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Nick Diaz earns $50,000 for win over KJ Noons

In addition to retaining his belt, Strikeforce welterweight Nick Diaz took home top prize at last weekend’s “Strikeforce – Diaz vs. Noons II” event, earning $50,000 for his unanimous decision win over challenger KJ Noons.

Also scoring half-a-hundred-grand for his performance at the show was Josh Thomson. “The Punk” outpointed talented Brazilian lightweight JZ Cavalcante, who himself earned $40,000 for his effort against the former Strikeforce champion.

Terms of the pay-outs was reported by the California State Athletic Commission.

Newly crowned welterweight queen, Marloes Coenen, earned $3,000 for her title-win over the previously undefeated Sarah Kaufman which also included a $1,000 bonus for the victory. Comparably, Kaufman netted $20,000 at the event.

Here is a complete rundown of salary information:

Nick Diaz – $50,000 def. K.J. Noons – $10,000
Josh Thomson – $50,000 def. Gesias Cavalcante – $40,000
Marloes Coenen – $3,000 (includes $1,000 win bonus) def. Sarah Kaufman – $20,000
Tyron Woodley – $15,000 (includes $7,500 win bonus) def. Andre Galvao – $10,000
James Terry – $3,000 (includes $1,500 win bonus) def. David Marshall – $1,500
Josh McDonald – $3,000 (includes $1,500 win bonus) def. Ron Keslar – $1,500
Jess Bouscal – $3,000 (includes $1,500 win bonus) def. Luis Mendoza – $1,500

  • bigbadjohn says:

    If 50, 000 bucks can’t hold Nick over for a few more months he must be smoking weed from Martha’s vineyard or something. Or maybe its Area 51 bud, he lives pretty close to Roswell, right?

  • JOEgun says:

    haha. who knows, but he definitely deserves to smoke a fat blunt of the good stuff for breaking Noons jaw and defending his title

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I thought the main event was a very solid fight made better by the constant jawing back and fourth between the two. I had the fight 4 rounds to 1 , but cant help but wonder what happend to K J as he looked so good in round 2 but never really capitalized on his success


    I know damn well that these fighters have got to be getting some serious cash ‘under the table” from StrikeForce-Diaz has got to be getting 6 figures

  • qat says:

    coenen gets 3k for a televised championship fight??

  • MCM says:

    Coenen gets 2K for a championship fight. She got 3K cause she won.
    I hope she was only on a three fight contract and can now negotiate a proper pay.

  • myboy808 says:

    The payout numbers are wrong. I know for a fact the Noons was paid way more than $10,000.

  • TerribleT says:

    This can’t be all these guys are making bcuz if it is STRIKEFORCE is in serious trouble of going tits up! . . . .

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    50,000 for Diaz can’t be right. Perhaps they get a %.
    TerribleT the UFC pays worse sometimes. For fighting Lesnar Carwin got 40,000. For fighting H. Alexander Jardine got 7,000.
    For fighting De La Hoya Mayweather got 10s of millions and Oscar took home even more.
    I wonder how much White and Coker get.


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