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Strikeforce champions Nick Diaz and Sarah Kaufman return to action on October 9th in San Jose

PRESS RELEASE / SAN JOSE, CALIF. (Aug. 21, 2010) – The Strikeforce men’s and women’s welterweight champions Nick Diaz and Sarah Kaufman will return to the cage on Saturday, October 9th at the HP Pavilion in San Jose. The event will be shown live on Showtime (10 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the west coast).

Diaz will face an opponent to be named in the coming week while Kaufman will defend her title against Dutch superstar Marloes Coenen.

Also on the explosive card, emerging star from the “Strikeforce Challengers” series Luke Rockhold will risk his six-fight win streak against MMA superstar and former Olympic wrestling silver medalist Matt “The Law” Lindland in a featured middleweight (185 pounds) contest.

The 27-year-old Diaz (22-7), a Cesar Gracie BJJ blackbelt and native of Stockton, has won seven consecutive fights since his last loss in 2007. He is coming off a first round submission victory (armbar) over fellow superstar Hayato “Mach” Sakurai last May at DREAM 14 in Japan. Prior to that, Diaz won the Strikeforce title with a late, third-round TKO (punches) of Marius “The Whitemare” Žaromskis at “Strikeforce – Miami” last January.

The undefeated Kaufman (12-0), a former ballet dancer who hails from British Columbia, Canada, is fresh off the first defense of her title, an explosive body slam knockout of Roxanne Modafferi at “Strikeforce Challengers” in Everett, Wash., this past July 23rd. The 24-year-old Kaufman, who has won nine of her fights by KO, will face Coenen (17-4), a submission specialist and the number one contender to the Strikeforce women’s welterweight belt.

The 29-year-old Coenen (17-4) will fight for the first time since a third-round TKO loss to Cris Cyborg for the Strikeforce Women’s Middleweight (145 pounds) Championship at “Strikeforce – Miami”. Coenen, a member of Holland’s Team Golden Glory and mixed martial artist since the age of 14, will be moving down in weight to challenge at 135 pounds. Kaufman and Coenen have both defeated Modafferi, with Coenen avenging a 2007 loss via first round armbar in her Strikeforce debut on November 7th, 2009.

Rockhold (7-1), who could prove to be one of Strikeforce’s next great middleweight superstars, has won six of his seven fights via submission. The 25-year-old member of Team AKA is coming off a first-round TKO (knees to body) of Paul Bradley last February at a “Strikeforce Challengers” event in San Jose. The impressive win was the first KO victory of the Santa Cruz, Calif., native’s professional career. Prior to his latest conquest, Rockhold had won five straight fights by way of submission.

Lindland (22-7), who won the silver medal in Olympic Greco-Roman Wrestling at the 2000 Olympic Games, scored a third-round TKO victory over “King” Kevin Casey this past May on a “Strikeforce Challengers” card in his hometown of Portland. A former UFC star who has been competing professionally in MMA since 1997, Lindland, 40, is also a former All-American wrestler for University of Nebraska and the 1993 NCAA Big Eight conference champion. During his stellar career, Lindland has triumphed over a number of all-time greats including former UFC champions Pat Miletich and Carlos Newton.

  • MCM says:

    again with the “opponent to be named later” thing.

    OK so who is out there that is worthy of fighting for the WW title in Strikeforce?
    Jay Hieron, technically yes, but Coker and Co screwed the pooch on that one.
    Joe Riggs, he’s only one fight away from loosing to Hieron.
    Tyron Woodley, well he’s definitely a prospect, but has he done enough for a title yet?
    Roger Bowling, same problem as Woodley.

    so how about guys outside Strikeforce that aren’t in contract with another company or already booked for another card.
    ……..well, I’m stumped.

  • Rece Rock says:

    It will probably be Riggs and it will probably be a one sided affair… pointless. Did Riggs get any med suspensions from the last time out on the challengers card?? – that may come into play as well…

  • JBAR says:

    Why not KJ Noons, he did not have any real damage and should be able to be ready for the fight especially since he says it is a fight he wants.

  • DeadMeat says:

    KJ or Mayhem I would think. Riggs hasnt done anything to deserve a title shot!
    Either way Diaz should continue his win streak!!!

  • MCM says:

    KJ is a good name, but has he ever fought at WW? I like the match up, I’m just not sure it should be for a title.

  • Dufresne says:

    Just went through the entire stable of SF WW’s according to their website (which interestingly enough still has Hieron listed) and other than Riggs the only one that has a record that might call for a title shot is Tarec Saffiedine… Personally never heard of the guy, and his nickname is evidently “The Sponge.”


    There are plenty of 6-2, 4-1, 6-0 fighters there, but the majority of the fighters that have 7+ fights have also managed to lose their most recent outing, but we’ve already seen that doesn’t mean anything when setting up a title shot.

  • JBAR says:

    KJ wants the fight, Diaz wants to avenge the loss to KJ back in 2007 so why not. They could fight at 170 and KJ would not have to worry about cutting any weight during camp. The fight in 2007 was at 160.


    Nick Diaz versus Karo 2-Make it happen Scotty


    Something about Kaufman excites me to no end-Too bad she isn’t naturally bigger-She would be a good dust up with Cyborgess

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    This is total presumption on my part, but at the post-event press conference last Saturday Coker mentioned he would have news about Noons’ next fight this week or next. When he also said Diaz’s next fight would be revealed in the same time frame it made me go “Hmmmmmmmmmm….”


    Man!-I hope Diaz/Noons happens-It would be the first great decision made by Strikeforce-It’s not like they don”t have a bunch of great matches that could happen-Cung Le versus Kennedy-Cormier versus Arlovski-Fedor versus Bigfoot-Overeem versus Kharitonov-Diaz versus Miller-Melendez versus Noons-And what the fuck happened to Billy Evangelista?-10-0-Holla!!!!!

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Noones vs Diaz excites me only because after K J hit Jorge late and with the knees I am now rooting for him to be schooled by Diaz.
    Coenan vs Kaufmann will be very exciting as both women are very very good fighters. After watching Coenen fight Cyborg I really feel with her skills this will be Sarahs toughest fight yet( not the Moddiferi was a breeze by any means).


    Once again I have to educate the masses-KJ hit Gurgel in the chest with that knee-He is a very potent MMA fighter with exceptional takedown defense-Hard to beat on a bad day-As far as Lindland against Rockhold goes-I have Rockhold by submission-Those hardheaded wrestlers from Oregon just don’t get it

  • nate says:

    it wont be against noons. itll be again mayhem miller. for sure. considering their endless back n forth war of words + the post fight brawl? theres no way they give the title shot to noons.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Don’t forget Noons/Diaz have had their own back and forth war of words AND a post-fight brawl as well.

  • JBAR says:

    The list might be shorter if you list the fighters Diaz has not had post fight issues with. :)

  • nate says:

    noons/diaz feud isnt on the same level as the mayhem\diaz issues. + its easier to make a case for miller getting a shot @ the WW title than noons. then again it is strikeforce. but miller needs a fight. noons just had one. i see the fight with miller more than likely coming to fruition first.

  • Diaz vs Karo would sweet and so would be Diaz vs Mayhem
    Actually any Diaz fight is always awesome, I love the post-fight drama.

  • MCM says:

    It won’t be Mayhem cause Miller can’t make 170. Although he’d love to fight Diaz, he wants him to step up to 185. I’m thinking that the only logical fighter on the SF roster is Noons….and he ain’t all that logical either.

    here’s a vid of miller calling out diaz………


    come on!-Diaz against Noons should be the Oct. 9th headliner-It should be titled STRIKEFORCE-SAN JOSE-LATE FIREWORKS-BABY!!!!

  • Creature says:

    I personally think nick diaz is a bit overrated.. dont get me wrong i respect his skills and he is good but not as great as alot of ppl think. in my oppinion anyway. always thought that about karo as well.

    id love 2 see miller vs diaz, i dislike diaz and like miller. both good fighters, couldnt ask 4 much more

  • nate says:

    I retract my previous statement. mayhem won’t get a shot @ the WW belt. I think him & Diaz will fight another catchweight bout considering Diaz has fought @ 182lbs & 183lbs in strikeforce already.


    Nate you are probably right-Strikeforce and the catchweight fights are detrimental to say the least


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