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Lightweights steal the show at UFC 124 with bonus-worthy wins

Ultimate Fighter Season 6 winner Mac Danzig was one of three 155-pounders who walked away with an event-bonus at UFC 124. Danzig earned the evening’s “Knockout of the Night” after sending TUF 2 champ Joe Stevenson face-first to the mat with a counter left-hook in the first few minutes of their main card bout. Prior to the defeat, Stevenson had not been knocked out since 1999 against Jens Pulver (at age 17). “Joe Daddy” has now lost two consecutive fights while Danzig is 2-1 in his last three with the lone loss being a controversial submission to Matt Wiman at UFC 115 last June.

Meanwhile, Jim Miller handed rising star Charles Oliveira his first career loss with a rarely-seen Kneebar and split “Submission of the Night” honors, in addition to the attached money, as a result. Miller brought his record to 19-2 with the victory and, while never having been tapped or TKO’d, the New Jersey native has only stumbled against the two men competing in January for the UFC lightweight title (Frank Edgar / Gray Maynard).

As mentioned, Miller was not the only lightweight taking home an extra bit of cash and a “Submission of the Night” distinction. As it turns out, the UFC handed out $50,000 and the joint-title to Mark Bocek for his super-slick Triangle Choke of Dustin Hazelett during the preliminary portion of the event.

“Fight of the Night”, which was selected by fans for the first time in promotional history, was given to the card’s headlining clash between Georges St. Pierre and Josh Koscheck. Each man pocketed $100k and the award, and though the result was ultimately lopsided it’s hard to argue the match-up wasn’t still highly entertaining based on its build and GSP’s excellence of execution.


  • crane_style says:

    Excellent night of fights, a little bit of everything.

    Because it was lopsided, GSP vs. Kos might not have been the most entertaining fight of the night, in terms of back and forth. But in terms of overall drama, I disagree with Dana, it was the fight of the night.

    Aside from one more historically one-sided demolition of a gifted and experienced opponent, we saw another stage in the evolution of GSP. He took the fight to where Koscheck thought he had an advantage and beat him there.

    This is one of the things that makes GSP so dangerous. Instead of attacking a fighters weakness, he sometimes goes for their strength.

    Watching is not just fascinating from a technical point of view, but also because of the high level of strategy GSP brings. That fight was over as soon as GSP realized Kos had no answer for his jab.

    I hope that’s the end of the “GSP won’t stand and trade” BS.

    And props to Kos, because I thought he was done after the 3rd. The fight probably should have been stopped then, but he didn’t gas out or fold up. Clearly he needs to refine his striking and footwork, and I could see it happening.

    But at 33, he’s fighting time. I can’t see him getting a title shot without winning 3-4 fights, which means 2 years, and that’s a long time in the fight game.

    The crazy thing is, GSP is only 29! He might not have peaked yet!

    On current form, I think he’s the p4p number one, though he still has some catching up to do with Anderson Silva’s win/title defense streak, overall.

  • BigDave says:

    The only reason the GSP fight was FOTN is because we got to see Koschecks face get turned into hamburger meat.

    Kos was out matched even before he left the locker room. He didn’t do anything to deserve this title shot and will never get another title shot in the ufc. GSP was a class act the whole season of the ultimate fighter leading his team to an easy romp through the whole show(to bad Phan got the short end of the stick being on Koschecks team) Not only teaching his fighters technique but also getting them mentally prepared for every fight.

    He was a horrible choice as a coach as he only cares about himself and his pea brained antics.

    It even shows more that after all the shit out of koschecks mouth GSP still after beating him up for the second time still told the crowd he was a good guy and not to boo him, thats a class act.

    Now to the other awards handed out. The dual sub of the night honors where well deserved as both where very slick and not seen all that often.

    Ko of the night, Who saw that coming? I know i sure didn’t from either guy. Hats of to Mac for that well placed shot to the chin that sent Joe daddy into the land of Oz!

    This is one of the better cards the UFC has put on this year and I for one Really enjoyed it.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    awesome technique from Bocek to set up the triangle

    shame George Sotiropilus is signed to fight Denis Siver in Sydney cos there would never be a more deserving no 1 contender match than Jim Miller vs George

  • mma.Australia says:

    Sots v Miller would make sense. It’ll be nice to see George win at home but he’s done more than enough to prove he’s ready for a title shot, a win over Miller would be unquestionable, Siver… Not so much.


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