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Konrad, Grove advance to heavyweight final with Bellator 29 performances

Bellator Fighting Championships came one step closer to determining the first heavyweight champion in promotional history Thursday night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Bellator 29, as both Cole Konrad and Neil Grove emerged victorious in their respective bouts to earn spots in the division’s tournament final.

Konrad defeated Damian Grabowski, who entered the match-up with a 13-0 record, by way of unanimous decision. The two-time NCAA wrestling champion used his grappling skills to take “The Polish Pitbull” down throughout the fight and control him from the top. It was Konrad’s fourth consecutive win by way of the judges’ scorecards and improved his overall record to 6-0.

Comparably, 39-year old Grove’s journey to the Bellator heavyweight title-fight took a lot less time than Konrad’s. The 6’6” Brit knocked Alexey Oleinik forty-five seconds into the opening frame of their Bellator 29 bout. It was Grove’s second straight first-round TKO for the organization (a 90-second win over Eddie Sanchez at Bellator 24 being the other).

The full list of Bellator 29 results is as follows:

Justin Lemke def. Jason Guida via Split Decision
Kyle Weickhardt def. Luis Ramirez via KO Round 1 (Head Kick)
Sasa Perkic def. Nick Dupees via Unanimous Decision
Jameel Massouh def. Nick Mamalis via Submission Round 1 (Guillotine Choke)
Brett Cooper def. Matt Major via TKO Round 2 (Strikes)
Neil Grove def. Alexey Oleinik via TKO Round 1 (Strikes)
Cole Konrad def. Damian Grabowski via Unanimous Decision

  • Rece Rock says:

    Wow never expected konrad to make it all the way…really doubted it. Well my guess is he’ll UD his way to the belt seems to have worked for him thus far.

  • Guthookd says:

    I’ve officially joined the the Konrad hater club.

    He had top position for about 12 minutes and never ONCE postured up to deliver any damage. His cardio is horrible, his submission game is weak as hell, and he has no striking whatsoever. That’s not bashing either….those are the facts plain and simple.

    I love the ground game, but he’s just out of control with the wet blanket tactic. I know there’s no way in hell Grove will be able to beat him, but I can hope for that single clean shot that might get it done.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Agreed Guthookd
    I hope the winner of Ricco Rodriguez vs Herman gets a shot at the champ next season… ( non title probably).

  • cutman says:

    Guys, I don’t think that the wresting only aspect is appealing, but hey these guys need to do something about letting a guy take you down and lay on you,it is MMA so I like the aspect of using your strength….Like I said if you don’t like getting laid on do something about it…But it is boring as hell…

  • Kamakosmo says:

    Totally Agreed! I wanted to jump on this site last night to comment on Konrad. Yes he’s young, and his wrestling, and evidently his wrestling alone, is what will get him to the next level…..I just hope that he encorporates all aspects of MMA in his aresenal. I’ve heard the pros and cons arguments in regards to wrestling/lay-n-pray in MMA for years. I have no problem with it (it is a style of fighting, yes?) as long as it’s used as a tool/weapon….not a fighters sole style. Of course that is the fighters preference (who the hell am I to tell someone how to fight?), but it will affect there payday in the future when the stigma of “boring fighter” inevitably gets tagged to his career.


    Here’s the deal for real on this whole wrestling lay and pray epidemic that seems to be getting all the headlines at the moment-It is MMA=mixed martial arts-meaning all fighting styles can be used under the unified rules-flying knees and underhooks can alleviate the wrestling-no wrestler wants to catch a knee to the dome when they take that shot-bottom line-if you are a pro MMA fighter you better learn how to negate the wrestling aspect the same way a lot of guys learned submission(jujitsu-sambo-judo) defense

  • cutman says:

    Oh..and I can’t wait for the Ricco and Herman fight what a fight to get right off the bat . I think Bellator is doing a good job of trying to get talent,this is Good example….Glad the Herman thing is behind us.


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