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Paul Daley: “…I’d like to fight Noons after I knock out Scott Smith.”

British welterweight Paul Daley has never been shy about expressing himself whether in verbal or physical form. Recently associated with the post-fight punch he threw at Josh Koscheck in disgust of his opponent’s approach to victory, as well as his harsh words for the crowd after beating Jorge Masvidal in September, “Semtex” has gone on to win back-to-back bouts since being released by the UFC and is now scheduled to face a similarly-styled striker in the form of Scott Smith on December 4 at “Strikeforce – Henderson vs. Babalu”.

Daley recently spoke to media about his upcoming fight against a man known for heart, a solid chin, and a willingness to let his hands go in hopes of wowing the crowd with a spectacular finish, as well as who he might like to face now that he’s signed to the Strikeforce roster.

“Scott is one of those guys that I used to watch back in the day, because of his game – he comes out and fights. He has that attitude that I admire and you know when he is in a fight it is going to be an exciting fight,” the 27-year old said of Smith. “The dude knocks people out…a man after my own heart. He likes to go in there and leave people lying on the floor, receiving oxygen. It is going to be a great fight. I have trained hard. I expect it to be a short but exciting fight.”

Daley also explained he isn’t overly concerned about Smith’s reputation for comeback wins. “It is something I have looked at in his past fights. He’s had some crazy fights where he comes back ‘Rocky’ style, but I am very good at finishing fights. When I hit people they stay hit.”

As far as whether or not he’s looked down the road at current Strikeforce welterweight champ Nick Diaz, Daley stated his focus was on “Hands of Steel” but he was also excited about the other opponents Strikeforce has to offer.

“Obviously first it’s Smith and to get him out of the picture real quick and then really I just want to take these names that Strikeforce has en route to the title or the people that I think are going to present me with the most challenge.”

The 25-9-2 knockout specialist also elaborated on specific individuals who intrigued him, as well as one he didn’t wasn’t particularly interested in fighting.

“Without being disrespectful to ‘Cyborg’ or (Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker), I don’t think that a fight with (Evangelista Santos) is something that I am looking for at the moment. I would rather fight K.J. Noons, Diaz straight away or Tyron Woodley, who is maybe not a bigger name but I respect him and I think a fight with him will not only be a challenge for me but it will be an exciting fight,” Daley expressed before continuing.

“But ideally I’d like to fight Noons after I knock out Smith. It makes it a more fun fight because I respect Smith, because I feel like I am familiar with them because I have watched a lot of their fights. I know how they operate and have a lot of knowledge on (them), rather than someone I don’t admire.”

The hard-hitting Daley has earned twenty of his twenty-five career wins by way of stand-up with his only TKO loss in 36 total fights being injury-related. He holds notable victories over Martin Kampmann and Duane Ludwig.

In addition to his bout with Smith, “Strikeforce – Henderson vs. Babalu” will also feature the headlining light heavyweights fighting over top contendership in the division, as well as middleweights Robbie Lawler and Matt Lindland offering a classic “striker vs. grappler” affair.

  • Rece Rock says:

    If he wants to make a statement it’s going to have to be against Diaz… Noons will be another great standup war but Diaz is were the ranking recognition comes into play. But i guess if he possibly gets 2 wins going into a bout with Diaz it may be more beneficial if he loses to Diaz…then again who does he rebound off of after a loss to Diaz? I dunno I guess as long as SF keeps booking fights I should just be happy.

  • MCM says:

    Sounds like someone wants to avoid the ground. Wonder why?


    Daley-are you serious?-Diaz is where it’s at at the moment-SF is so frustrating-they have a bunch of potential matchups(Fedor vs. anyone-Alistair vs. anyone-Barnett vs. Antonio or Fedor-Noons vs. Masvidal-Diaz vs. Miller-make it happen Coker!!-WTF

  • cocoonofhorror says:


    i would like to see Smith knock all Daley’s teeth out so he cant run his idiot mouth anymore.

  • Dufresne says:

    i would like to see Smith knock all Daley’s teeth out so he cant run his idiot mouth anymore.

    As Daley put it, a man after my own heart.


    Has to be one of the least promoted fights in the history of MMA-I would like to see a stat on that

  • Rece Rock says:

    Hey Gike it would take an act of congress and a federal subpoena for SF to properly promote any of there cards… I would love to see what they budget for marketing and advertising because I think a hot dog cart vendor allocates more money to advertising than SF.


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