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UFC in talks with undefeated featherweight Chas Skelly

The moment UFC executive Dana White announced the organization would be adding WEC’s divisions and talent to their monthly line-up, it stands to reason there were not only a number of excited fighters who were already signed to the promotion but also a wide array of featherweights/bantamweights across the MMA landscape anxiously awaitng a phone call from Zuffa representatives.

It now appears one of the first 145-pounders from outside of WEC to join the UFC’s freshly-updated roster could be rising star Chas Skelly.

The organization’s interest in Skelly, who is close to signing with the organization and could see action as soon as January, was confirmed by Five Ounces of Pain from a contact involved in the process.

If inked, it is believed Skelly, a Dallas-based competitor and former State wrestling champion, will likely debut at the “UFC Fight for the Troops” event scheduled for 1/22 at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas.

The 24-year old has finished six of the seven opponents he’s faced with a lone split-decision victory coming at Bellator 9 in May 2009 less than three weeks after he’d fought at a different event. He last competed under the Bellator banner as well, winning a second-round match-up against Daniel Pineada via Kneebar at Bellator 19.


  • Rece Rock says:

    The positive side of the merger… more talent out there getting a chance on a big stage.

  • MacBatty says:

    Thats the thing though….Its not more talent that is getting a chance…Its just a lower weight class….So that means that there are probibly like 10 guys in each of the existing weight classes that are now going to get cut…..At the end of the day it just means less MMA for everyone.

    I personally would rather enjoy a WEC show every few months…Then having to pay to see Aldo & Faber fight from now on….

    WEC was already a part of Zuffa so they could have cross promoted whenever they wanted as far as “BIG FIGHTS” go…..

  • Rece Rock says:

    Remember the no logo WEC card that UFC promoted…at the time they couldn’t have cross promoted… the TV deals made it hard. Let alone fighter contracts that were already in place and promotion insurance and all types of legal BS we don’t even consider. i think if the ycould have just did cross promotions and built up the brand then they would have but i think there was alot more to it…. let alone if Zuffa wanted the UFC to be the end all be all for MMA the nthey needed to represent all the weight classes…. just my opinion

  • MCM says:

    Good points Rece Rock.
    Let’s also not forget about what the WEC fighters were getting paid as compared to what they will get paid in the UFC. Aldo, Faber, and Torres were all near the tops in most peoples P4P at some point, yet most of them got paid little more than what the average UFC fighter was getting. Some may say that Zuffa could have kept the WEC and paid them more but ,IMO, that’s akin to GM charging the same amount of $ for a Saturn as they do for a Cadillac. Regardless of how good the Saturn is, if a car says Cadillac on it, it will be worth more. Same thing as to whether a fighter is a WEC fighter or a UFC fighter.
    I also think that with the UFC now showcasing lighter weight fighters it will encourage other orgs to start building up their lighter weight classes as well. So even though there will be a ton of cuts from the WEC, now that the biggest MMA organization in the world is excepting of the small weights, the exWEC fighters shouldn’t have as hard a time to find other work.

  • boomnutz says:

    Mac, you’re so wrong…This is just one of the bricks in the building process for UFC/MMA, and it’s going to help “talent” stay talented. WEC fighters will make more money due to more exposure (ie more sponsorships) and the fact that UFC pays more. And, if you look over the past year, you can see signs of this developing, and I bet this is part of the reason why UFC got the Versus deal done, plus i’m sure becuase of the merger Zuffa contractually obligated to deal with Versus anyway, which for us, should mean more fights. At this point, it’s probably realistic to think that the UFC can and will start having cards bi-weekly or even weekly, using the fight nights and versus cards to help promote lesser talents and using the PPV for the title fights and big draws. You, as well as everyone else on here, should be stoked for this, stoked for the UFC, stoked because Dana White is a brilliant business man…even if he is a pompous ass


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