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Remaining bouts finalized for “UFC 123 – Rampage vs. Machida”

Headlined by four of Mixed Martial Arts’ finest, the official line-up for UFC 123 has been announced by the promotion and includes a number of recognizable competitors, as well as a lightweight match-up with definite implications in the divisional race for top contendership.

Joining the co-headlining quartet composed of former title-holders Lyoto Machida, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, BJ Penn, and Matt Hughes at the November 20th event, as has been long-rumored, 13-2 Australian George Sotiropoulos will seek an seventh straight win in the UFC – eighth overall – against submission-savvy Joe Lauzon. It is widely believed Sotiropoulos may earn a shot at the UFC Lightweight Championship if he’s able to get by his 19-5 opponent who has won ten of his last twelve fights.

Also announced for the card, Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis will look to keep his perfect record intact against his toughest adversary to date, Tim Boetsch. Boetsch, who has a near-even split between submission/strike-based successes, returned to the Octagon in victorious fashion this past August to kick off his second run in the UFC after winning three consecutive bouts outside of the organization. Comparably, the 7-0 Davis has won all four of his fights since initially joining the promotion while looking relatively dominant in all of the appearances.

In addition to the above fights, well-known fighters Tyson Griffin and Karo Parisyan will also see action in Michigan at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Griffin is set to face 19-3-2 Nik Lentz, who has quietly gone 3-0-1 since signing with the UFC and hasn’t lost in his last twelve fights. Meanwhile, “The Heat” returns to the cage he made his name in after a brief shunning by the UFC against 60-fight veteran Dennis Hallman.

Here is the remaining rundown of officially announced match-ups for UFC 123:

Gerald Harris vs. Maiquel Falcao
Matt Brown vs. Brian Foster
Aaron Simpson vs. Mark Munoz
Darren Elkins vs. Edson Barboza
Paul Kelly vs. TJ O’Brien

  • Dufresne says:

    This is looking like a pretty solid card. There’s no “Cain/Lesnar” bout to drool over, but there’s enough here to keep me more than happy.


    This should provide a highlight reel for Phil Davis when he goes against Boetsch-Sotiropoulos should be able to dominate Lauzon for the decision win-And last but not least-I have a strange feeling that Rampage is going to KO Machida

  • MCM says:

    I keep hearing all this talk about Rampage and Davis and Sotiropoulos and even Karo, but nobody seems the least bit interested in Hughes v BJ III.
    Will this BJ get the ax if he loses for third time in a row? He dominated Matt the first two times they met (until he broke his rib), but this could very well be the best/most well rounded Matt Hughes we’ve ever seen. Will Matt be back in title contention with a win? Will BJ be in title contention if he wins? GSP has beaten each fighter twice, does anyone even want them in the title hunt? Even if Penn loses, does this mark a permanent move to 170?
    There are a lot of potentially great fights on this card, but I think this is one of the most pivotal fights right now in the WW division.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Don’t be surprised if Hughes or Penn end up fighting for the belt Late 2010. If GSP keeps the belt until then I would just about bet my house that it will happen.

  • Creature says:

    Im very excited for Bj and Hughes, and ive got hughes taking this one. im also interested in griffin and lentz, just because i think tyson is gonna dominate the hell outta him. but i dont think hughes is interested in making another title run, i think hes even said that hasnt he?

  • boomnutz says:

    are you out of your mind?!?! no one has even touched BJ except for GSP and FRankie, and you think he might get canned…you’re crazy only way he gets canned is if he REALLY pisses off Dana, but it would have to be something a la Paul Daley, Dana’s not stupid and knows BJ would walk into any other organization as there top fighter…he’d be a favorite against Alvarez and Melendez. I think you’re also crazy for suggesting Hughes is the best Hughes we’ve seen…in his day he was pure dominance, i’m sure he could hang with the top guys, but it’d be a tough victory, i could see BJ getting a title shot with a W one more W, and then GSP moving on to MW, but as long as GSP is stil a WW and there is ANYONE else, i don’t think BJ gets another shot, and keep in mind GSP fights 2x a year, so he fights Koscheck, then probably Shields so we’re looking at over a year, Hughes for one may not even be fighting then (listen to his words he doesn’t seem to have the desire to keep fighting)

  • MCM says:

    Last I check, no I’m not crazy. But I’ve been wrong before.
    I don’t think Dana will let BJ go either, but those two have some very real issues between them and Dana has made odd ball moves before.
    And yes, this could very well be the best (don’t forget the Well Rounded part) Hughs we’ve ever seen. Sure he was dominant when he held the belt before, but it was over guys like Trigg and Riggs and Gil Castillo (?), and Renato Verissimo (again ?). Now he’s letting his hands go and working his subs more instead of just looking for the takedown. I’d give Hughes even odds against any one in the UFC’s WW division not named GSP.
    You did realize all those were questions, right? :)

    I think with a win, Hughes will write his own ticket for the rest of the time he’s fighting. If he wants to make a run for the title, they’ll let him. If he wants to test himself in a bigger division, they’ll let him do that too. Kinda like Randy, Matt doesn’t have to prove himself anymore and can take the fights he finds the most interesting.

    Penn should pack on some muscle and make the permanent move to WW. It’s not that he can’t hang in the LW division anymore, it just that he has nothing to prove there anymore. BJ is the best LW of all time and he held the WW title at one point, so why not try to be one of the best WW’s of all time as well.


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