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Efrain Escudero signs with Shine Fights

Ultimate Fighter Season 8 winner Efrain Escudero has finally found a new place to call home after receiving his somewhat-surprising release from the UFC in mid-September. Though speculation on his future seemed to focus on Escudero’s likely signing with Strikeforce or Bellator, it turns out upstart promotion Shine Fights has swooped in and inked the 24-year old to a deal.

News of the transaction was made public in an official release from the promotion, as well as confirmed by Escudero himself on his website.

“I have made my move and signed a contract with Shine Fighting Promotions and will be making my debut in the near future. I want to thank all the organizations both small and huge from all over the world who expressed interest in me but after meeting with my managers and my team and having time on my own to think about it we determined this was my best choice for my career at this point,” said Escudero of the move.

“I want to thank the fans first and foremost for sticking with me throughout all of the obstacles that have been thrown my way and for those who never lost faith in me,” he continued. “Now we got a new home and we are coming to be the top fighter there and prove it to the world. It’s time to take care of business like I know I can!!!”

Shine Fights recently gained notoriety for a single-night, lightweight tournament the organization held in September with Drew Fickett eventually emerging as the last man standing.

Escudero is 13-2 in his career but fallen by way of submission in two of his last three bouts. In addition to having won TUF 8, his most-notable career victory came at UFC 103 when he delivered a first-round TKO against Cole Miller.

  • MCM says:

    Isn’t Shine Fights almost as corrupt as DREAM?

    Don’t know why he didn’t go to Bellatore where he would have been one of the main card draws in one of the top Orgs in the country.

    Good luck to him I guess.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    If all of these smaller companies pick up a few good fighters and a couple of the best, this sport is going to go south fast. You have to have the best competing at some level and that is not happening now let alone if we get more strong organisations. We are going to have the UFC champ the Shine fights champ, the SF champ, the Bellator champ, the Dream champ, the WVR champ, the shark fights champ and on and on but unlike in boxing where they usually end up competing, in MMA they will be prevented by law, just like when Randy tried to fight Fedor. For example top MWs such as Santiago, Lombard, Souza and Silva are prevented from fighting each other. In my opinion all are extremely talented and it is such a shame we can’t see them compete. It looks like it is just going to get worse and worse until something gives.
    I know exclusive contracts have good points but at what cost?. In my opinion it should be every one is under exclusive contract for the 1 company or nobody is.

  • JOEgun says:

    shoulda gone with Bellator

  • Rece Rock says:

    Shine is practically non existant….. but I’m sure Bjorn wasn’t picking up Efrain because he falls into that UFC reject category which Bellator seems to shy away from… and SF need title challengers at LW not more food for Gilbert.

    Efrain should have just taken it fight by fight and not dealt with these guys.


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