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Bellator signs former WEC champ “Razor” Rob McCullough

PRESS RELEASE / CHICAGO, Ill. (October 14, 2010) — Huntington Beach-based knockout artist “Razor” Rob McCullough has signed an exclusive contract with Bellator Fighting Championships and will compete in the upcoming Bellator Season 4 Lightweight Tournament. The former WEC Lightweight Champion enters the promotion riding a two-fight win streak and boasts a professional record of 19-6, with 10 of those wins coming via KO or TKO. The fan favorite, due to his consistently entertaining performances, holds impressive victories over Rich Crunkilton, Nam Pham, Marcus Hicks, and most recently, UFC veteran Corey Hill.

“Razor Rob is a dangerous lightweight with championship experience who has consistently displayed an ability to end fights throughout his career,” said Bellator Chairman and CEO Bjorn Rebney. “If you are a fan of the Lightweight division in MMA, you’ve got to be a fan of Razor’s. I’m looking forward to watching him compete in our Season 4 Lightweight Tournament.”

There is no question that it was McCullough’s life outside of the cage that made him the fighter he is today. Leaving home at age 14, he spent a large part of his adolescence on the streets of Huntington Beach, bouncing from friend’s couches and getting involved with gangs.

“I grew up with a pretty crazy family life as a kid. I separated from my family at a fairly young age,” said McCullough. “I ended up telling my Mom that I was going to the beach, and I packed my bags, knowing that I wasn’t coming back. I ended up getting mixed up in a lot of gang stuff after I left home.”

However, “Razor” eventually found security and guidance in a local kickboxing gym where he started training in 1995.

“I started thinking to myself, ‘Dude, this is not the road I pictured my life going down.’ I was packing knives and fighting all the time, and I was just like, ‘Man, this sucks.’ That’s when I started training kickboxing. Shortly after that I hooked up with Tito Ortiz, who was fighting for the UFC in its early stages, and just totally dedicated myself to training,” said McCullough. “I absolutely feel like martial arts saved my life.”

McCullough went 35-2 in his amateur kickboxing career, eventually transitioning to training MMA fulltime and going pro in 2001. McCullough rose quickly in the sport. By 2007 he amassed an eight fight win streak, eventually capturing the WEC Lightweight title. However, after winning the belt the dangerous striker admittedly lost focus and motivation, going 2-3 in his next five fights.

“I never grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth, and then all of a sudden I started making some money after becoming successful in my fighting career,” said McCullough. “I was going to clubs all the time…flying to Tokyo…hanging out at the Playboy Mansion and next thing I knew, I was completely and totally distracted from my career as a professional mixed martial artist.”

A year and a half ago McCullough felt himself losing grip on his life again and decided it was time to make a change, he has been clean and sober since that time. Getting married and having a little boy all within the last year, McCullough has found himself with a new dedication and drive for the sport.

“Before I was fighting just because I loved to do it and I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to do what I love, but now it’s a lot more serious,” said McCullough. “The guy that I’m fighting is trying to take food off my kid’s table. It’s entirely different now. I’ve found a new focus and a new motivation, so I’m ready to get in there and get buck wild in Bellator.”

“I’m really glad to be part of a promotion as great as Bellator. I’m ready to get back to work, and finish fights. Getting in the cage and being able to mix it up with the best of the best is what I’m in this sport for. I’ve been doing this for 15 years for a reason, and it’s to test myself against the best competition in the world. I’ll be able to do that at Bellator,” said McCullough.

  • I like what Bellator does and is doing. Rob is still a don’t take lightly fighter.

  • Guthookd says:

    Yeah, there was a time when I thought Razor was the tops. He’s still “somebody” and his record is actually still really good, it just seems like I saw some seriously sub-par performances toward the end of his WEC run. I hope he turns it around and puts some thrashings down now that he’s with BFC.

  • MCM says:

    I still can’t figure out why the WEC ever let him go. Good pick up by Bellator. Other companies are snatching up Zuffa rejects, but Bellator seams to get the vast majority of quality fighters that Zuffa (for some reason) let’s go.

  • Swing Em says:

    Lookin forward to seeing Rob back in cage. I agree with MCM, I don’t know why WEC let him go as he always lays it on the line when he’s out there.

    The Bellator tourney just got a lot more interesting.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    great signing, cant wait for next season already

  • Rece Rock says:

    BFC is always making the best moves they are destined for good things


    Once I saw Razor at the Hard Rock Rehab joint-I had a feeling that he wasn’t taking his training as serious as he should’ve-Against Varner he basically was fouled by Varner and was winning that fight before the bad reffing-I still hold him in good standings in the LW division-Hopefully he gets down to the nuts and bolts training camp that it takes to succeed


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