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UFC announces plan for upcoming show in Toronto

With the MMA community’s focus on Montreal for this weekend’s title-fight between welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre and contender Josh Koscheck there may have been no better time to announce another future foray into Canada, as UFC President Dana White and the UFC Director of Canadian Operations Tom Wright did Tuesday when explaining to media the promotion would be putting on a show at Toronto’s Rogers Centre on April 30. In addition to the event, there will also be a two-day Fan Expo to commemorate the historic visit to Ontario.

“Canadians have repeatedly shown how much they love the UFC,” said White. “Fans in Ontario have patiently waited and it will pay off as this one will go down in the history books come April 30. I’m very excited – Toronto is going to break the record and host the biggest mixed martial arts event ever in North America.”

The Rogers Centre, formerly known as the Toronto Sky Dome, is home to MLB’s Blue Jays, has a video screen measuring in at 33 X 110 feet big, and can seat more than 65,000 fans if necessary. While no specific bouts have been linked to the card, with the number of well-known fighters competing this month and next it seems likely the organization should have a number of significant match-ups at their disposal to stack the show with.

  • BigDave says:

    This is the single biggest moment in MMA history. It is finally coming to the biggest MMA market in the world as far as PPV buys and i can tell you right now the event will sell out in a record time for any sporting event in the world ever. I will be there by any means necessary.

  • Rece Rock says:

    ” This is the single biggest moment in MMA history. ”

    Sorry Big Dave that comment is reserved for when Buffer announces we are Live from historic Madison Square Garden in New York City!

  • elkymbo says:

    Nope sorry….make that in the MCG in Melbourne Australia in front of 94000 fans and you may have an argument. You guys have no idea.


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