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Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva II possible for New Year’s Day event

Brazilian slugger Vitor Belfort recently explained he would be facing Yushin Okami in mid-November rather than UFC middleweight title-holder Anderson Silva due to injured ribs “The Spider” had stated would keep him out of the cage until next year. As it turns out, Silva will indeed be sidelined until after the curtain drops on 2010…and could be back in action about twenty hours after it according to top 185-pound contender Chael Sonnen.

During Sonnen’s recent stint as a co-host on ESPN’s MMA Live, the outspoken wrestler confirmed his expected rematch against Silva would take place on January 1st, 2011 in Las Vegas at UFC 125 as long as the champ didn’t suffer any setbacks while his ribs recovered (with “Super Bowl Weekend” slated as a back-up plan).

“Last time I defeated the myth. This time I’m gonna defeat the man,” he predicted. “The only thing different is I’m leaving there with the belt.”

Sonnen famously fell victim to Silva’s hybrid triangle-armbar at UFC 117 with less than two minutes remaining in a twenty-five minute bout he’d dominated prior to the submission. The Team Quest staple is 25-11-1 in his career and had won three consecutive fights before the championship bout including victories over Okami and Nate Marquardt.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    man fuck that. it was a good fight first time but Chael lost, there was no controversey, it was a greta fight with a great ending, if i want to watch it again i will watch a re run
    cmon make it interesting, lets see alan belcher vs Belfort for the no one spot, or wand vs leben, i know none of them overly deserve a shot but fuck at least we dont have to watch the same shit over.
    we only get to see UFC champions 3 times per year if we are lucky, make it interesting

  • Swing Em says:

    I was proven wrong the last time they fought when i predicted a 1st Rd KO, but i really doubt a healthy Silva won’t be able to KO him this time. Silva by KO 3rd Rd.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Thumbs me down… but I disagree with this IMMEDIATE rematch. The rematch negates the fact that the CHAMP pulled off a submission win when it was getting down to the wire, like it was some sort of fluke… would there be a rematch if Anderson Ko’d Sonnen??
    I just don’t like this. It’s like saying maybe we found your kryptonite so let’s do this again with the hopes you lose. Chael isn’t the champ with some rematch clause, Anderson’s the champ and should’nt have to fight him with out Chael getting a win first.

  • Rece Rock says:

    agreed hindsightufuk… beat me to it.

  • MickeyC says:

    I agree with this rematch. For a couple of reasons. First off if not Chael, than who? Vitor? Has he even fought at 185 yet? How many times has he fought in the UFC this time around? Once or twice? Yushin? As good as he looked still needs another good victory what abot Leben, bisbing, or V Silva. All the same story. I would rather see Anderson fight a guy that can take it to him. Than not at all or against some one not a clear cut #1 contender.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I dont agree with this rematch either as Chael was beaten cleanly in the first fight. That being said I completly understand why the UFC chooses to put it on and thats $$$$$
    This will be a huge build to what I expect to be the same outcome as there is no way Sonnen will learn Jiu Jitsu defense in just3 and 1/2 months if he hasnt learned it by now.
    What I am really looking forward to is the rest of the card as the UFC will likely stack it pretty well, we may even see Edgar vs Maynard here.

  • MCM says:

    agreed fanothna33. This fight makes sense business wise and they are gonna stack the card just in case AS isn’t fully recovered.
    I know people hate Chael Sonnen but think of it if the situation was reversed. What is Silva beat the crap out of Chael for 4.5 rounds and then got finished in with 2min left? Everyone on this site and in the MMA community would be screaming for a rematch, and it would make good business sense to it then too. Until the MW division gets a clear cut #1 (i.e didn’t loose to Sonnen and has fought at 185 in the UFC) this is the right move for now, and it’s better to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak.
    And as much as us hardcore fans bitch about it, the UFC knows were gonna tune into this fight to see whether a healthy AS makes a difference or if Chael can actually pull out the W this time.

  • Rece Rock says:

    MCM If the situation was reversed then it would be a long time dominating ex champ getting a rematch for what could possibly be an off night… ( Penn/ Edgar)… There’s no problem if the opposite had happen that night, but it didn’t and the Champ pulled it off… that’s like Carwin getting an immediate rematch with Brock?? it’s pointless. Let the challengers get another win or 2 and then go back after the champ if there worthy.

    And yes I’m always the first to say this is a business and totally understand this, and I would book fights that make $$ too but I would be a lil careful what kind of precedent this sets forth going forward when it comes to championship bouts.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Rece, I’m on the fence in regards to this topic but I do not believe a precedent is necessarily being set. In fact. the UFC seems to have moved away from the immediate rematch in most cases concerning a title as compared to how often they once did (Pride included). Sonnens put forth the work ethic and applied it in an exciting manner once already, coming as close to victory as possible without actually achieving it. So from a business sake and a compassionate employer’s point of view, I think Chael deserves it.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Rece rock, from a business point of view this fight will bring in lots of buys, headlines like Chael beat Silva the p4p best for 4 and a half rounds- are going to be sent out everywhere and the ufc will make a ton of money.
    But before we get all up in arms about this rematch really think about how many times this has happened with the ufc- not many right. I can only think ofthree other times a title rematch has happened. Penn vs Edgar- Coture vs Belfort- and Sylvia vs Arlovski. This is by far the exception for them and really who else could they have put in there?
    Belfort is tied up with Okami and the winner deserves the next shot.
    Marquadt just lost to Sonnen.
    Bisping is 2and 2 in his last 4 fights.
    Belcher is close but the eye injury prevented his fight with Maia. and Maia just had a shot.
    This fight makes the most sense money wise and matchmaking wise for the ufc. And whos to say Anderson doesnt want 2 wins in a row over Sonnen?

  • hindsightufuk says:

    the last LHW and LW title fights were immediate rematches
    if this one goes ahead thats 3 out of 5 title fights in the ufc being immediate rematches
    hardly moving away is it?

  • MCM says:

    If Carwin had beaten Brock up as a bad as he did the first round for 4.5 rounds, then everybody would be calling for an immediate rematch. If Edgar hadn’t received the dubious 50-45 scores during the first fight, Penn wouldn’t have gotten an immediate rematch. The point is, there has never been a situation where the Champ got utterly demolished for the vast majority of the fight only to secure a finish in the final minutes before. It may be setting a precedent, but it’s not one I have a problem with.

    After the fight, I was with you Rece in that I didn’t think Sonnen deserved a rematch. He didn’t lose a controversial Dec but got finished. Then I started thinking about it some more and learned of Silva’s injury and now I want to see a rematch. I my mind and the minds of a lot of fans, casual and otherwise, Anderson Silva lost that fight. Any wrestler that can secure a takedown and continually pressure Silva is gonna beat him……but maybe not if he’s healthy. That’s the question I want answered, was it an off night where the injury played a major part in his performance or is Chael Sonnen really that good. That’s why I think a rematch is a good idea.

    And if Cain takes down Lesnar and beats him up only to get finished at the end of the 5th rnd, he should get an immediate rematch too.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    I was a bit disillusioned about immediate rematch history in title fights I guess. There really hasn’t been a whole lot. And now that I think about it I’m half surprised there wasn’t more Lesnar Carwin 2 talk. But the HW div obviously has more options. Hum Haw. middle weight.. what to do, what to do? where do we sit if Palhares pulls off a submission win Wednesday, or if Marquardt gets a decision win? whether or not Sonnen deserves an immediate rematch is one thing, but when compared to his peers’ recent history it shouldn’t be hard to see why he is.

  • I couldnt agree more MCM, you took the words out of my mouth. That’s the true question can a healthy Silva stay off his back, or pull of a quicker submission.
    and at Fan of tna…same…this is the biggest money maker out there and if its a competitive fight with Chael on the winning side we’ll get a rubber match. and it wouldnt have to even be right away as Anderson would run through everyone right back into fighting Sonnen. This should be good provided the spider is healthy.

  • Dachman says:

    Maybe this is Dana sticking it to Silva for his previous lame duck fights. I could see him wanting to make Silva fight Sonnen, he would be miserable to fight.

  • stone says:

    Too bad they don’t do a “MW-tourney” that will take until early 2012 to find the real contender! Meanwhile Anderson fights GSP and Jon Jones in 2011!!!! SUPER FIGHTS! MAKE IT HAPPEN UFC!

  • Creature says:

    I agree with this rematch 110%.. sonnen may have been finished, may have not had a split decision. but he did what no one has EVER done, he not only completely dominates silva, not in just 1 area but in ALL areas, and not for just 1 rd. but 4.5 rds, he completely backed up every single word with the exception on the W. he made that 1st fight exciting as hell (in my eyes) 1 of the best fights of the yr. and i agree that right now no one is in true contendership of the belt right now. if the rematch is even half as good as the 1st. thats still 100% better than the maia fight and thats all i need. and i personally dislike silva, really like sonnen now, and really want 2 see the spiders face beat in for at least 1 rd. and i think silvas excuse is BS , hurt ribs? yeah ok i wonder what it will be this time, maybe a bad headache or pulled calf muscle

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    This is new. If a guy is finished there shouldn’t be a rematch. So GSP-Serra, Couture,-Chuck, Belfort-Randy, Sylvia-Arlovski shouldn’t have happened?. Honestly what the f#ck does finishing them have to do with it?. The rematch is because Sonnen was winning every round including the 5th and some by 10-8. Thats why. Sonnen was 2 mins away from beating the “best p4p fighter in the world” by 50-42.
    So a rematch is exactly what should happen. I’m really looking forward to this.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Silva was fine in that fight.
    “No fighter is ever 100% going into a fight”
    -Matt Hughes

  • Creature says:

    “No fighter is ever 100% going into a fight”
    “-Matt Hughes”


  • Sykotick says:

    Sonnen did something no one has done? People can say it all they want “he was winning he was winning he was winning!” You want to know where almostd count? Not in MMA, in Horseshoes.

    You want to talk rematch? Cuz Sonnen was punching Silva more then Silva was punching Sonnen? No.

    I don’t care how much you were poundin his face, if you were cocky enough to get caught, then you were DUMB ENOUGH to let yourself get caught. Why should you get rewarded with an IMMEDIATE rematch for counting your chickens before then hatch?

    “cuz of the lack of challengers!” once again, no. If GSP can fight Dan Hardy, then Anderson can fight some other middle weight while Chael EARNS the rematch

  • Spoken says:

    people probably wont like this but heres my idea:

    give leben another shot before chael. hes long removed from his loss to anderson and put together a string of big wins, especially his huge win over akiyama. no matter what, that fight ends in fireworks and its plenty easy to sell.
    give chael a rematch against maia so sonnen has a chance to prove he can actually defend submissions before getting his rematch.
    line up the winner of belfort vs okami for a title shot.
    the winner of marquardt vs palhares gets the winner of sonnen vs maia for the next spot.
    put the loser of silva vs leben in against wanderlei silva.
    loser of belfort vs okami fights the winner of akiyama vs bisping.
    almost all those fights can sell as well as potentially adding some fresh new fighters into title contention. a lot of potential rematches i suppose but thats hard to avoid at this point.

  • Creature says:

    Uhm he EARNED his rematch by dominating the “best p4p fighter”. by again DOING WHAT NO ONE HAS DONE! or even come close 2 doing. yes he didnt win, yes he got subbed, but just cuz he got subbed he less deserving than someone who has never fought 185? or someone who has KOd in like 1 min last time he fought silva? hes the most deserving than anyone in the UFC. i never close counts, its not like i said “oh he should be champ even tho he lost” no i said he deserves the title fight more than anyone at the moment

  • Sykotick says:

    that’s just it, he lost. Hendo won the first round in his fight with Silva then got subbed in The next round. Why not give him a rematch? Up until that point, silva hadn’t lost a round.

    Cheal fought fuckin great, but just because he had a good gae plan and executed it well doesn’t mean he gets a do over. That’s exactly what this is for Chael. “Hey you fucked up by getting tapped, so this time don’t fuck itt up.”

    Just because he was doing good against the champ doesn’t mean squat. There. Is a reason champ fights are 25minutes.

    Now as for vitor and Yushin (whom I’m assuming you were talking about when you said ‘someone who hasn’t fought at 85 and someone who got ko’d the last time they fought) vitor I agree needs a win at 85 and yushin, I believe he should get to fight Silva next, not cuz he is so much more deserving then the rest, but at least he has a win at middleweight (unlike vitor) and is coming off a win (unlike Chael). But like I said, if GSP fought Hardy, then Silva should fight another middleweight. And why not okami, gives Silva a chance to avenge his loss and it gives sonnen a chance to climb the ladder again.

  • Creature says:

    in my eyes i dont think okami deserves it, he hasnt really beaten a top contender yet, and i was talking about vitor and leben lol, and i think chael should get it, 1. to prove it wasnt a fluke he did so well, or cuz silva had (hurt ribs) and that its just cuz hes better, and with how impressive he was, how exciting the fight was, and the lack of true contenders at the moment. he deserves it, deserves a 2nd chance and possible do exactly what he did but not get careless and get subbed

  • Sykotick says:

    Hardy didn’t deserve his shot, nor did Maia, or Leites, Cote, hell neither did Couture when he fought Sylvia. What makes them more deserving then Okami? Hell Okami has something Chael DOESN’T and that’s a win over the champ, as empty as it is, its a win.

    Hate to sound like I’m kissing one fighters ass but when GSP lost to Serra, St. Pierre was CLEARLY the better fighter and that win was CLEARLY a fluke, why wasn’t that fogjt offered a rematch?

    Why is it that Chael deserves a rematch when St. Pierre didn’t? I’ll tell you why he deserves it more, he DOESN’T.

    Leben is coming off a win.
    Okami is comming off a win.
    Belfort is coming off a win (granted not at 85)
    Those are 3 obvious contenders, so Chael getting his rematch has nothing to do with lack of contenders, or him deserving a rematch(getting a do over in my eyes), its about the company’s bottomline and nothing more

  • Spoken says:

    to be honest, chael didnt just slip up at the end of the fight allowing the submission. i was watching that fight wondering why silva wasnt taking advantage of all the openings he had. chael kept leaving his arm in for the taking, allowing silva to create distance, and letting silvas guard get too high. i was seeing armbars and kimuras and triangles and sweeps and omaplatas and heel hooks right there and silva barely attempted through most of the rounds. obviously thats on silva, but sonnen has very little knowledge of bjj apparently and im pretty sure silva will be more aware a second time around.

  • Creature says:

    Ok GSP didnt get an instant rematch cuz he wasnt dominating the best p4p fighter for 95% of the fight before getting finished, THATS why he didnt get an instant rematch. and yes okami, leben, and belfort are coming off wins but against who? okami beat munoz, (not really a top contender). vitor did ko franklin but i think he just caught him and if there was a rematch it would go the other way, and leben beat akiama but i think he lost that belcher fight and is overrated. maia beat dan miller, big whoop. sonnon dominated miller, okami, then nate marquardt. nate was considered the best outside silva and true # 1 contender and most well rounded at the time. and even with his defeat he looked more outstanding than anyone has against silva. and the fight will sell huge. thats why he deserves it and is getting the rematch

  • Spoken says:

    so apparently you think the entire middleweight division is overrated garbage creature? calling ko wins a fluke and saying someone is overrated because of a closely contended fight against belcher is logic to you? so when someone you dont like wins its just a 1 in 100 moment. chael getting submitted is no fluke. take a look at his fight history. he cant handle good bjj. sobral, maia, and silva all beat him pretty much the same way. its an obvious weakness in his game and when silva took advantage of it is irrelevant because it happened.

  • boomnutz says:

    i think he was talking about immediate rematches…the only immediate rematches of the new UFC, have been questionable fights.

    and it def. wasn’t a fluke, i think most hardcore fans picked Silva by that exact method, i had him winning via triangle, but admittedly i though it would be 3 rounds earlier and i thought he would have hurt him on the feet more often.

    were the official scores announces? because i’ve seen some crazy shit before, but people saying it was on its way to a 50-42 fight???? a 10-8 round is a stompin, and imo none of those rounds deserved a 10-8, i know the judges probably gave at least 1, probably the first, but the fact is Anderson won, and if you didn’t see the fight but saw pictures of them in the ring after you would think Silva did more damage too, so i really don’t see how 10-8 rounds are being thrown out there…

  • boomnutz says:

    and just to confirm that i’m not crazy i checked sherdog, and there 3 writers all scored each round (obviously except the 5th) 10-9, except Mike Fridley who scored the first 10-8

  • Creature says:

    yes im saying SOME KO wins r flukes, because they are, i believe rich was 1 of those, and i wasnt saying because it was a close fight with belcher hes overrated, i think ppl think hes alot better than he is and thats why hes overrated, i think his 1st ufc fight was a loss, belcher is very skilled and 1 of my top favorite fighters, and no i dont think the enitre division is garbage ur just putting words in my mouth now. but i do believe its the least deep division in the UFC.

  • Creature says:

    And i never said chael getting subbed is a fluke. if u look back at older posts i had him losing the fight via sub, so before u go on stupid rants make sure u have your shit right. and again no just cuz a fighter i like loses its 1-100 thing. sorry im not simple minded and arrogant like that.

  • Sykotick says:

    Lol Vitor Belfort’s KO of Franklin a fluke?

    Um no!

    If that man taps your chin with his fist ONCE, 95 more are coming in the span of like 4 seconds! Obvious over indulgence but seriously. If Franklin getting outed by Belfort is a fluke, does that make Lindland’s ko a fluke? What about Martin’s? No they’re not. Vitor is that bad man(I’m sure you’ve caught by now that he is my favorite fighter).

    Noguiera v. Sylvia, why was that not rematched?

    There is no logical reason that chael deserves a rematch, yeah he took out Nate and Okami BUT THEN LOST TO SILVA, meaning he is no longer next in line for a shot.

    I understand Shogun getting his rematch.

    I semi understand BJ getting his.

    Shogun clearly won

    BJ’s was a decision and some people thought A and some people thought B

    Who here thinks Silva lost that fight? Anyone?…… No one? That’s right because he finished his opponent, it doesn’t matter that he was losing, all that matters is that he won.

    And I apologize for my use of the word caught, good catch there guys, Chael didn’t get caught, he was baited into the sub by Silva.

    Hendo won the first round them was finish I think early in the second, so he pretty much won like what? 80% of their fight why didn’t ee get his do over?

    Lol ok the hendo comment was a joke but the rest isn’t


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