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Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez headed to “UFC Primetime”

October is synonymous with the giving of sweets so it’s only appropriate the UFC has decided to give Mixed Martial Arts fans a treat of their own. According to the promotion’s weekly Ultimate Insider show, heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar and undefeated top contender Cain Velasquez will allow the “UFC Primetime” cameras to follow their final march towards UFC 121’s headlining bout.

The series will debut on October 6th with additional episodes planned for October 13th and October 20th. It will mark the first time heavyweights have been highlighted on the popular feature, as the previous three monitored the training and daily lives of Georges St. Pierre and opponents Dan Hardy/BJ Penn, as well Rashad Evans and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson prior to their feud’s culmination at UFC 114.

UFC 121 is scheduled for October 23rd at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. In addition to Lesnar’s title defense against Velasquez, the show is also slated to involve former Strikeforce/EliteXC champion Jake Shields’ Octagon debut against Martin Kampmann, Tito Ortiz fighting former Ultimate Fighter pupil Matt Hamill, Diego Sanchez slugging it out with Paulo Thiago, and a heavyweight clash between Brendan Schaub and Gabriel Gonzaga.

  • stone says:

    This is a bad-ass card! Props to Joe Silva for puttin these match-ups together… I’ve said it before, I think Cain pulls this off, if he can stuff the 1st 2 shots from Lesnar he should be able to utilize that nice boxing he used against Nog, I can feel the “thumbs down” now… Tito has a lot of pressure on him for this one. If he can’t finish Hammil decisively, its going to be hard to argue relevants in the LHW division. I think Tito folds under the pressure, and gets dropped from the UFC. Gabe Gonzaga seems to be on the same boat as Tito but in the HW Div. Paulo Thiago n Diego Sanchez seems to be a pretty good fight. The relentless action they both bring guarantees fireworks. Last but not least, Shields vs Kampmann has fight of the year potential. I think it’s the best fight they could have put together for the fans, given the situation and timing of Shields’ debut… Rock On 5 oz…

  • elkymbo says:

    I can’t wait for this one. Brock is a champ and Cain is a beast. I kinda hope Brock wins and has another adrenilin charged spout on the mic and tells us all to get fucked cause he’s the man and we’re fuck all. Good times. Seriously though this card is fucken tops.

  • ooohhh I cant wait for this one. I think Gonzaga is gonna take out Schaub because anyone not on ridiculous hot streaks or already holding a belt falls to Big Gabe…plus I just like the guy.
    We’re gonna really find out how Sheilds stacks up in one of the most competitive divisions out there(unless your name is GSP then you just run it.) and Kapmann has been outstanding as a WW this might be really good match. I hope Tito gets outwrestled out struck and kicked OUT of the UFC. I’d be so happy if I knew that his after fight excuses were the last I had to hear from him.

    and our main event…..Wow this is tough to call. Cain has much better striking and I’d give them an even on cardio(the only decisions they’ve both won showed both men can dish out a beating for 15 minutes and never get tired) Brock is much stronger and alot bigger…wrestling is dead even so strength might be the factor when it hits the mat. But one thing Brock has shown that Cain has not is the ability to take a beating and come back. If Cain gets hurt, does he have that mind set to come back? Im sure he does but for the fact that Brock has shown proof of it under the WORST circumstances, Im takin Brock to tko Cain and then probably get his head knocked off by JDS.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    As much as I like JDS I don’t see him stuffing a brock TD. Shane Carwin barely pulled it off and still had to scramble up.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    If Brock can pull out a win against the relentless Velasquez, his merit will never be doubted again… I hope. I mean, why would it? Alas, I’ll probably read the day after that Lesnar has never fought a puncher as technical as JDS and that Brock will be exposed once and for all… And as for Shields, a big win here gets his name immediately in the mix for a title shot or at least a fight with Fitch. And you know the UFC will be licking their chops hoping for Jake to be the 2nd man to defeat Fitch because they will finally then have a fresh, compelling and easily marketable opponent for GSP to most likely overwhelm.

  • Creature says:

    Cain wad hurt multiple times in the kongo fight.. came back and won so yes he can get hurt and come back like brock, i really hope tito loses.. and hope kampman beats shields ass like hendo should have

  • BigDave says:

    I hope Brock has been taking good care of Cains belt and shines it up real good before he hands it over to him!

    Ok, sarcasm aside this fight will be exciting as long as it lasts, but I don’t see it going past the second round .Here is how these two match up and then my prediction.

    These two both have top notch wrestling, Brock being a 2 time NJCAA All-American and a NCAA Div 1 Champ, and Cain Being a two time NCAA Div1 All-American and a NJCAA National Champ. That all means You don’t want either of these guys on top of you

    Obviously Brock is the bigger of the two men and going into the cage will be i excess of 30lbs heavier then Cain. Brock has good cardio for a man his size but Cain’s cardio is of the charts, he will not gas before Brock will.

    Cain has a Major advantage in the striking, His hand speed and accuracy will be something that Brock may not have an answer for.

    Although Brock has 2 submissions to his record(one of those being due to strikes) and Cain has yet to record a submission victory, being a BJJ purple belt tells me that its a safe bet that Cain will not be getting caught in a weak side choke like Carwin did. I’ll go ahead and say Cain has the better ground game should it get to that.

    So, if you have read this all and not thumbed down me yet here is my prediction on this fight.

    I feel that Cain will use his speed to nullify Brock’s takedowns stuffing him then moving to the sides and using his superior striking to keep Brock of balance. Going into the second round I see Brock starting to slow down a bit and his shots not being effective at all and Cain being able to put him on his back later in the round and then utilizing the vicious ground and pound till the ref steps in and calls a halt to the bout.

    Winner of the bout by TKO due to strikes, And New heavyweight Champion of the World Cain Velasquez.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Brock for the win…

  • MCM says:

    Carwin also has a purple belt in BJJ and that didn’t help him. Cain couldn’t put Kongo away with GnP and Brock survived Shane’s GnP so I don’t see it going that way either. Cain is just a smaller version of Brock and come fightnight, that’s what it’s gonna look like.
    JDS on the other hand…….

  • BigDave says:

    LMAO……….JDS Couldn’t even Take out a completely gassed out Roy Nelson so what makes you think he will last one round with either Brock or Cain. Nelson has lost to arlovski, jds, and rothwell, so top ten he is not. JDS is good but not in a league with Brock or Cain. Carwin didn’t lose because of poor jitz he lost by gassing in the first minute of the fight and basically giving up altogether. Cain WILL not gas that is for sure and is far to quick and athletic for Brock to be able to bully him around the ring simply cause everytime he tries to come in he will have a fist in his face, and Cain is quick enough and flat out good enough to stuff the takedowns which is imo the only way that Brock can win. To say Brock survived Carwins G’n’P is a joke if Carwin was actually landing anything the ref would have stopped it Cain’s striking is easily better then both brock and carwin so if cain starts with the ground and pound the fight will be stopped.

  • MCM says:

    Nobody but Arlovski has ever taken out Nelson so that point is mute. Cains only top 10 win is Nog, so yeah JDS is easily in the same league. And you’re right, Carwin didn’t loose because of his jits but if Mir couldn’t do anything off his back against Brock in a title fight, what makes you think a purple belt will be able to. As for Cains GnP, how the hell do you think Cain will be able to take down the bigger, stronger, better wrestler in Brock? Cains getting put on his back in this fight and while he’s down there he’ll be eating cinder blocks till the ref calls it.

    now, if I’m wrong and Cain runs though Lesnar like you think, I’ll be the first one on the site apologizing to Cain for underestimating him…….will you do the same when Brock wins?

  • BigDave says:

    I have never had a problem with giving a guy his due, and beleive it or not I’m a huge Brock fan probably one of the first regulars on here to give the guy a chance and got thumbed down for it royally when I did. So giving a guy credit where credit is due is something I never have a problem with. We all have our opinions and no ones is better or worse then anyone elses. I think the one thing we can all agree on is that we are passionate MMA fans and always want to see the best fights and the best fighters whether we like them or not.

  • MCM says:

    {high five}

  • JabCrossHook says:

    No matter what Brock still got very lucky that Carwin didn’t land a full clean uppercut and that he punched himself out.


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