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Megumi Fujii Faces Zoila Frausto for Bellator’s Female 115 lbs. Title

Megumi Fujii is one fight away from winning Bellator’s first ever 115-pound women’s title. She will be facing Zoila Frausto at the promotion’s season three finale on October 28 in Hollywood, Florida.

Fujii is very heavily favored to win this fight, and rightfully so. She is a legend in the sport, with an outstanding record of 22-0. A black belt in both judo and BJJ, Fujii has incredible timing and speed and an improving standup game. She’s known for her strong takedowns and relentless finishes, 18 of which have come by way of submission. She’s finished 14 of her fights in the 1st round and 6 of them in under a minute. Fujii’s got a lot more experience than Frausto–in addition to many more years fighting, she’d already put on a judo gi by the time she was 3 years old. On top of that, she does some work with Josh Barnett, and who wouldn’t want the Baby-Faced Assassin in their corner?

Zoila Frausto has been known for her stand-up game, but despite squeaking by with a very controversial split decision victory in the semi-finals, she basically got beat up by Jessica Aguilar who managed to inflict more damage by landing crisper, cleaner strikes. Like Fujii, Aguilar is a ground fighter–and yet she effectively demonstrated the strategy necessary to beat Frausto at her own game.

Whether Fujii can get the fight to the ground is a question that remains to be answered. Frausto has better takedown defense than many of the fighters Mega Megu has faced, in order to avoid exposing her very limited ground game. If the fight does go to the ground, Fujii could sink in a submission in a matter of seconds. If the fight stays standing, it’ll be an interesting test to see how much Fujii’s boxing has improved–and if Frausto will use effective movement with good timing or rely on flashy kicks and attempted Superman punches.

How long the fight lasts is also a factor. Frausto, who has said on Twitter that she puffed back up to 136 lbs. on fight day in her last bout, seemed worn out and slow during the fight. This one could go the distance, and Frausto may not have the conditioning and endurance to keep up the pace if this fight looks anything like her last one.

Make sure to tune in to Fox Sports Net on October 28 to catch this exciting fight.

  • Dufresne says:

    I’m gonna pick Fujii to be wearing the belt at the end of the evening. I just think she has more weapons and ways to win. Frausto has very good standup, but unless she’s gotten significantly better at making the cut to 115 she’s not going to be able to use it effectively.
    I see Mega Megu standing for the first 2 min or so before getting in close, jumping guard and finishing this fight off on the ground at about the 4 min mark of round 1.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I cant wait for this fight, Fuji is just awesome to watch right now. Zoila did get lucky in her last fight but she is a very good opponent for Fuji and even with her face busted up by ASguliar she kept coming forward so she has guts and skill. I think Fuji takes it but it woll be fun.


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