and UFC 129 (3/19 in Abu Dhabi).

The 27-year old Schaub is 7-1 in his career with six knockouts in the opening frame of action. His only loss came at the Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Finale against Roy “Big Country” Nelson in the form of a first-round knockout though he has won three consecutive fights since the December 2009 defeat.

  • Dufresne says:

    This is a good chance for Schaub against a veteran fighter. A win gives him another “name” victory to his credit, and a loss to a guy like Mir won’t look too bad at this stage in his career.

    Schaub has the power to potentially give Mir trouble if they keep it on the feet. But considering how fast Gonzaga was able to lock in that RNC at the very last second of their fight, if Mir gets this to the ground I don’t like his chances.

  • I think this isone of those moments where Schaub might want to be careful what he asked for, because now he’s got it. He has looked impressive as of late but Im not overly sure he’s ready for this kind of challenge, Mir is as fast, hits WAAAAAAAAAAAAAyyyyy harder, and has a NASTY sub game. Schaub needs to keep this on his feet and stay on the outside at any and all costs, otherwise he’s gonna find himself on his back lookin at the lights with either a really bad headache or a sore neck arm or leg. He says that Carwin gave him the perfect game plan to win this, but he hasnt got near the size strength or KO power that big Shane has.

  • Creature says:

    superdavenorcal i have to disagree with mir being as fast and having more power, im 99% sure mir is not faster, brandon is a former golden gloves champ, speed is one of his best weapons, even tho mir might be slightly bigger, i dont give him the power advantage either. but its a no brainer to say mir has got a huge advantage when the fight hits the ground. but brandon does train at greg jacksons camp, hes gonna come in with a good gameplan and since jackson is a ground specialist i wont be 2 surprised if brandon can stuff mirs subs

  • stone says:

    Schuab is goin down…he’s in way over his head. Mir is obviously a shelf above this guy. Mir will most likely feel disrespected with this match-up and finish him off in the 1st. (a la check kongo) FRANK MIR ALL THE WAY!

  • Angry Mike says:

    Mir was the first fighter to ko Noguiera. (I know, I know, staph infection, blah blah blah). Will anybody seriously argue that Shaub’s hands are betther than Nog’s? Schaub has nothing on the ground to threaten Mir, and Mir has more power and experience. The biggest risk to Mir is overconfidence or lack of interest.

  • Creature says:

    I Would argue that shaubs hands are better than nogs. and that shaub wont just stand there and let mir beat on him like nog did. and that shaub has more power than mir. Yeah i would argue that all day lol

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Good fight but it seems like they are rushing Brendan along at a fast pace- unlike guys like Jon Jones. Hopefully he is ready for a vet like Mir

  • Stefan Bonnar is a former golden gloves champ and he cant KO anyone….Mir has actually stopped credible competition with his fists and knees(once again nog staph infection blah blah blah) but Cro Cop still has a strong chin and Mir took him out….Schaub is quick against gumby bastards like Gonzaga, but he got out speeded by Big Country and knocked out cold…I love Roy but his technique isnt stellar and it certainly isnt any better thank Frank’s. Frank blasted Kongo and Kongo is light years ahead of Schaub in standup realm…..ths more i think about this Schaub’s only real chance of winning is Mir not taking him seriously…or the whole anything can happen mentality.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Schaub is not a top level HW. He will never be much more than an also ran. He could beat Mir however. Mir does tend to lose his way every so often.

  • Creature says:

    Yeah but if you if you watch stephan bonner then shaub, there is a big difference in how they fight standing, shaub has a lot better technique with his hands and is faster than bonner, and with big country i think he was just hesitant from fear of being taken down considering how roy won the majority of his TUF fights on the ground..


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