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Marloes Coenen Apologetic After Win Over Sarah Kaufman

At the post-fight press conference following her title win over Sarah Kaufman last night, Marloes Coenen did her best to explain what happened in the last few seconds of the fight.

Kaufman was less than pleased when Coenen held on to the armbar that cost her the title after Kaufman said she tapped.

The weight cut to 135? It did make Coenen look less powerful and she was on the ragged edge of losing the fight when she locked in a rock solid submission to finish the bout.

“I didn’t feel anything ’cause she’s got really strong arms. Then I didn’t feel her tapping and the referee didn’t step in,” Coenen said. “After he separated us, I was like, ‘What’s happening,’ and I heard her complaining. It’s all about sportsmanship and it’s not in my character to go on after the referee stops you…”

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    It wasn’t that bad but Coenen was just as responsible for the mishap (more responsible really) as the ref.

  • beef says:

    I disagree. Coenen did exactly what the fighters are/should be trained to do: She fought until the referee stopped the fight. I don’t really think he was late either. Watching the end of the fight again in real time, maybe he could have stepped in 0.5 seconds sooner but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that.

    What I won’t give him that benefit for is his decision to signal a stop to the fight by pushing the 2 fighters over. I am quite certain that _that_ is what caused the injury to Kaufman’s arm. Did Coenen feel the taps before that happened? Maybe but I believe that she was correct to not let go of the sub until the ref told her to do so.

    It’s too bad the ref made the mistake of pushing the two over instead of telling them verbally to stop while pulling off Coenen’s arm(s). I doubt Kaufman would have hurt her arm had he done that. Her injury is the only blemish on an otherwise great fight. (not a great _womens_ fight, a great fight… period)

  • Guthookd says:

    I dont’ think there was any mishap.

    The time between Kaufman starting to tap and Marloes letting go of the sub was like 1.5 seconds. The ref got there as fast as he could and hey, it was a title fight…I don’t expect her to be timid about putting some power into her armbar. Also, if you look at when Sarah started tappping she wasn’t doing it very vigorously at first….they were soft taps and not many in quick succession, so it’s easy to see how Marloes could have missed it for a second.

    Fair is fair, but I hope Sarah’s arm is OK and that she gets right back in there. She’s awesome and I have a ton of respect for her. I hope she does a lot of ground training before her next bout so we can see the ultra well rounded Sarah Kaufman.

    Good job Marloes. You’re #1 and you earned it.


    I think Marloes Coenen is a class act and didn’t do anything wrong-I’ve watched the end of the fight numerous times and can’t find any fault in her performance

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Wow you guys think it was the refs fault?!. I disagree, the ref was quick enough and was struggling to pries her off in the fight I saw.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I think you base your opinions on perception of a fighter and not what actually happened.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I thought it was a very fun fight to watch as Sarah has been talking for ages it seems about how she belongs on the big shows and who she should be fighting, but when there she kind of faltered a bit. She looked scared to stand with Marleos and was content to hold her on the fence without really doing any damage.
    As for the armbar I dont see anything there that was any worse than the hundreds of other armbars Ive seen, just that Sarah complained about it.


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