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Update: Jason Reinhardt Considering PKR Surgery

According to Jason Reinhardt’s publicist (who also happens to be his brother and training partner, Justin Reinhardt) the WEC fighter is considering PKR surgery to correct his vision and allow him to fight without contact lenses – the cause of the medical issue which put him out of WEC 51.

Colorado is one of the states which does not allow fighters to compete wearing contact lenses, and Reinhardt said athletic commission officials in Colorado told him his uncorrected vision was not good enough to allow him to compete against Chinese fighter Tie Quan “The Mongolian Wolf” Zhan.

“Everything was falling into place perfectly,” said Justin Reinhardt. “Jason was in perfect shape. We’ve been out in Park City (Utah) training at altitude and he was tearing it up – I couldn’t stay with him up the hills.”

According to his brother, Reinhardt was “in the best shape I’ve ever seen him.”

“He was so ready for this fight, he was just devastated,” Reinhardt said. “He’s okay now, so we’re heading to Springfield to check out the surgery and we’ll go from there.”

PKR (Photorefractive Keratectomy), or LASIK surgery, costs on average anywhere from $2,500 to $3,000 and can take up to a month to completely heal.


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