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Herschel Walker’s opponent named for December 4th Strikeforce card

Former NFL running back Herschel Walker will return to the Strikeforce cage as advertised on December 4th in hopes of improving on his in-ring debut last January and notching the second win of his MMA career.

Word has now broken that his adversary at the event will be 4-1 Scott Carson. Carson’s only loss came in his previous bout, a first-round knockout this past June. However, in full disclosure it was also the only time the 40-year old had fought since 2001.

News of the match-up was first reported by ESPN, where it was also stated the fight had been confirmed with Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker.

Walker and Carson will join a line-up on December 4th in St. Louis featuring a headlining bout between Dan Henderson and Renato “Babalu” Sobral, a classic striker-vs-grappler affair in the form of Robbie Lawler facing Matt Lindland, and what should be an exciting stand-up war between Scott Smith and Paul Daley. Additionally, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva will be taking on Valentijn Overeem in the promotional debut of Strikeforce heavyweight champ Alistair Overeem’s older brother.



    What a freak of nature Herschel is-He should have a better challenge against Carson though-Still gotta go with Mr. Walker by stoppage

  • Jak says:

    I hate that i’m not allowed to voice displeasure for SF opponents.

    I wasn’t allowed to voice displeasure over Lashley being matched up with Wes Simms, then i when they searched the planet and found Chad Griggs…

    If Hershel Walker is fighting, great, if he’s old and this is an exhibition, great. but to find an opponent who took 10 years off and bill it as a co-main event, i don’t see why i can’t voice displeasure.

    Everybody was allowed to voice displeasure when James Toney got a co-main event(and that was a garbage fight), but not Hershel Walker… apparently you have to have respect.

    Well i don’t. It’s an exhibition fight and nothing more.

  • Guthookd says:

    WTF are you talking about. You’re not allowed? You can voice what ever you want. They dont’ delete comments here.

    I could give a shit less who Walker is facing my self. He’s irrelevant and so is his opponent, but who cares. Some fights just have to be enjoyed for what they are….showcase matchups. Walker is a ledgend in American sports and it’s kind of cool to see him with a second career I think. I’ll watch it.

  • Rece Rock says:

    – no MW tourney… doesn’t matter but hey Coker talked about it 40 times so fans kinda got excited.
    – the Bellator co promotion never happening… your champ started this, guess you’ll end it??
    – Fedor never fighting for the belt or fighting at all to begin with… good HW division but no fights.
    – Diaz vs Mayhem never happening… or by the time it does nobody will care again.
    – they can never even get the possible novelty fights booked before it loses buzz…
    – lack of advertising or branding… what company over looks this ??
    – no CBS cards coming up… ( cant blame CBS, SF ain’t got what they want)
    – Hershal Walker co-main eventing … that’s the way to build up the future of your promotion?
    -Your REAL future prospects have to fight outside of the promotion in order to improve?
    – They never promote the challengers series and that’s there best cards half the time…
    – Dream co-promotion… pointless.
    – The fact that you even are in talks with M-1 is ridiculous.

    Need I say more?


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