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UFC 119 fighters leave Indianapolis with $350,000 in bonuses

Five fighters on the UFC 119 card received an additional $70,000 for their performances in Indianapolis. Interestingly enough, Frank Mir was not one of them. Though the former UFC heavyweight champ scored the card’s only knockout, no “Knockout of the Night” bonus was actually awarded for his flattening of Mirko Filipovic.

No official reason was given for the omission. However, it seems plausible the decision could indicate executives’ displeasure with the lackluster showing from Mir prior to his night-ending knee.

News of the bonuses was announced at the post-event press conference.

While no “Knockout of the Night” was given, dual “Fight of the Night” honors were handed out. Both Evan Dunham and Sean Sherk, as well as Matt Mitrione and Joey Beltran, were announced as a quartet of winners for their pair of highly entertaining, hard-fought bouts.

Meanwhile, CB Dollaway’s opening-frame Guillotine Choke of submission-savvy opponent Joe Doerksen earned him “Submission of the Night” and the seventy-thousand dollars. The result marked Dollaway’s third consecutive victory, while snapping a seven-fight win streak for Doerksen and being the first time he’d tapped out since October 2005.

  • BigDave says:

    Stevens and Dunham were both robbed.

    The easily own there fights but i guess that is what happens when you leave it in the judges hands. The steroid shark got 3 takedowns which twice resulted in him getting caught in a choke and the only shot he really landed was that razor blade elbow. Guilard did nothing at all, he ran around the ring like a little bitch not wanting to ingage after all the big talk before hand.

    Now I have gone on record tons of times saying i hate frank mir and last night only proved 1 thing to me, that Mirkos career is over. The fight was a snoozefest right until Mir landed the Knee. And can someone please tell me why Mir was dry hummping the air after he got hit where his balls would be if he had any?

    All in all the card sucked ass and I’m glad I went to the pub to see it and didn’t shell out 55 bucks for it.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Glad I didn’t buy it but I’m equally glad I watch the free prelims on spike…seems like the free part was better than the ppv…?

  • YetiLee says:

    I thought Serra and Lytle was fight of the night.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I personally dont think Mir did all that bad. He was going up against a guy with way more striking experience than him and hels his own. Mir doesnt have the best wrestling and Mirko has great defense. It wasnt the best fight ever but it wasnt Randy Couture vs Brandon Vera either. I acually give Mirko some respect due taking this on short notice with a fked up eye. Frank also had to change up for a completly different type of a fighter.
    The only other reason for neither fighter getting a bonus would be that the ufc already gave them a hell of a cash incentive for fighting of such short notice.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    yeah i thought the prelims were the best thing about the card
    i hate all these football players coming into mma but mitrione really surprised me, the guy is clearly willing to learn and i look forward to seeing him fight again.
    mark hunt still hasnt learned how to defend that kimura eh, poor bugger probably wont fight in the ufc again, but i’d like to see him fight mitrione if he did
    didnt think evan or jeremy were robbed, however i was scoring the fights in their favor
    main event and co main were dull as fuck, i know lil nog can be an awesome fighter, but he really doesnt have that much to offer other than his boxing, and that is resticted to jabs and straight lefts. no upper cuts or lead hooks, no take down offense, no clinch work, and he doesnt share his brothers ability for the guard bjj
    main event was shit

  • hindsightufuk says:

    chris lyttle should have got a bonus for best new ink

  • i disagree on stephens gettin robbed,,,but it was close enough. Dunham decision loss was worse than Lil Nog Vs. Brilz…He owned the third and the only time he got taken down in 2nd was when he decided to apply chokes. i would’ve called 10-8 for the third round. As many times as Evan knocked him into the fence with no response I almost could’ve seen it bein stopped. Almost not quite. As far as Mir not gettin his deserved KO of the night WTF? I mean the fight was boring but at least he put some effort in the whole time AND come on tell me that wasn’t the best knee knock out we’ve seen in awhile?


    I think Dunham definitely took it to Sherk-Other than the one elbow by Sherk-I just didn’t think he did that much-Mitrione has excellent cardio and will only get better-plus he’s hilarious as hell-I am just getting tired of hearing Mir even talk-I know he could’ve done more-Still want to know what the hell CroCop said to Mir when he was up against the fence in the third-Can’t believe no interviewer has asked that question of either Mir or CroCop

  • BillyWarhol says:

    Yeah da Mir Cro was a SnoreFest – when Joe Rogan is even apologizing to the Fans for the lack of Action from both Fighters + fer CroCop to not even throw a Kick is ridiculous! No wonder Mir didn’t get a Bonus.

    There were some Entertaining Fights on the Card Lytle-Serra + Bader Nog in addition to all the Bonus Earning Fights.

  • stone says:

    Mir deserves his KO bonus!… That knee was sweet!… KO of the Nite doesn’t mean FOTN! At least he finished his fight! WTF Dana? Give Mir his damn money!

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    After the crowd booed for 3/4 of the fight, the announcers were apologizing to the fans and the ref was repeatedly having to split the 2 fighters from clinches due to lack of activity there is no way in hell they will give Mir a bonus of any kind.

  • MCM says:

    Missed these fights last night and just caught them online.
    – Serra/Lytle should have won FOTN.
    – I agree that Sherk won, but don’t see him making any kinda of run to the top after that fight. (anyone interested in a Serra vs Sherk fight? It’s like midget wrestling on a higher skill level.)
    – Matt Mitrone is no joke.
    – Mir should have been DOCKED a fight bonus for accidentally KOing Cro Cop.

  • ko623 says:

    Lytle/Serra should have won fight of the night
    Mirko is not Randy and should retire Mir can’t hang with the elite heavyweights
    Lytle should be in line for a title shot with a win over fitch

  • Dufresne says:

    Mitrione impressed the hell out of me. His standup was light years ahead of where it was on TUF.

    Hate that Doerkson lost, but that roll at the end was just awesome to watch.

    Bader was very impressive. Got nailed a few times but scored a takedown everytime he looked in trouble.

    I personally thought Dunham won. He was aggressive off his back, worked subs, dominated the standup, and only really got tagged once or twice.

    Guillard/Stephens was my Let Down of the Night performance.

    Mir/Cro Cop was a close 2nd.

  • k-class says:

    Look, i know we are all entitled to hate on fighters for not putting on a show, but seriously?? Dana and co are pumping out in the guts of thirty events plus a year. I have now put my boxing past behind me, because not only did we sit waiting for up to five years plus for the big ones to happen (Lewis-Tyson) we were left bitterly dissapointed once they did. I dont like watching a bore fest, but at the end of the day, not every fight will be full of action. I personally though the guys did ok tonight, and hey, Mir knocked Cro-cop out, end of, who gives a sh*t if it wasnt excitin, if he does that in his next ten fights, then he will have held the belt sucessfully for a while, who’s to argue????

  • hindsightufuk says:

    agree with Dufresne about the Guillard/Stephenson fight, it should have been violent.
    nice to see Greg Jackson turn another guy into a point fighter

  • Dufresne says:

    The only reason I can think that they didn’t give Mir a KOotN besides the fact that it was a pretty boring fight is that they gave out 2 very deserving FotN. I honestly could have seen them giving Lytle/Serra a FotN bonus as well, but that would have been a bit of overkill.


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