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Thiago Silva vs. Brandon Vera rumored for UFC 125

It looks like the UFC will start 2011 out with a bang, substituting the pyrotechnics from New Year’s Eve for fireworks of a more-physical kind the following evening at UFC 125 in Las Vegas. Already rumored to be headlined by the rematch between Chael Sonnen and 185-pound champ Anderson Silva, the event now looks to also be hosting a clash between respected light heavyweights Brandon Vera and Thiago Silva.

News of the fight, in which both men will be looking to right their proverbial ships, was reported by MMAJunkie.

The match-up against Vera will mark almost exactly a year to the day since Silva last stepped foot in the Octagon, a hard-fought decision loss to Rashad Evans at UFC 108. Though he was previously scheduled to compete against Tim Boetsch at UFC 117, the 14-2 Brazilian pulled out of the event on short notice with an affliction causing him to “lose movement” in his right leg.

“The Truth” will also be returning to the ring after an extended injury-related layoff when the cage-door closes at UFC 125. Vera last competed in March against Jon Jones and had three bones in his face broken as the result of a fight-finishing elbow keeping him out of action since. The TKO was his second consecutive defeat, the first coming by decision to Randy Couture in November 2009, and the fifth of his sixteen-bout career.

Both light heavyweights should offer up an exciting display at the event for fans in attendance and tuning in at home. Vera and Silva are both quite capable on the ground, but are known more for rendering opponents unconscious rather than tapping them out. Of their twenty-five combined wins, eighteen have come by way of TKO (not to mention a strike-based submission for American Top Team’s Silva).

  • Rece Rock says:

    That was a tough decision in the Coutore fight but Vera got smashed by JJ… I Dont think this is the match for him to bounce back but he certainly needs a win…

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i’ll be routing for Thiago for sure, hopefully Brandon gets dumped after this one

  • Creature says:

    ohhhhhh damn, i see this fight as being an exciting 1, both fighters are highly skilled and regarded even tho there coming off losses, and they both need a win 2 keep the careers alive. i gotta go with vera via dec

  • This is a weird fight for me to call, on one respect Im not a fan of either of these guys. I think Vera’s a jerk and just cant seem to forgive Thiago for not leaving it all in the ring against Rashad. I mean damn it he had him! But on the contrary this is certainly an exciting fight where someone will most;likely go to sleep or get tapped. This fight may very well come down to who’s taken the time to bone up on their submissions and keepin that in mind, Im gonna say The Truth takes this, He’s alot faster and a more technical striker, while still packing power equivalent to Silvas. I say some brutal leg kicks will turn into a head kick rocking Thiago forcing him to try a takedown with a Guillotine choke end for Brandon.

  • boomnutz says:

    i’m trying to think of who will win but it’s been so long for both fighters (and i missed Vera’s fight with Randy, not much to gauge upon against Jones either) it’s a hard fight to call, but one thing’s for sure, this should be one hell of a fight!!! I wonder if Vera will get cut if he loses…i can’t see Thiago shooting for a takedown, i see maybe a trip or something, but that would kind of eliminate a guillotine, or at least hurt the chances severly…i’m going Thiago, he’s got a lot of power

  • gy614x says:

    I think Thiago can put it together a few Wins and be in title contention in no time, grant it that he has recovered and is seriously training again. In his defense, he had herniated disks in his back against Rashad and still almost took the fight at the end (despite Rashad controlling him for majority of it)

    Thiago by KO round 1

  • gy614x says:

    make that 3 herniated disks

  • Swing Em says:

    I have got to go with Thiago in this fight. I think he’s the more talented & tougher fighter. Vera’s confindence will be lacking after the mugging “Bones” laid on him in March. I see Silva clipping him in the middle of the 1st & finishing it with GnP. And afterwards you give him the loser of the Machida v Rampage fight.

  • stone says:

    I’m goin Vera! To fast with the stand-up… Thiago hasn’t really beat no one! Vera gots a descent record with some names. Too bad Jones kept taking that fight to the ground (lame)… I would have like to see the Jon Jones from last year! You remember, the one that did the wicked spinning elbows and suplex slams! Now all we get is a guy that drags ya to the ground and throws wild elbows… Anyways, yeah, Vera via KO…

  • Mightymark says:

    Thiago takes this by devasting KO and Vera leaves town !!!!

  • boomnutz says:

    Stone, are you saying you don’t like any fights that go to the ground???

    Yo Vera’s going to get hit in the eye and have flashbacks, wet himself and then get knocked the fuck out.

  • stone says:

    @ Boomnutz… I like the ground game. Actually I like it a lot! But when I 1st heard “Vera vs Jones” I was expecting a bad-ass stand up war! Props to Jon Jones for ending the fight though. But if he hadn’t landed such a devastating elbow I think we would’ve been in for a borring “oCtAgOn CoNtRoL” win… That whole Greg Jackson style MMA crap! Watch Melvin Guillard pull that crap with Jeremy Stephens, Joe Daddy did it with Nate Diaz, Shad & Page, GSP & everyone post the Serra KO & damn near everyone out that camp as of late! Then everybody praises the GJack camp like they’re the best… Fuck that! They’re desicion winners!


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