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Eddie Alvarez impresses in victory over Roger Huerta at Bellator 33

Eddie Alvarez and Roger Huerta stepped into the cage tonight and delivered on the pre-bout hype entering their Bellator 33 “Super-Fight”. The two maintained a frenzied pace for two full rounds featuring Alvarez getting the better of the stand-up exchanges, save for a single instance when he was dropped by a well-timed punch in the first. However, Huerta was unable to continue in the third frame after absorbing a number of powerful leg-kicks from Bellator’s 155-pound champion including one in the second stanza that dropped him to the canvas for a split-second.

The win brings Alvarez’s record to 21-2 and marked his fifth consecutive victory since being submitted by Shinya Aoki two years ago. The performance also delivered the first TKO of Huerta’s 27-fight career.

“El Matador” has now fallen in defeat four of the last five times he’s stepped into the ring after only losing once in his first twenty-two fights.

The promotion also crowned a new champion in the form of Ben Askren at the event. Askren dominated previous title-holder Lyman Good for the bulk of their five-round fight with takedowns and top control, though he was nearly caught in a Triangle/Armbar combination after suffering a swift upkick from Good.

Here is a complete rundown of Bellator 33 results:

Kenny Foster def. Lester Caslow via Unanimous Decision
Luiz Azeredo def. Edward Guedes via Unanimous Decision
Fran Evans def. Lewis Cassner via Submission Round 1 (Triangle Choke)
Nick Cottone def. Tuan Pham via Unanimous Decision
Wilson Reis def. Deividas Taurosevicius via Split Decision
Rick Hawn def. LeVon Maynard via TKO Round 1
Ben Askren def. Lyman Good via Unanimous Decision
Eddie Alvarez def. Roger Huerta via TKO Round 2 (Doctor’s Stoppage)

  • Rece Rock says:

    Fuck I was pulling for Huerta… But in my heart I knew the true outcome.

    No live BFC for me the rangers or devils were playing hockey… FML I’m not staying up.

  • MCM says:

    too bad about the hockey game. The fights come on “live” for me in an hour.


    Stupid FSN.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Just thought I would slip in a “it’s a shame that no LW in ZUFFA can fight Alverez, Thomson, Melendez, JZ or Aoki”.
    It just means we as fans are robbed of great fights between great fighters and finding out who the best really is. Well I guess there are some positives … for ZUFFA.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Just noticed that this site doesn’t even rank Melendez as a top 10.

    1. Frankie Edgar (13-1)
    2. Gray Maynard (10-0, 1 No Contest)
    3. Ben Henderson (12-1)
    4. Eddie Alvarez (20-2)
    5. B.J. Penn (15-7-1)
    6. Shinya Aoki (24-5, 1 No Contest)
    7. Kenny Florian (13-5)
    8. Tatsuya Kawajiri (26-6-2)
    9. George Sotiropoulos (13-2)
    10. Evan Dunham (11-0)

    How do you rank people?
    Melendez has avenged his only 2 losses. Has beaten Thomson, Aoki, Guida, Ishida, Kawijiri, Sato, is the SF champ and 18-2. Truth is you have got it wrong 5 oz. He should be ranked higher than Aoki, Dunham, Henderson, Kawaijiri and Sotiropoulos. That makes him top 5.

    Rankings should now read …
    1. Edgar
    2. Alvarez
    3. Maynard
    4. Melendez
    5. Penn
    6. Florian
    7. Aoki
    8. Thomson
    9. Henderson
    10. Kawaijiri

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    The rankings on here are outdated. Look for that to change in the next few weeks once we get a few internal things sorted out. Can’t argue with your list. :)

  • nope says:

    I was there live about three rows out. The Energy for Alvarez was ridiculous. I don’t know how it sounded on tv, but it was loud as hell.

  • Guthookd says:

    Well, Lyman needs to work on his wrestling A LOT. I couldn’t believe the weak single leg TDs he was folding up for. He’d have a nice spraw going, then as soon as Ben’s hands would reach the back of his knee he’d fold the leg and let Ben suck it up and get the TD. Man, I was frustrated for him. At least he broke Ben’s nose and dished out a little punishment. I wonder if Bjorn will put him in next year’s WW tourney so he can get his rematch.

    Maybe Eddie Alvarez is the real deal. When the Josh Neer fight was coming I thought he’d be exposed…nope. Then they get Roger Huerta to come in and I thought OK Eddie is going to be put in his place…nope. The dude is on fire. I can’t say I felt like his technique was flawless, but he has some serious power in the hand and legs. An awesome win for Eddie…..he sure did put the STFU on my ass.

    I will say though, that Roger looked like he was either sick or terrified. He wasn’t all pumped up like he used to be. I hope he can get his case figured out.

    BTW, I have to agree with your list MMA-LOGIC. Melendez has got to be ranked. A fight between him and Eddie is looking all the more enticing at this point too. I hope they can make it happen.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Eddie looked pretty good vs Huerta last night, striking with him. As for Eddie fighting Melendez or any other top LW I dont buy into it. Eddie has show that his chin is not the best, has decent takedowns but not very good takedown defense. I think he is still a work in progress and if he would jump into SF or the UFC it could do wonders for his careere. He needs to be fighting top guys to get better( and did anybody else notice ho blatantly he grabbed the fence when Roger took him down?)
    As for Roger I agree he did not look good at all after the first leg kick buckled him. I hope he comes back better. A very good win for Eddie.

  • TerribleT says:

    Huerta was on a serious roll B4 he decided to go Hollywood and since then he just hasn’t been the same fighter. He doesn’t fight with the same urgency and desire now. I don’t know if he’s thinking that if he loses he can still fall softly on a Hollywood red carpet or what but he fights nothing like the fighter he was 2 years ago.I really use to like to watch him fight. He’s gone from being the 1st MMA fighter to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated to being a stepping stone and not even in the UFC but for Bellator’s fighters.I never saw this coming.


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