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Forrest Griffin hoping to fight again before year’s end

An anniversary is rapidly approaching for Forrest Griffin other than that marking twelve months of marriage to his long-time girlfriend. With only a handful of events left in 2010, and his last appearance in the Octagon coming in late November 2009 against Tito Ortiz, the former UFC light heavyweight champ is at risk of sitting on the sidelines for more than a year after sustaining a shoulder injury and having to withdraw from a scheduled bout against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC 114 last May.

However, Griffin recently made it clear in a conversation with MMAFighting‘s Ariel Helwani he plans to avoid extending his absence from the ring much longer and should be back in the mix within the next 2-3 months.

“My goal right now is to win a fight before the end of the year,” Griffin explained. “The last fight they asked me who I wanted to fight, I said I don’t care who but I would really want to fight in Las Vegas and they gave me that and I backed out of that fight. So, I kind of feel like they gave me what I asked for and I backed out, so I’m kind of at their mercy.”

With UFC 122 and UFC 123 scheduled for November, it seems more likely the affable, original TUF champion won’t see action until either UFC 124 or possibly UFC 125 on January 1st 2011 in order to properly train for the bout.

UFC 124 is expected to occur at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and be headlined by Georges St. Pierre defending his welterweight strap against Josh Koscheck. Meanwhile, the promotion’s annual New Year’s line-up is always one of the company’s strongest, and Griffin’s popularity could make sense alongside rumored pairings on the card between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen, as well as Brandon Vera and Thiago Silva.

Griffin is 17-6 in his career with wins over some of the biggest names in MMA, including the afore-mentioned Ortiz, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, and current 205-pound title-holder Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. He also holds victories over Jeff Monson, Chael Sonnen, and of course Stephan Bonnar in one of the most iconic, important bouts in the sport’s history.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Always like to see Forrest fight… Im thinking being that Randy C. barely broke a sweat in his last outing it would be nice to see these guys go at it- do they still train together?

  • Creature says:

    forrest is 1 of my favorite fighters, and i believe he is very underrated as well, i dont see him fighting couture, but since both forrest and rich franklin are both injured, and both coming off a win and looking 2 get back in the title picture, i see that as the matchup we will get, as much as id hate that fight cuz there 2 of my favorites and i dont like seeing them lose, i really wanna see it cuz it would be an all out war in every area :)

  • Alot of people seem to think Forrest doesn’t deserve to be ranked amongst the best but I disagree. I think he’s been in there with the best and upon his arrival in the UFC he’s only been beaten by jardine, Tito( and i will forever disagree with that one!) Rashad and the p4p best in Silva. I would love to see him and Jon Jones. I think Forrest’s ultra cardio, slick ground game(to this day no one has passed his half guard) and perfect game planning would be the perfect next step up for JJ and I think Forrest could win the decision or get the sub as Griffin wont be tryin like everyone else to not get thrown, he’ll just embrace it and go for the sub!

  • boomnutz says:

    lol…has anyone hear Forrest comments about Jon Jones??? He is hysterical, by far the funniest dude in MMA. I heard his book is comedy. anyway, he’s always been one of my favorites and i think Jon Jones would be a good fight, great actually, but i don’t want to see either of them get beat, and i think Jones would smash him too be honest (but so does Forrest so what the fuck) on the other hand, Rich Franklin would be a great fight, i like Ace too, but i think Forrest would take it and wouldn’t mind seeing it happen either. it’s too bad Rampage is fighting Lyoto, because that would be a great rematch.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    i was hoping to not be subjected to another Griffin fight this year. seems we are at odds again.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    and LOL at Griffin/Jones. remember what ‘Shad did to him? it would be like that, but way faster.

  • Swing Em says:

    Forrest Giffin vs Luiz Cane
    vs Rich Franklin
    vs Brain Stann

    all of those would be exciting fights. Obviously Franklin would draw the best, but I don’t think Forrest could beat Rich.

  • manny says:

    Let the thumbs down begin.
    I dont like forest as mma fighter. Funny how we wants to fight all of a sudden, but when asked if he wanted to fight bones jones he said he was steal healing and didn’t wanna fight him. Now dat DW said Jones will be fighting the winner from bader n lil nog, forrest wants to fight…. I dont care who he fights next, i hope he gets KO like Silva did him. :)

  • YetiLee says:

    “Tito( and i will forever disagree with that one!)”

    Well Dave, Forrest stole the second fight when Tito clearly won that fight, so they are both even for getting the win when they shouldn’t have.

  • danw84 says:

    Tito clearly won the 2nd fight? Did he even do anything that fight other than shoot for take downs? It looked more like he was trying out to be a linebacker than be in a fight.

  • Talengard says:

    I think the fight might be out of Forrest Griffin, but he’s one of my favorites to watch. I hope he pulls it together and really comes out to fight, because when Forrest brings the fight it’s exciting win or lose no matter the opponent.

  • Hey, Yeti I see how you could give Tito the first two rounds( I didnt, I gave Forrest all 3, Tito did nothing with his one takedown in the first, Forrest flipped him over and landed more solid shots for the last 45 seconds of the round in the second AND had a much more dominant position. and dont even bring up the blood, Forrest’s wife probably kisses his eyebrow and it bleeds.) and the third was easily a 10-8 round seeing as Tito did nothing but stand there and take shots(some of which really seemed to hurt him, but Forrest bein so cautious after being thrashed by Silva maintained a steady attack rather than trying to finish.) so that fight was a draw at best. what I love about Forrest is he has no illusions about being The best in the world, he just works his ass off to try to be the best he can be. and that’s a life lesson we could all learn from. Plus I loved both his books. be ready when the shit goes down was hilarious.

  • stone says:

    Never really liked FG… Way over-rated in my book. I think J.Jones, Lil Nog, Bader and Rich can beat that guy…

  • danw84 says:

    What is overrated about Forrest? Really, I’d like to know.

    I’d say the only thing that might make him a bit overrated is how much stock people put into him beating Rampage, who I believe is the most overrated in light heavyweight.

    Otherwise Forrest steps up when asked and puts on awesome fights, and other than losing to Rashad (which he in no way was getting his ass kicked right up until the end of it) and Silva (everyone who isn’t Chael Sonnen who brings it to Silva gets embarrassed) what really has happened that shows him as overrated?

    I understand that no matter what some people will hate on a dude for no reason other than him being loved and popular, but I’d really like to hear some actual reasons as to how Forrest is anything other than an exciting top 10 LHW.

  • Talengard says:

    Joe Rogan is the reason people say Forrest Griffin is overrated, I’m sure of it.

  • Creature says:

    I think if anyone is the LHW division is overrated its lil nog, i was very unimpressed with his last fight, if what he showed in that fight is all he has 2 offer anymore, he will lose 2 bader, will lose 2 forrest, franklin, jj, shogun and and most of the top 10. yes he knocked out luiz cane, but so did he last opponent and his last opponent did it even faster if i recall right.

  • Nog got him 16 seconds faster and still more impressively. But I do agree, The Brilz fight was not a great showing, but then again he trained to stand and trade with Forrest not get mauled by a wrestler….that was such a good technical grappling match, I hope Brilz schools the Janitor.

  • boomnutz says:

    all i got to say is that instead of being disappointed in Lil Nog, why not give props to Brilz??? he fought a great fight. And if you haven’t seen it, go watch Lil Nog vs Shogun, and let me remind you he took it to the Shogun of old, the one that crushed people, ANDDD Superdave has it on the money, he trained for Forrest not Brilz. don’t sleep on lil Nog

  • Creature says:

    i gave brilz his much deserved props on an older post, i still believe he won that fight. and he was training 2 trade with forrest, i know his style of striking is different from brilz but nog wasnt impressive in the exchanges either.. and ive seen the shogun lil nog fight :) ill admit it was good, but ppl change. just look at liddell


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