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Scott Smith and Paul Daley are “Tailor Made” for Each Other

There aren’t too many fighters in the world with more power in their hands than Scott Smith and Paul Daley. After all, you don’t get nicknames like “Hands of Steel” and “Semtex” by being known for your world-class wrestling or slick submissions. They have a combined 32 knockout victories with 22 coming in the first round. So when Daley and Smith clash in the cage on December 4th at “Strikeforce: Henderson vs. Sobral”, you can expect fireworks.

“I think we’re tailor made for each other,” said Smith during a media call on Tuesday. “I plan on this being a slugfest.”

Daley will likely welcome the slugfest but isn’t planning on charging out his corner and throwing wild haymakers. “There is going to be a little bit of caution because we’re both knockout punchers,” said Daley.

While Smith is known for his one punch comebacks where he looks to be defeated but snatches victory with his fight, Daley isn’t concerned about anything like that happening in this fight. “When I hit people, they stay hurt,” stated Daley.

Both fighters are looking for redemption following their previous bouts. Smith lost a rematch against Cung Le this past June where he was decimated by body kicks en route to a second round stoppage. Daley on the other hand picked up a controversial decision victory over Jorge Masvidal and was criticized for his performance against a much smaller competitor. Knowing that they both need a victory and an impressive one at that should make them even more willing to let it all hang out when the cage door shuts.

Although the bout has title implications, neither man seems too concerned with challenging Nick Diaz for the Strikeforce Welterweight Title should they be victorious. Daley stated, “I’d like to fight KJ Noons next after I knockout Scott Smith” while Smith said, “I just want to be in an exciting fight. That’s more important to me than a title fight.” Diaz holds a victory over Smith, defeating him in a catchweight fight of 180 pounds by third round submission just over a year ago. Meanwhile, Noons just lost a five round title fight against Diaz and it is unclear whether he’ll stay at welterweight, drop back down to lightweight, or continue to pursue his boxing career.

One thing is for sure, come December 4th when Daley and Smith finally trade leather; don’t blink.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Should have been Diaz/ Daley in January…

    I wonder if Chris Nowinski has spoken to Smith to donate his brain to science.

  • MCM says:

    It should have been Daley, but Strikeforce would rather promote the feud between Diaz and Miller. Can’t say I blame them, it makes sense. But it doesn’t bode well for your WW division when the top guy in it has yet to fight a WW fighter and the one true challenger he has doesn’t even want to the belt.

    Still, it should be a good fight. Neither guy likes to win by “Octagon Control” so I don’t see it going the distance. Daley by TKO in the 2.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Smith is tough as hell and a game fighter, but Daley is more athletic, imo. I agree with MCM: Daley by ko or tko round 2.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    can’t remember the last time scott smith didnt get dropped by body shots in a fight, a i also dont ever remember paul daley getting seriously hurt in a standing exchange. i’d be amazed if scott can pull it off

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I think this is a great match up, but for sure Daley can be hurt standing, if you watch his fight with Hazlett just as he caught Dustin he was also caught with a nice left hook that staggered him( kind of like the recent Condit Hardy fight). If Hazlett can back you off with strikes then I am sure that if Scott hits him flush he can really put him away. The problem being that Daley hits about as hard or harder than any other WW.

  • MMASwami says:

    Two of the most one dimensional fighters in MMA atm. I don’t think there is anybody that has worse head and feet movement than Smith does. His only redeemable attribute as an MMA fighter is his Homer’esque ability to be punched in the head. I wouldn’t be surprised if Daley puts him in the hospital for an extended period of time.

  • I think Daley is a jerk and a sore loser, who deserves nothing more than to get KO’d to the point where the Dr’s wont clear him to fight anymore. Sadly I dont see that happening and he’ll probably send Scott Smith to dreamland and then get mauled by Diaz when all is said and done.


    I can easily see Daley being way out of shape and not taking this fight seriously-It seems a lot of UFC castoffs have trouble reclaiming that hunger they once seemed to have possessed-Huerta-T. Sylvia-A. Arlovski-the list goes on(understandably)


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