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A George Roop Lullabye – With Portugese Voiceover

Our own Jeremy Lambert had this to say today about the George Roop vs the Korean Zombie matchup:

Jung took some big punches but being who he is, never once did I think he would end up flat on his back.

Then it happened.

Left kick, back to the cemetery.

Roop knocked Jung unconscious with a head kick and to add insult to injury, Jung knee’d himself in the forehead on the way down, causing a cut. Rule number two when battling a zombie is to always double tap. Roop’s head kick was so brutal that Jung decided to finish himself off.

By the way, that thud you heard wasn’t just Roop’s foot connecting with Jung’s chin, it was also everyone jumping off the Zombie bandwagon.

So very beautifully done, Doctor Lambert. But in case you missed seeing it, Cagepotato brings us this gem:


  • Swing Em says:

    Best head kick KO since Gonzaga v Cro Cop

  • Rich S. says:

    Nice kick.

    The worst knockouts are always the ones where they hit their knee on the way down.

    If I’m not mistaken, that’s where the cut came from.


    I was really impressed with Roop’s overall skillset and high paced movement-He has definitely improved


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