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KJ Noons: Nick Diaz is a “trash-talking, pot-smoking chump.”

The feud between current Strikeforce welterweight champ Nick Diaz and current contender KJ Noons has been well-documented both in and out of the cage. The two first squared off in November 2007, then again in a less formal capacity during the closing moments of an EliteXC broadcast, and have been linked as being one of MMA’s most-heated rivalries since.

As such, it stood to reason a war of words between Diaz and Noons might develop during the build towards their October 9th Strikeforce title bout once old feelings began to surface again. However, those who might have presumed the outspoken Diaz would fire the first significant shot would have been wrong, as Noons made it very clear in a recent conversation with Strikeforce his respect for the Stockton native is limited to purely the skills he offers in the ring.

“Nick’s good for entertainment, but I come from a family of fighters,” said Noons. “I started early, and I have respect for martial arts. It teaches you discipline, how to become a good person, and I feel that I am. On October 9th, I’m fighting a guy that, if I had a kid, I wouldn’t want him looking up to. He’s a trash-talking, pot-smoking chump.”

“I already got one up on Nick. I beat the crap out of the guy. He’s had a good run, and there’s a lot of build-up for this rematch. We’ve both improved, this is a different weight class now, he’s gotten better, I’ve gotten better…it’s a different situation. But at the end of the day, I’m a true mixed martial artist, I have respect for the sport, and I am a good role model,” the 27-year old striker continued.

The former EliteXC champ also didn’t shy away from letting fans know his intent or motivation when the action begins in San Jose come that not-too-distant Saturday night. Explained Noons, “This is beyond a grudge match. I’m going to light him up like a Christmas tree. He’s going to have to kill me to lose. It’s very personal.”

Noons is 10-2 in his career and most recently beat Jorge Gurgel via second round TKO at “Strikeforce – Houston” this past August. He is currently on a six fight win streak.

  • CQBRA03 says:

    I hope Nick beats Noons yuppie ass all ove the cage, goes home and lights a big one up!

  • MCM says:

    “But at the end of the day, I’m a true mixed martial artist…..”

    That’s funny, I always thought you were just a striker and Diaz was the well rounded one. [eyes roll]

    Any word on whether or not Shonie Carter is going to ref? (still hoping for double KO) :)

  • Makington says:

    I’m looking forward to this fight more than any fight right now. I think KJ is exciting and showcases his traditional boxing style of fighting perfectly for mma. Not many fighters use body shots as well as KJ, and this fight is going to be fireworks inside and outside of the ring. Nick turns a lot of people off with his trash talk but I like it. He’s atleast honest and he doesn’t want to be friends with someone who is trying to kill him. Makes enough sense to me. He does take it a little far sometimes but that’s who he is. Ah well. He’s fighting at his best weight and he’s looked unstoppable for the past couple years.

    I’m picking Diaz by submission r3 in a competitive fight but one he is clearly winning. Can’t wait until the trash talk starts to really heat up.

  • Connor Cobain says:

    I hate Nick Diaz, can’t wait to see him try and pitter patter somebody who ends up just kicking his ass.

  • Swing Em says:

    I would never call myself a fan of the Diaz brothers, Nick in particular. But after reading KJ’s comments I like to see him taken down a peg or two. What does Nick’s cannabis use have to do with anything? Anyone who uses it or knows someone that uses it can tell you it’s not a “performance enhancing” drug. I can see where some of you might say, “well they sets a bad example for kids.” well in my opinion having alcohol logos in the middle of the cage does the same thing, if not worse. the point i’m trying to make is instead of worrying about what Diaz does when he’s not working, he should be worried about how he’s gunna beat him again. I love pre-fight build up but I’m tired of these guys going after each other personally. If you want to run your mouth then keep it MMA based, theres no need to attack a person’s choices outside of the sport. Diaz by Submission in the 2nd.

  • Genesis says:

    Is he forgetting that medical marijuana is legal? It is a perfect prescription for muscle issues.
    I’m picking diaz on this one

  • MickeyC says:

    Trash Talk?? In my opinon, it’s not trash talk if you back it up. Med marij. Is perfectly legal where he lives.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Well of course marijuana isn’t a performance-enhancing drug. Unless of course, you’re playing Undisputed on your PS3.

  • danw84 says:

    I just hate the Diaz brothers because they act like gangster thuggish disrespectful douche bags.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Kj you forgot he’s also a douche bag….

  • TerribleT says:

    Noons knows that Diaz probably can’t cut the weight to get back down to 155 LBs cuz he’s been fighting at 185 LBs and 170 LBs for over 2 years now so of course he’s gonna talk big shit bcuz he knows the fight will never happen………… unless he steps up in weight and that ain’t gonna happen cuz he ain’t got the balls!

  • MCM says:

    um, you know Diaz and KJ are fighting for the WW title on Oct. 9th right?

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    …Nick Diaz is a “trash-talking, pot-smoking chump.”

    Apart from the word chump, he sounds OK. Oh no he smokes dope! who cares, oh no he trash talks, you mean like 90% of all fighters in all fight sports. Nice try Noons but I have to give you a 1 out of 10 for your own trash talk.
    Swing em you make me hang on to what little hope I have left that humans are intelligent, rational beings, well said and fair play to you sir.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Nick is a knuckle dragging wanna be gangsta. KJ comes off like a self righteous prig. I don’t really care except that it looks like it’s going to be personal, and not just business. Great! If that’s what it takes to get an all out war, so be it. But if they hug it out after the fight is over, forget “fight of the night” or “ko of the night” or “submission of the night”, it’s “Bitches of the Night” for both. And that should cost them money, not earn them a bonus.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    After the cheap shots by KJ in his last fight I am all for this match as Noons should get soundly beaten here. This fight will be at a more natural weight class for Diaz, and after the surgery he shouldnt cut as bad and lose a cheap way( as long as he doesnt try and block all of Noons punches with his face). MCM already said it and I agree Diaz is much more well rounded than K J will ever be.

  • Dufresne says:

    I know this is an unpopular position, but I love the Diaz brothers.

    I could care less if they smoke pot, do lines off a hookers ass, or club baby seals in their spare time. The boys can fight. I can’t remember a single boring Diaz fight, and I’m perfectly okay with the trash talk. Not every fighter needs to talk trash and have firey rivalries to make me a fan (GSP, Randy) but sometimes I want to see a brawler get talk up a storm, go in there and either back it up or get smashed in the face trying (Leben, Diaz brothers).

    Noons has nice, technical hands but I’m calling Diaz for the W here. If Diaz can work the takedowns more efficiently than last time, and more importantly avoid getting cut over his eyes, he takes this fight.

  • As a proud resident of the 209, I cant wait for Diaz to make KJ pay for handing him his only loss since leaving the UFC. Once it hits the floor, Nick’s gonna take him to school and probably hurt him a little bit with a savage submission. Im plannin on goin to this, I cant wait!

  • stone says:

    BIG DIAZ BRO FAN HERE! The only real hole in their game is “oCtAgOn-CoNtRoL”. Which is the shit I dis-like the most about a cage fight… The trash talk is awesome when its “backed-up”… Diaz Brothahs keep doin whatcha doin!… I’m hoping for a long-range boxing beat-down followed up with a “sub of the nite” style finish… The Diaz-esque” style “ath-whoopin”…

  • mu_shin says:

    The last several Nick Diaz interviews that I’ve seen have been fairly humble, if somewhat inarticulate at times. I don’t watch him because he’s well spoken, I watch him because he is an improving evolving fighter who always comes ready to compete at his best.

    While Nate and Nick have the Stockton rep as thugs, it seems to me like they are both focusing more on fighting and less on extraneous distractions as time passes. Totally in sympathy with Swing Em’s comments, as it’s about what happens in the cage, and a man’s personal life is his own business. KJ better come prepared to scrap, as we know Diaz will be armed and dangerous.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    HAHAHAHA…KJ Noons doesn’t even know how to spell ‘CHAMP’.


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