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All UFC 118 scheduled bouts ready to go as every fighter makes weight

Iconic boxer James Toney has likely been to more weigh-ins in his life than he can remember, but it’s likely he won’t ever forget the proceedings for his bout against former UFC double-divisional champion Randy Couture for more reasons than the simply its relationship to his Mixed Martial Arts debut. Fans in Boston who showed up at the event, as many might have expected, were a raucous group and were even rumored to have started up a chant of “sub-ti-tles” in reference to the clarity of Toney’s speech.

Toney stepped on the scale at 237 pounds, officially seventeen clicks higher than Couture who measured in at 220 with blue jeans, socks, and over-priced dogtags still on his frame.

Also unique to the weigh-in was the presentation of a cake reading “Sorry for your loss!” to Joe Lauzon from opponent, newly signed Gabe Ruediger. Ruediger gained notoriety during his stint on the Ultimate Fighter Season 5 for eating chocolate cake, then coming in heavy to a fight and eventually losing his spot on the show for his inability to make weight.

For UFC 118, Ruediger apparently had no such issues and came in right at 155 pounds (while Lauzon was actually the bigger man at 156). Their preliminary fight, as is the clash between Nik Lentz and Andre Winner, will be available to watch on Spike TV before the PPV portion of the card.

The complete list of “UFC 118” weigh-in results is as follows:

Mike Pierce (171 lbs) vs. Amilcar Alves (171 lbs)
Nick Osipczak (171 lbs) vs. Greg Soto (170 lbs)
Dan Miller (185 lbs) vs. John Salter (185 lbs)
Andre Winner (154 lbs) vs. Nik Lentz (155 lbs)
Joe Lauzon (156 lbs) vs. Gabe Ruediger (155 lbs)
Demian Maia (184 lbs) vs. Mario Miranda (185 lbs)
Nate Diaz (171 lbs) vs. Marcus Davis (170 lbs)
Ken Florian (156 lbs) vs. Gray Maynard (156 lbs)
Randy Couture (220 lbs) vs. James Toney (237 lbs)
Frank Edgar (154 lbs) vs. BJ Penn (154 lbs)

  • Creature says:

    dan miller via dec.
    winner via TKO round 2.
    lauzon via sub round 2
    maia via sub round 3
    davis via tko round 1
    maynard via dec
    couture via TKO round 1
    penn via sub round 3

  • bigbadjohn says:

    can someone tell me what time 118 will air PST? Live at 5 and/or the regular 7pm slot?

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Penn via dec
    Couture via sub
    Florian via sub
    Diaz via sub
    Miranda via tko
    Lauzon via tko
    Winner via dec
    Salter via tko

  • Dufresne says:

    Fans in Boston who showed up at the event, as many might have expected, were a raucous group and were even rumored to have started up a chant of “sub-ti-tles” in reference to the clarity of Toney’s speech.


    They may be Yankees, but at least they’re funny :)

  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    Ha ha, the last thing you want to call someone from Boston a Yankee, at least if he is a baseball fan.
    Lauzon via sub rd 1
    Davis TKO rd 3
    Florian via Dec.
    Couture via Toney dying of old age while the two argue over AARP internal politics.
    BJ Penn by KO in the first round, Baby Jay is pissed, remember Shogun/Lyoto 2.

  • stone says:

    I suck at predictions! Especially lately! Last prediction I got right on the money was “Rich KOs Chuck in the late 1st”… Damn that was months ago!… Anyways here we go *Penn via sub after beat down in the 3rd! *Florian via KO 1st rd… Maia subs Mario in the beginning of the 1st… Toney pulls the upset and KO’s Randy while the whole world stares in an uncomfortable silence… Damn that would suck!

  • Diaz by sub in the 2nd
    Maia by sub whenever he decides to do it
    Kenflo by RNC late in the first after checking that chin ala guida
    Randy by either gnp tko OR Im sayin it again…surprise left field head kick
    BJ by extremely angry sub in the 4th

  • MCM says:

    Nik Lentz via sub 2nd

    Gabe Ruediger via Split Dec. Yep, Gabe is gonna take this one and the only reason it goes to a split is cause it’s in Boston and every time J-lau throws something the crowd will act like it’s a KO punch whether it lands or not and that will have an effect on the scoring.

    Mario Miranda via TKO in the 2nd

    Marcus Davis KO rnd 1. That’s just wishful thinking but a man can dream can’t he.

    Gray Maynard via Dec. That too is gonna be an upset

    Randy Couture via TKO rnd 2, after getting rocked a few times in the first.

    BJ Penn via TKO/RNC 3rd. see Joe Daddy for an example.

    maybe I just like picking the underdogs.

  • Matthew says:

    Gabe is a clown. How quickly people forget. I can go fight my grandmother to improve my record just like he has. Doesn’t mean I deserve a shot at the UFC.

  • MCM says:

    how tough is your grandma?

  • Dufresne says:

    how tough is your grandma?

    If she’s anything like mine, I’d rather fight Brock in a dark ally than take her on. At least Brock wouldn’t shoot me at the beginning of the fight…

  • BigDave says:

    Ok this card to me is easy to predict, so of course now that i’ve said that i will be wrong but here go’s.

    I’m only calling the main card:

    Maia by 1st round sub
    Davis by 2nd round TKO
    Maynard by decision
    Couture by TKO early in the 1st Round
    And as much as i hope to get this one wrong just because I hate Penn about as much as i could hate someone I’ve never met.
    Penn by 2nd round Sub

  • Creature says:

    “how tough is your grandma?” lmfao nice.. one of my grandmas carries a colt 38. snubnose around

  • Matthew says:

    It’d be tough but i’d have to take a cheap shot at her bung hip.
    She’d live though.


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