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Chael Sonnen facing possible year-long suspension after failed UFC 117 drug test

In the past year, UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen has become as known for his outspokenness as much as his extraordinary wrestling ability. Whether offering an opinion on his peers in MMA or making social commentary in general, Sonnen has rarely shied away from expressing his unique viewpoint on any given topic whether asked to or not. It seems the trait may serve him well in the coming weeks based on a failed drug test from UFC 117.

According to a report on Sherdog, the California State Athletic Commission found evidence of performance enhancing drugs in Sonnen’s system during post-event lab work. Though the specific nature of the substances were not revealed, the result is believed to involve PEDs as it was made clear no “drugs of abuse” were found to have been used.

The news is not only a blow to Sonnen’s camp and his fans, but the UFC’s future plans as well. Based on his near-defeat of 185-pound champion Anderson Silva this past August it was believed a rematch was set to occur on January 1st, 2011 at UFC 125. However, it seems highly unlikely the bout will take place now if for no other reason the mandatory 6-12 month suspension attached to similar infractions in the past by the CSAC.

Currently no official comment has been made on the part of Sonnen or the UFC in regards to this weekend’s breaking news.

  • Kuch says:

    If this pans out, his credibility will be completely shot.

    He’s talked so much crap, the backlash against him if this is true would be massive. Plus, I see him denying these accusations until he dies.

  • qat says:

    wow, just wow.
    i never liked him, but i always thought of him as a sportsman. lets see how this turns out.

  • YetiLee says:

    Chael you’re an idiot! All the shit talking you do, and you have the nerve to take performance enhancing drugs? All the crap about Silva being bad for the sport and not being an honorable guy and yet you’re a dirty fighter who needs to try to cheat to win? Pot meet kettle, have fun sitting on the sidelines for a year you rat bastard.

  • arahat says:

    they all (mostly)use something.he just got caught

  • cutman says:

    Way to scoop junkie, Pain……..Dude this guy is great all that talk and then takes enhancing drugs…Way to use that college education man…

  • JabCrossHook says:

    I’m surprised the results didn’t come out sooner. That fight was back in August its already middle of Sept.

  • Creature says:

    you fucking idiot.. if he really was taking PED 4 non medical reasons.. wow fuck you chael sonnon, i was a fan, no more am i

  • FierceFlamingo says:

    performance enhancing drugs are rampant in professional sports. The only thing I’m surprised about is that he got caught. Must of had a crappy drug coach.

  • caffiend says:

    For a supposedly intelligent person, failing a drug test you know is coming on a specific date when you know the length of time PEDs stay in your system is pretty crazy. Plus it wasn’t shocking to find he was using Vitamin S, his back looked like a pizza…and we saw a lot of his back since he had top control for like 20 minutes

  • Dufresne says:

    If this turns out to be true, I wonder who they’re going to get to replace him.

    Will they scrap Okami/Belfort and give Belfort the shot?

    Marquardt just won, but over a guy not paying attention, does he deserve another go?

    Leben’s been tearing it up lately, but he has a positive PED test in the past, so I’m not sure if they want to put him considering the guy they seemed to be leaning towards just got popped.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    With all the strait talk we got from Sonnen I would be surprised if he didnt have a comment on this situation very soon. I thought he did great in the fight but he looked the excat same as always so I wonder what kind of juice he was on. Id really respect him a lot more if he comes out like Leben did and says I thought they would be out of my system by fight time and takes his suspension like a big boy, but being a politician we all know he wont do that.

  • Angry Mike says:

    If true this is extremely disappointing and an unfair blow to MMA and UFC.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    PEDs are rampant in MMA, even in the UFC. A lot more fighters use it than the amount that gets caught. If they made drug tests Olympic style with random testing a month before the fight then it would cut down on a lot of it. I have a lengthy list of suspects but I don’t want to be “fighter bashing” as last time I suspected Cyborg (has nothing to do with fighter preference, or bias) of using PEDs I had my post deleted. We are all entitled to an opinion, and my personal opinion is that a woman can’t be that muscular without taking PEDs. There is no other woman in her weight division that looks even close physically.

  • judojoe says:

    I told u guys that i suspected that Chael was dirty after the results were posted. I questioned it 2 u guys cuz of the fact that he had pimples all over his back. But I got alot of thumps down on this theory. At his age u should not have any zits on ur back.Please refer 2 result comments. Don’t act like fools.

  • sides666 says:

    what a tool i am lost for words all the shit talking he did and it turns out he is a dirty cheater. what a douche!

  • Guthookd says:

    Maybe he got roped into one of those “grow your penis 6 inches in 6 weeks” adds. Still a PED I guess.


  • Creature says:

    judojoe i do remember u saying that, and also remember giving u thumbs down lol my appologies

  • Rece Rock says:

    Wow does Anderson Silva get the last laugh or what… Cheal is an unbelievable douche bag.

  • “Wow does Anderson Silva get the last laugh or what… Cheal is an unbelievable douche bag.”

    You said it dude….I mean seriously, Chael talks trash that had Tito takin notes, delivers a perfect four round beating, gets caught in a triangle and loses, THEN pops positive for a PED! Even in cheating he couldnt take down The best in the business. I love it

  • elkymbo says:

    Holy crap Chael you are seriously gonna have to win the biggest fuckwit of the year. The amount of trash talk followed by a fuck up of epic proportions such as this? You can’t write shit like that. You idiot. I actually can’t wait to hear the silence.

  • elkymbo says:

    I wonder how this is going to effect his political career? Hopefully having PED’s doesn’t have any ramifications otherwise America will never have Arnie as president and that would just be a crying shame :)

  • Niv says:

    Man does the UFC have horseshoes or what? Two straight title fights that came within a hair of turning into a giant mess.

    Shane Carwin had it in the bag and loses only to have his drug problems, and now Sonnen does the same, 2 bullets dodged makes me wonder when it will hit a current champ?

  • sensiman says:

    What a idot for talking so much crap then getting popped. I laugh in Chael’s Face…..
    I hope they scrap the fight with Okami and put Belfort in there with the Spider.

  • king mah mah says:

    I wonder what the UFC’s definition of a PED is? As far as I know they ban substances that are over the counter drugs that anyone can get at a vitamin outlet or GNC. They did say that “no drug of abuse” was found. So maybe it’s not that big of a deal.

    Leban was caught using anabolic steroids. Chael could be getting screwed by a technicallity. I’m not jumping to conclusions yet.

    Plus, the definition of a drug is- “any substance other than food that affect the way the mind or body works”. Shit that could be anything! LOL- I remember that definition from my 5th grade D.A.R.E class.

    Maybe I’m way off base. Just wanted to give debate on the other side of the argument seeing as everyone is sentencing Chael to death without a trial. Peace.

  • king mah mah says:

    P.S.- to me a “drug of abuse” would include steroids. So I don’t know.

  • boomnutz says:

    just curious, with all the people claiming PEDs are rampant in sports, and the UFC, what makes you so privy to this information? If you honestly no something i don’t know i’d like to hear it, but if it’s just speculation i could care less…

    Also, UFC doesn’t define PEDs it’s up to the athletic commision resigning over the bout or bouts in question, and drugs of abuse are painkillers, sticky icky, coke, shit like that. They have 2 tests, one for drugs of abuse, and 1 for PEDs. The drugs of abuse already came out clean, which is why everyone knows this is a PED.

  • king mah mah says:

    I would still like a full list of all substances that are banned. Because if you can get in trouble for using over the counter stuff from the vitamin outlet then that’s fucked up.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    this guy has been on tv or the radio three to four times a week running his mouth to the spider, gsp, shogun, and brock and now he shuts up???????
    king i know your on the inccocent until proven gulity thing here but i read about this on Friday i belive and still now word from the wanna be champ????? where is his media whoring now????
    what a F-ing shame cause the rematch would have been great

  • king mah mah says:

    LOL- yeah i hear ya moose. Someone had to play devil’s advocate!

  • Rece Rock says:

    On other sites they have pics of his back acne that apparently many ppl picked up on in his weigh in …. Roids Rash… I guess he can still have a political career just do what clinton did… Instead of I didn’t inhale just say you didn’t inject Cheal.

  • Lord Faust says:

    One thing I don’t understand, is why all these guys seem to only get caught in California. Makes me think they either have the tighest, or the sloppiest testing procedures in MMA.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I said earler how much I hoped Chael comes out and tries to explain what he may have took, but the more I think about it HE is probably just as anxious to hear from the CSAC as we are. I am not saying I think he did or didnt juice up for this fight but that until I hear at least what the CSAC found in his system I am still have the same amount of respect for his fighting ability.

  • TerribleT says:

    Thank God Silva was able to pull that submission outta his ass bcuz if Sonnen would’ve won the Middleweight Title the whole division would be in disarray with the title being vacated all of a sudden now. . . . . I just don’t get it ! Why do athletes in this day and age with all the strict testing think that they can take banned substances and get away with it? Especially with all the top notch stringent testing that is being used to catch them. Looks like Super Fight II is gonna be put on hold for at least 18 months if not forever . . . .

  • nothing_shank says:

    The CSAC informed chael and the UFC on 9/2 of the initial failed test. They had him retested before making any announcements. The 2nd test showed, again, extremely high levels of testosterone.
    The reason CSAC seems to have the highest frequency of popping people for PEDs is because they use olympic level testing that is much more stringent than any other state.

  • manny says:

    I knew it! I suspected and accused him of jucing up b4 the Marquart fight. Comming into that fight her looked ripped and bigger than his last fight. All along I was right, I’m glad I wont have to see him Lose to Silva again.

  • manny says:

    Oh yeah, were are all the Sonnen fans at now??? So much for crying for an immediate rematch after winning 4 rnds and 3:20 mins of the fight. IDIOTS!

  • bigbadjohn says:

    This whole “good for the UFC / bad for the UFC ” is a little played out. Players of every big sport, where big bucks are and the spotlight is on sees legal trouble, PEDs, etc. No publicity = bad publicity true? Not always, but maybe a fighter with money laundering charges will make people say ” he had his real estate license? He wasn’t just some tatted up thug? I’m probably stretching for that one


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