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Alistair Overeem last man standing at K-1 World Grand Prix Final

Dutch heavyweight Alistair Overeem added another trophy to his collection last night after emerging as the winner of 2010’s K-1 World Grand Prix Final. The crown is considered to be the most-prestigious award in kickboxing, and to have walked away essentially confirms Overeem should be viewed the top heavyweight striker in MMA (if not both sports).

The 30-year old Strikeforce champ earned the K-1 World Grand Prix title after walking away victorious in bouts against Tyrone Spong, Gokhan Saki, and famed K-1 competitor Peter Aerts in the event’s single-night, eight-man tournament final. Overeem outpointed Spong in his initial match-up before finishing the other pair of opponents by way of strikes in each fight’s opening round.

The “Demolition Man” is 33-11 as a Mixed Martial Artist with an astonishing 97% of his wins by way of TKO/submission, as he has only had his hands raised via decision a single time in the past (2006 against Vitor Belfort). He is 8-0 since November 2007 with seven of the victories coming in the first frame of action, and has found past in-ring success against Belfort (twice), Paul Buentello, Brett Rogers, and a number of other notable adversaries. However, he has not fought in MMA since last May due to injury, an interest in furthering his kickboxing career, and to an extent the absence of a top contender being officially announced in Strikeforce.


  • G-DUB says:

    There was a little bit of luck involved in this win, as his semifinal and final opponents were both severely beaten up from their prior matches. Also, you did see a possibility of a suspect chin in his quarterfinal matchup (though he recovered quickly). Overall though, I’ve seen enough from Overeem to place him as the #1 heavyweight in MMA. His stand-up is head and shoulders about any other heavyweight ( …… it’s laughable to put Dos Santos of Valesquez in the same realm), he excels at takedown defense, and he’s no slouch on the ground if the fight has to go there. It’s a shame that his MMA legacy will be marred by the PED allegations and his lack of top-tier competition.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    I would be prepared to say he’s the greatest kickboxer in MMA but what evidence other than ‘crossover speculation’ can you support your claim with G-dub? I would love to a KO machine champ like Overeem wearing the UFC crown but who’s to say a good wrestler like Cain or Carwin can’t hold this guy down and wear him out?

  • Starforsaken says:

    Props to him, though I think K-1 has been lacking talent and competition for quite some time.

  • G-DUB says:

    No definitive evidence BB John ….. just speculation. That’s all we have to go on, but Overeem passes the eye test with a bigger body of work than Cain, Carwin, or Dos Santos. Consider his size, strength, skill in the multiple facets of MMA, sheer athleticism, stamina and durability and it is my opinion that he is the best the HW division has to offer. Probably his greatest competition would come from Cain, but I suspect Overeem would be able to stuff most of his takedown attempts, control Cain with his strength, and match Cain’s energy and relentless aggression.

  • Too bad we’ll never know due to his lack of desire to face real heavyweights in mma but to rather fight people like the Grim. and oddly enough, Cain is improving in every facet of the game at such a rapid pace that his standup might be on par with Alistair’s if not on the way there. We’ll never know until they square off. Congrats to the demolition man, now someone needs to tell him to come back over here and either sign with the UFC or defend his title.

  • dimitri357 says:

    you people are fooling yourselfs if you think overeem doesnt know he would get his ass beaten if he faced fedor. thats why hes ducking him.

  • dimitri357 says:

    strip him of the title, i dont know why strikeforce is allowing this. ufc would never allow this.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Alistair Overeem is a great prospect at HW but it is unfortunate he doesn’t seem willing to give MMA at the top level a chance.
    Hopefully now K1 is out of the way and Werdum is free, the 2 of them can duke it out.
    If Fedor fights Barnett with the winner to face Antonio Silva for the next shot, I will be a happy man.
    But that wont happen sadly, in fact i would say that that is as likely to happen as it is that Valasquez’s striking is as good as Overeem’s, very unlikely.


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