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Welcome to “MMA on TV”, Five Ounces of Pain’s newest feature where our newest addition to the team, Jeremy Lambert, assists in helping map out the easiest way for all Mixed Martial Arts junkies to get their fix! Every Monday readers will be able to browse over a weekly schedule of MMA events being broadcast on local cable/satellite providers as easily as clicking the “Guide” button on a remote control. Miss the latest episode of “MMA Live”? Wondering when Strikeforce or HDNet are airing a replay of their latest offering or interested in finding out what live shows are occurring over the week?

Read below to find out!

September 6-12

(All Times Eastern)


MMA:30 (Replay) on MAVTV at 5am
MMA:30 (Replay) on MAVTV at 10am
MMA:30 (Replay) on MAVTV at 3pm
Strikeforce Challengers: Del Rosario vs. Mahe (Main Event Only/Replay) on Showtime at 9:45pm


Strikeforce Challengers: Del Rosario vs. Mahe (Main Event Only/Replay) on Showtime West at 12:45am
WEC 45: Cerrone vs. Ratcliff (Replay) on VS. at 1am
In This Corner: Eddie Alvarez Fights (Replay) on HDNet at 4:30am


King of the Cage: Imminent Danger (Replay) on HDNet at 4:30am
UFC Unleashed: Hughes vs. Penn 2 (Replay) on SpikeTV at 7pm
UFC Unleashed: Silva vs. Mir (Replay) on SpikeTV at 8pm
MMA:30 (Replay) on MAVTV at 8:30pm
Ultimate Knockouts 8 (Replay) on SpikeTV at 9pm
MMA:30 (Replay) on MAVTV at 10pm


MMA:30 (Replay) on MAVTV at 2:30am
MMA:30 (Replay) on MAVTV at 4am
UFC Unleashed: Lutter vs. Silva (Replay) on SpikeTV at 5:40pm
Bellator 28 (Premiere/Live Event) on Fox Sports Net. Check Local Listings
WEC WrekCage: Karalexis vs. Palaszewski (Replay) on VS. at 8pm
UFC on VS. 2: Jones vs. Matyushenko (Replay) on VS. at 9pm


UFC on VS. 2: Jones vs. Matyushenko (Replay) on VS. at 12am
Fight Vault: Best of DREAM 6 (Premiere) on HDNet at 8pm
Fighting Words: Cain Velasquez (Premiere) on HDNet at 8:30pm
Inside MMA (Premiere) on HDNet at 9pm
Shine Fights: Lightweight Grand Prix (Live Event) on PPV at 9pm
MFC: Retribution (Live Event) on HDNet at 10pm


MMA Live (Premiere) on ESPN2 at 1am
Fighting Words: Clay Guida (Premiere) on HDNet at 1am
Inside MMA (Replay) on HDNet at 1:30am
MFC: Retribution (Replay) on HDNet at 2:30am
Fighting Words: Clay Guida (Replay) on HDNet at 5:30am
WEC 49: Varner vs. Shalorus (Replay) on VS. at 1pm
The Ultimate Fighter: Team Ortiz vs. Team Shamrock Finale (Replay) on SpikeTV at 3:30pm
Inside MMA (Replay) on HDNet at 6pm
The Ultimate Fighter: Team Mir vs. Team Nogueira Finale (Replay) on SpikeTV at 6pm
The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs. Team Rashad Finale (Replay) on SpikeTV at 9pm
Shark Fights: Jardine vs. Prangley (Live Event) on PPV at 9:30pm


The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs. Team Forrest Finale (Replay) on SpikeTV at 12am
Bellator Highlights (Premiere) on NBC at 3am
The Ultimate Fighter: Team Penn vs. Team Pulver Finale (Replay) on SpikeTV at 4pm
The Ultimate Fighter: Team Hughes vs. Team Serra Finale on SpikeTV (Replay) at 7pm
The Ultimate Fighter: Team Henderson vs. Team Bisping Finale on SpikeTV (Replay) at 10pm
MMA:30 (Replay) on MAVTV at 11pm

  • qat says:

    good idea, but wouldnt it be better not to do this as news, but as something that is available in a menu somewhere?

  • Guthookd says:

    I’ve been thinking that 5o needs a calendar type page too.

    It would be great if it had filters so you could display only up coming live events or specific promotions only. And if you guys had the html jiu jitsu to make it happen it would also be awesome (and original) if you could work in a mouse-over that would show all the past 5oz articles/threads with links to check what was written and said.

    This is a good start, but at the least you have to color code the live events IMO.

  • Guthookd says:

    OK I guess I forgot there was a calendar under “Events” on the main bar, but that can be attributed in equal parts to my insanity and to the fact that the calendar is not filled out.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Not exactly cutting edge breakthroughs here but it is a needed feature and an appreciated one at that…Thanks 5 oz keep up the good work

  • fanoftna33 says:

    This is a cool new feature, good job.

  • Jak says:

    Out of curiosity, if MMA has such a large demographic in Canada, why do no sites ever at least post what stations will broadcast up here.. i would imagine that quite a lot of the people coming to these sites are Canadian.

    Example – Bellator is on the Score. Friday/Sundays.

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