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Greg Jackson provides proof perception is not necessarily reality

Widely-respected MMA guru Greg Jackson is known to be a student of samurai philosophy, so perhaps the words of legendary “Book of Five Rings” author/warrior Miyamoto Musashi, “Perception is strong, sight is weak,” came to mind earlier this week when Jackson decided to take a stand against the belief fighters from his gym prefer to play it safe in the cage rather than offering up excitement on a regular basis.

Jackson, who stated he felt he needed to defend his camp after Dana White’s pointed remarks about the job done in Nate Marquardt’s corner during his UFC 122 loss to Yushin Okami, sent an email to MMAFighting earlier this week to explain his position while offering statistical analysis to support it.

As revealed by Jackson, of the twenty-two UFC events occurring thus far in 2010, fighters from his camp won an event-related bonus twelve times (an average of more than half and essentially a third of the total awards). Specifically mentioned in a follow-up conversation were recent performances by Carlos Condit and Jon Jones.

“It didn’t bug me until Dana said it,” Jackson explained. “Fans are fans, but Dana said that and, you know, I’ve worked really hard in his organization. If you look at my stats, they’re insane. Imagine you give your life to something and then your boss comes up and says, ‘Man, you suck.’ Well, wait a minute, just this year alone, half your bonuses have gone to my guys. So what are you talking about?”

In addition to Marquardt, Jones, and Condit, other regular members of Jackson’s MMA in New Mexico include Keith Jardine, Rashad Evans, Diego Sanchez, Joe Stevenson, and a number of other respected Mixed Martial Artists fighting in the UFC and all other major promotions.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Jackson makes his point and the numbers don’t lie… But clearly the stigma will stick with that camp regardless of what the truth is… and hey when your on top ppl will always look to knock you down. I’m not particularly a tremendous fan to any of the fighters out of that camp but I do enjoy watching some of them and there’s no denying that the majority of the camps skill set deserves to be respected… But like I said the damage is done, MMA fans will be MMA fans and DW will be DW… Jacksons camp just gotta keep doing there thing and not worry about the rest. Shit in all honesty until I read Jacksons response yesterday I fell into that group of fans that just lumped the whole camp into the “boring/Safe” category and didn’t really step back and look at the whole picture and what they accomplish on a regular basis.

    With all that said I still can’t stand listening to Jackson corner his fighter it’s like Bob Ross talking about his painting.

  • MCM says:

    Rashad Evans – former LHW champ, #1 contender – accused of being boring/playing it safe
    GSP – current WW champ, accused of being boring/playing it safe
    Nate Marquardt – accused of being boring/playing it safe in #1 contender match
    Melvin Guilard – accused of playing it safe after training with G.J.
    Clay Guida – accused of playing it safe

    I think Greg Jackson’s in the best Gym in MMA right now. If you’re a fighter and want to win, go to G.J.’s and you will become a better, smarter, more well rounded fighter, period.
    But with that said, it’s not out of nowhere that people are saying what they’re saying. When your highest profile guys are winning on points and trying not to take much damage, especially when there are in or close to championship fights, there is gonna be talk about fighters playing it safe and being boring.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I don’t think Jackson’s fighters are boring, but what if they were? His job is to help his fighters win. A spectacular loss is still a loss. If enough of his fighters lose, even if they lose exciting fights, he’s out of business.

  • Niv says:

    I’m with you guys on the playing it safe issue, his fighters go out and win, usually in impressive fashion.

    GSP in my opinion is one of the most exciting fighters out there, he’s dynamic and mixes things up very well taking little punishment in return.

    The Dan Hardy fight was one that bored me a bit, but Hardy’s the standup ko guy, and I can’t remember him landing a single punch while GSP landed several every round.

    Time to move on from this boring argument, Jackson’s camp is full of high achiever’s, and exciting fighter’s to boot. GSP, Jon Jones, Clay Guida (I have no idea how anyone can hate the guy) and the list goes on.

    Hey let’s pick on Black house instead (just kidding).

  • Dufresne says:

    I’m curious how many of those awards went to the same guys from the gym. Bones Jones, Condit, Guida, and Sanchez seem to always show up ready to leave it all out there, and they usually get bonuses for their performance.

    But even if all the bonuses went to a small group of people, I don’t think you can classify everyone at a gym the size of Jacksons in one lump. I know I’ve been guilty of it, but when I sit down and look at the guys on his rosters I usually enjoy watching them fight.

    Except Rashad. I hate that guy with a passion I usually reserve for mosquitos, slow drivers in the fast lane, and people that try to take food off my plate.

  • Peaks can always get higherand more challenging. I think Dana is challenging Greg Jackson you know.. your the best … can you get better. Dana isn’t doing it very well but he is getting a reaction out of Greg and us.


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