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Jason Miller turns down January catch-weight bout with Nick Diaz

Those hoping to see a formal pairing between Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Strikeforce welterweight champ Nick Diaz, as opposed to the title-holder’s involvement in a post-fight attack on Miller this past April, will apparently have to wait at little longer for the match-up to materialize if it in fact ever does come to fruition.

According to digital-representative of Diaz, GracieFighter, the host of MTV’s “Bully Beatdown” has declined to meet Diaz at a catch-weight of 178 this January at an event scheduled for the organization’s home-base of San Jose, California.

While Miller fought at welterweight at one point in his career, his last bout at 170-pounds came five years ago, and the colorful competitor has generally fought as a middleweight for the bulk of the span since then. It is believed “Mayhem” open to stepping into the ring against Diaz at 183 pounds but the controversial champion has never weighed in north of the 180 mark for a fight and doesn’t appear interested to testing those waters against Miller. Unfortunately, based on the report, it looks as though unless a compromise can be eventually found the five clicks on the scale making up the difference in desired weights will be an insurmountable distance where the culmination of their feud is concerned.


  • Jak says:

    Just like Pacman/Mayweather…. they’re going to keep talking up the “rivalry”, but will keep finding ways to not fight.

  • Rece Rock says:

    if i was mayhem i wouldnt want to cut alot weight either… theres bad blood here and neither guy is gonna want to give the other an advantage…

  • Angry Mike says:

    Miller can bait Diaz into the fight without having to cut weight. Lots of public statements about Diaz running his mouth but not stepping up should do the trick.

  • JOEgun says:

    didnt Diaz fight Frank Shamrock & Scott Smith at 185?

  • JOEgun says:

    i think 178lbs is the most reasonable/fair weight for the two to meet.

  • boomnutz says:

    i thought he did too…maybe the weight was 185 but he weighed in less than that, either that or they’re just wrong because those 2 fights were def. at 185…i really wish Diaz would come back to the UFC, he’s wasting away in SF, or i wish SF would get a few more fighters and have Diaz fight more often

  • MCM says:

    MW is 171 lbs to 185 lbs (give or take a pound or two). Diaz fought Shamrock at 179 and Smith at 180 both of those were Middle Weight fights. Diaz needs to suck it up and just fight Miller at MW. It’s only 5lbs, don’t be scared homey.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    When I read the posts I thought I had misread the article.
    It does read “Jason Miller turns down January catch-weight bout with Nick Diaz” and not “Nick Diaz turns down January catch-weight bout with Jason Miller” right?.
    So Nick Diaz offers a catch weight bout to Miller heavier than half way in between their respective weight classes, Miller turns it down and people are saying Diaz needs to suck it up?. Funny thing to say after the other guy turns down a more than reasonable offer. Nothing said about the guy turning down the fight “sucking it up”. I guess thats why I call myself MMA-logic and you guys don’t.
    Considering the catch weight bouts of Franklin’s have been half way between the 2 divs (195) and Diaz has fought at catch weights of 179, 180 and 160, all the bitching about Diaz not “sucking it up” is unfounded. Mayhem needs to “suck it up” and fight the guy he has been calling out at catch weight rather than being a bully and trying to pick on a smaller man. Diaz has never fought at MW but Miller has fought at 170. So who is being unreasonable? The guy who called out Diaz and refuses to come to the party or the guy being called out saying” fine I’ll fight you and at a heavier weight than I normally do”?.
    You called him out Miller now back it up and fight him.

  • MCM says:

    “…more than reasonable offer”!? Demanding a fighter dehydrate himself by an EXTRA %13 of his body weight is reasonable to you!? WTF do you consider UNreasonable?
    You missed the first part of my post where it clearly shows that MW is 171-185lbs, that means that Diaz HAS fought at MW. Infact, Diaz fought at MW twice just last year! Jason hasn’t been able to make 170 in 5 years. That’s like asking A. Silva to fight drop down in weight to fight GSP, ’cause he’s fought at 170 before.
    Catch weights are f*cking stupid anyway. It’s a Middle Weight fight whether Diaz shows up at 172, 178, or 185. All the excuses are just that, Excuses. So yeah, Suck It Up Nick and fight!

    Oh, and his “catch weight” fights at 160 weren’t catch weight fights, he just couldn’t make 155lbs so EXC changed their LW division. Nick Diaz has this habit of demanding fighters change their weight before they get in the cage with him.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    He has not fought at MW you are wrong! he has fought at a catch weight. Do you know what this means? I don’t think you do, perhaps a little research is in order. He fought 2 MWs at 179 and 180 not at 185.
    I would call it extremely unreasonable to call out somebody and then expect them to gain around 15 pounds to be the same weight as me and reasonable to lose weight before cutting to meet them half way. Honestly did you think that when Wanderlei dropped to MW he still cut from what he was at LHW?. That my friend is a little dumb.
    No it isn’t like asking A.Silva to drop in weight it is like A.Silva saying (like he f-ing has!) I want to fight GSP so I’m considering dropping to 170! that is right he said I want to fight GSP at 170 not 178 or 185. Mayhem said I want to fight you Diaz but not at a catch-weight or 170 but at my weight class, which you have NEVER fought at. HE HAS NOT FOUGHT AT 185!!!! but go on make up the fact he has fought at 185 again. Just alter reality to back up BS.
    Finally who is making excuses? Mayhem turned the fight down? so Diaz is making the excuse but Mayhem is turning the fight down?. MCM you have lost the plot. Mayhem called out Diaz!.not the other way around.
    He fought Gomi at 160 because Pride LW was also 161, that must have been because of Diaz too right? So here he drops from 170 to 161 (He dropped a weight class). But blame Diaz for dropping and going up to fight at catch weights. What an asshole he is. Fancy only ever fighting guys from other weight classes at your natural weight once and either cutting down or going up more than half way every other time. How dare he. He should be the one to make all the sacrifice every time some heavier or lighter fighter calls him out. Right MCM?.
    What a weak argument you and Miller have.
    MCM? this time you are making no sense at all. If you say you want to fight the champion or anyone, you don’t then demand they fight at your weight (unless you are a dick), you go and fight them at theirs. Diaz was called out by a 185 pounder, he said OK we’ll fight at half way between our weights, Mayhem said no because I don’t want to fight you fairly I want you to have to fight way above your natural weight. Diaz walks around at about175-180, Miller walks around at around 195. So if you want to talk fair, 185 isn’t it because all the advantage goes to Mayhem. He would be fighting at his natural weight class and be stronger and bigger by around 15 pounds on game day.
    This is more like A.Silva calling out GSP and then saying “GSP is a pussy for not fighting me at 185” after GSP has agreed to a catch-weight bout.isn’t it?.

  • the weight should not matter for diaz as he fought shamrock when shamrock was 185. diaz would have the advantage if Mayhem has to cut more weight than Mayhem is use to cutting just like when Diaz lost to KJ Noons at 155 and Diaz knows it, smart my diaz but it shows that he has more respect for Mayhem than he did Shamrock.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Sorry about the insults.
    But this is the story.
    Mayhem calls out Diaz, Diaz says OK at 178 halfway between our weights, Mayhem says no you have to come up to my weight.
    From this you get that 1) Diaz is making excuses 2) Diaz needs to suck it up 3) Diaz is being unreasonable 4) Diaz is making demands.
    You need a little more balance my friend.
    Mayhem called out Diaz and Diaz has accepted the challenge at a weight that is closer to 185 than 170. What fairer way is there? 185 100% favors Miller so that ain’t it.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Fight fan he fought Shamrock at 179!.
    Maybe Jan is too early but a catch weight is the only fair way. You guys realize that is why they have catch-weights right? to make it fair.

  • MCM says:

    I don’t mind arguing with you MMA-LOGIC as long as we don’t get too personal.

    185lbs is the maximum for MW fights….but it’s not the only weight a fighter can weigh in at to compete in a MW fight. Just like 170 is the max for WW, and 265 is the max for HW’s. Just because those are the maximum weights a fighter can be doesn’t mean that they HAVE to fight at that weight. Cain fights at 245lbs, a far cry from the limit of 265. Hughes came in at 169lbs for his last WW fight. If Diaz walks onto the scale at anything over 171lbs, it’s a Middle Weight fight. It’s not BS, it’s the rules.

    Another fact is that Mayhem didn’t call out Diaz like you have in your “story”. Mayhem called out Jake Sheilds. Then Nick Diaz, all 170something lbs of him and a few of his “boyz”, jumped Miller in the cage. Only then did Jason call him out to fight 1 on 1 under current MMA rules (No Soccer kicks). That’s when Diaz started this crap about not fighting MW and saying it should be at a weight Miller hasn’t been able to make in years.
    So yes, from that I get
    1) Diaz is making excuses
    2) Diaz needs to suck it up. i.e. fight him without having your brother and training partners in the ring with you
    3) you used the term “reasonable”, I was saying your were unreasonable
    If Nick Diaz didn’t start this fight (literally), Mayhem wouldn’t have asked for it. Nick caused this ruckus and is now throwing out excuses as to why he can’t fight Miller.
    Current weight rules allow for a 14lb difference in fighters. If Nick hits the scales at 180 without having to cut, I don’t see any logical reason this fight cannot be contested as a normal MW fight.

  • MCM says:

    If this was not a grudge match (like the Smith and Shamrock fights were), I would be fine with some kind of catch weight (even though I think their stupid). But Nick Diaz is the one who attacked a larger fighter, now he needs to step up and finish what he started.

    That’s just the way I see it.

  • MMA Logic. .ok right they fought at 179 but both weighed in at 180 blah. Do you really think Shamrock didn’t come into the ring at 185 or 190?! 178 would be to low for Mayhem in my opinion . there is a reason why Mayhem hasn’t gone down to 170 in a long time and there is a reason why Diaz doesn’t go down to 155 or 160, it plays with your head and you don’t feel strong at all. I know Diaz isn’t asking Mayhem to go down to 170 but its easier to fight at your walk around weight which Diaz did against Shamrock than to loose more than you are use to loosing which Shamrock did against Diaz. If you don’t know that then you havn’t fought or competed b4 or your just really wanting to see this fight happen for your own eye greed .

    I want to see this fight too but both fighters feel good at a weight. I say they just do a fight at no more than 185. Fighters come in over weight all the time and still fight. Heck. Nate Diaz fought Rory Markham when Rory weighed in 8lbs over the 170 limit and Nate whooped Rory by way of TKO.
    So the question is….why does Nick Diaz care so much about 5 to 8lbs. Wanderlei Silva has fought at 205 but came in weighing 199 or 200ish on more than 1 occasion and whooped some serious ass.

    Bottom line is that he knows Mayhem is a threat. I am a fan of both fighters and would love to see it but I want to see both fighters at there best. 8lbs is nothing _____________!

  • oh and just to and a little more about the game diaz is playing .. .. = MMANewsLeak has learned that Nick Diaz wants to fight Miller and it can be at any weight. . HMMMMMMMMMMM at any weight and now all of the sudden Diaz has a change of heart . .HMMMMMMMMM. .here is the entire article where diaz says some stupid bullshit about Mayhem being on “the Juice”

  • Sorry for the multiple threats back to back but I just read your impute MCM and I obviously totally 100% agree with you.

  • 3OAM says:

    Mayhem walks around at like 193ish…a drop to 179 would be like asking for an L. Its more reasonable for Nick Diaz to see him at 183 (a weight he has fought and won at in the recent past) which is what Mayhem said he would be ecstatic to fight at. Nick Diaz refuses to take the fight at the reasonable asking weight of 183, which screams to me that he’s ducking Mayhem.

    Its understandable that he’s scared. Mayhem gave his boy Jake Shields basically his first run-for-the-money and submitted Sakuraba. Nick is scared.


  • 3oam…while Im a huge Diaz fan and yet i DO agree that Diaz should just step up and take him on…where in the hell do you get that Mayhem gave Shields a run for his money? Mayhem at one point with 5 seconds to go got a choke onto Jake and failed to submit him. Other than that he spent the entire night on his back getting mauled.

    I doubt Nick is scared he just wants to make this as inconvinient for Mayhem as possible. By the way, submitting an OLD long past his prime outsized Sakaraba isnt near as impressive as gogoplata defeating Gomi, Knocking out Robbie Lawler, or Outboxing KJ Noons.

    I want to see this fight and maybe it will happen soon. Otherwise Paul Daley better hope he gets the next shot and lands that left hook quick or No one in Strikeforce will be dethroning Diaz for a long time.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I remember when the Diaz was always crying about nobody respects him and he just wants to get paid and be put them on MMA mag covers… well that was like 4 years ago and not much changed since then… he is his own worst enemy. Great fighter but a Dick Head as a human being.

    Diaz needs to step up… you n your camp jump the guy when he was rolling solo and issuing a challenge when easily one of you could have done the chest thumping but nah every buddy had to get a shot in like 15 year olds in the school yard, Diaz recently threw a water bottle at him backstage(like a girl), Diaz talks just as much shit as mayhem (even if it’s gracie who says all the queer one liners) so then just do what you gotta do fight the guy no matter what the weight is… your not fighting anybody worth fighting anyway Diaz.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    OH MY GOD.

    Yes Fight Fan he came in heavier. But he could not come in at the same weight that a 185er vs a 170 normally would. Do you get it. That is why they had the catch weight. To make it fair. It is not complicated people. If you fight at 185 you cut from between 190-200 approx, if you fight at 170 you cut fro 175-185 approx. So (just a quick bit of math here) Mayhem out weighs Diaz by 15 f-ing pounds. So to ask Diaz to fight a guy 15 pounds heavier is stupid. That is why they have weight classes. But … this is the real amazing part, in order for 2 weight classes to fight fairly they have a thing called CATCH WEIGHTS!!!!!!! now I will repeat that for those who are a little slower than others THEY HAVE CATCH WEIGHTS IN ORDER FOR 2 DIFFERENT WEIGHT CLASSES TO FIGHT FAIRLY. That is why there are catch-weights. Do you understand. For fucks sake! I mean not to get too insulting but that is the whole reason for having the fucking things. To make it fucking fair. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! It is like talking to a brick wall. If 185er can’t make 170 and 170 is too small to make it at 185 they have catch weights to MAKE IT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Finally MCM it is BS! “it’s a Middle Weight fight. It’s not BS, it’s the rules”
    It is a catch weight fight! How do you not get that MW has a max of 185 right? He fought at max weight of 180 and 179 NOT MW! NOT MW! NOT MW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop saying it is. MW is 185! He has Never fought at that weight. So Shamrock and Smith either had to cut from a lower weight or risk cutting huge amounts of body mass. For the last time a catch weight is a catch weight not the next weight up. I mean !!!??? forget it, you obviously don’t understand. Yes it is harder to cut more weight. Duhhh that is why he shouldn’t for this fight, he should not bulk up and lose 5 pounds before the cut, like fighters who drop classes do (like Diaz has done, dropping from 170 to 161) Again look it up MCM, Miller did call out Diaz, time and time again. I will find you 10 articles for every article saying different. Diaz and his buddies attacked Mayhem for coming in the cage to challenge Shields yes but Mayhem then called out Diaz. It is a fact. Again some research is in order. There is nothing to argue. I am stating facts and you are just ignoring them.
    1) Diaz has never fought at MW.
    2) Miller called out Diaz
    3) Diaz accepted and offered a catch-weight bout to Miller.
    5) Miller refused.
    6) Miller out weighs Diaz by 15 pounds (at least)
    7) 185 favors Mayhem by 15 pounds
    8) If you call out a champion in a different weight class you don’t then expect them to leave that weight class and come to yours.
    9) I said the offer of 178 was reasonable (considering the precedent of catch weight bouts in the past being half way between the weight classes) you asked me what I would consider unreasonable. Well demanding that their be no catch weight and the guy I called out leave his weight class and come to mine would fit the term unreasonable quite nicely.

    P.S. Florian was MW now LW. WOW that’s impossible! How can he cut from 195 to 155!? Because he doesn’t. You lose weight first, again you lose weight first (understand?) and then cut from around 10 pounds heavier than the respective weight class. It is not new. Diaz would either have to gain 15 pounds or just be a WW fighting a MW at 185 which is not fair … if only they could meet in the middle somewhere. No way! that would mean that Mayhem would have to be closer in weight to Diaz before he cuts. Outrageous, unreasonable and just plain …FAIR..

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    By the way 183 is 2 pounds lighter than Mayhem fights at and 13 ponds heavier than Diaz fights at.
    Yep sounds fair … not..
    Don’t complain about a guy calling out a lighter dude having to lose weight. Call me old fashioned but to fight the WW champion you usually have to be a WW. Not if your Mayhem, if your Mayhem the WW champion has to become a MW.

  • MCM says:


    Thanks LOGIC, I gave you a thumbs up.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Has this thread jumped the shark?

  • fanoftna33 says:

    MCM and MMA LOGIC have made THE best civil argument I have ever seen here, for my 2 cents I think Diaz should forget about it if Miller wont come down and fight at 178 and focus and the tough fights ahead of him- Daley, Cyborg and the winner of Woodly vs Saffidien, none of thoes guys are going to be easy, then on to more important fights IE the UFC again…

  • Sykotick says:

    The way I see it is this why bother with a catch weight stipulation if on Game day he is going to be over the weight limit, just fight at mw cuz diaz isn’t going to walk in at 170 plus it may work out for diaz cuz he won’t have any lingering fatigue or anything from cutting

  • MMA Logic? Your stuck and I am stuck so blah blah blah blah blah …


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