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Patrick Cote: Michael Bisping is “arrogant and over-rated.”

It’s fairly common for a fighter to fire a few verbal jabs at a fellow Mixed Martial Artist while preparing for an upcoming bout. However, the target of the trash-talk usually tends to be their actual opponent.

UFC middleweights Patrick Cote and Michael Bisping, both readying for their own respective match-ups at different future events, recently broke the aforementioned mold and have been engaged in an ongoing war of words through a series of conversations with Fighters Only Magazine.

The first shot was fired by Cote, who was asked about a potential scrap with Bisping and responded, “I’m not a big fan of him and I’ve asked for this fight since two years ago. I think we can make an awesome fight.” When pressed to elaborate on his dislike of “The Count”, the hard-hitting Canadian striker responded, “No reason. I just think he’s arrogant and over-rated. I just don’t like him.”

A few days later, Bisping was questioned about Cote’s statements and his reply, as fans might expect, was less than cordial.

“I think that’s pretty two-faced of him to be honest. I have met him a few times and he has been nothing but nice to me – to my face anyway. I’m surprised but not going to lose any sleep over it. Maybe all that horse meat has gone to his head. If he wants to try and make himself relevant again by trying to talk himself into a fight with me he can do (it), his time is his own. Personally if I was him I would spend it in the gym learning how not to get dumped on my head.”

Cote wasted no time responding to Bisping’s “cheap shots”, again talking to Fighters Only, and made sure to clarify the extent of having met the Ultimate Fighter Season 3 champion.

Said Cote, “Listen, we never had a conversation or something like that. We just met somewhere a couple times and I wasn’t nice to him, I was polite because I’m educated. Just because I don’t spit in your face doesn’t mean that I like you.”

The 30-year old striker also commented on the Brit’s closing remarks. On the subject of eating horse meat, Cote responded, “In TUF Season 4 I asked for horse meat and they said in the USA they don’t eat horse meat…it’s illegal. Fair enough, no problem. At least he remembers that from me in TUF. People already forgot that he was a coach [on the show] a couple years ago.”

Also, as far as Bisping’s advice in regards to avoid being dropped on his head (as was the case in his recent semi-controversial loss to Alan Belcher last May), Cote offered a training suggestion of his own.

“It’s funny, how can you learn to not get dumped on your head…by practicing a pile-driver again and again? I can say he should go to the gym and learn how to move on the good side to avoid being knocked out cold.”

Though the two are not slated to fight it stands to reason they could have a future date in the Octagon based on their developing grudge and upcoming schedule of activity. Bisping faces Yoshishiro Akiyama in London as the main event of UFC 120 in mid-October, while Cote takes on Tom Lawlor at UFC 121 a week later.

  • JBAR says:

    Not a Cote fan and I really just do not like Bisping. Now if they could deliver a fight somewhere close to the level of their talk (ala Sonnen) I might become a fan.

  • Dufresne says:

    We just met somewhere a couple times and I wasn’t nice to him, I was polite because I’m educated. Just because I don’t spit in your face doesn’t mean that I like you.”

    Just gained a whole new level of respect for Cote.

  • MCM says:

    If Cote thinks Bisping is “overated”, why does he say they could make an awesome fight? Sounds to me like the Count is right, Cote is just trying to talk himself into relevancy again.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Couldn’t care less about the verbal sparring. But if Cote’s knee is fully rehab’ed and he’s healthy (or healthy enough), I think he’ll win. He has more power than Bisping, and Bisping’s losses have proven that if he takes hard shot that lands flush, it’s lights out.

  • MMABC15 says:

    I think that Cote is going to have his hands full with Tom Lawlor, he should focus on that fight because Lawlor is coming off of a bad loss and will be hungrier than ever. This fight will really tell where these two are in terms of their progression and how far away each one is from breaking the top 5 MW rankings.

    Cant blame Cote though for the trash talk, he is just trying to secure himself a main card/ co-main event fight for after he beats Lawlor and Bisping beats Akiyama, should that end up happening. Possibly in Ontario for March?

  • Rece Rock says:

    Patrick Cote: Michael Bisping is “arrogant and over-rated.”

    Thanks Capt. Obvious.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Not for nothing but I like Akiyama’s chances against Bisping.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    If Bisping loses to Akiyama and Cote beats Lawlor they’d both be in a perfect divisional position to fight each other.

  • Semi Controversial? It wasn’t a piledriver it was a face plant which is perfectly legal. Nothing controversial about it, Cote was having a good fight with Belcher shot a terrible double and Belcher dropped him on his face.

    Now to the point of the article, I would love to see these two fight. Forget relevancy both are good strikers who have average or above average BJJ. Despite that right hand that Bisping will never live down, he’s got a fairly solid chin and so does Cote. Fireworks for sure…

    oh and btw for both of them, neither are really relevant anymore unless The Count is fighting in the UK and from what i understand from most Brits I talk to on this site and others, they’re kinda tired of being forcefed Ol Mikey.

  • king mah mah says:

    I agree with Cote and think he could pretty easily beat Bisping.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Cote looked terrible against Belcher, he was barely offering any offense on the feat and got face planted lol. If you ask me everyone gets knocked out but not everyone gets face planted.

  • stone says:

    Hopefully they put a fight together around 124 or 125! Hopefully Cote can “hendo” this punk!

  • JBAR says:

    After Bisping was on TUF I started to really dislike him then I realized that it was not him but the marketing push the UFC was putting behind him making him the poster boy for MMA in the UK that I did not like as I felt he was not at a level deserving of that label. So then I thought to myself maybe he is not so bad, after all it was the UFC doing it not Bisping. Then after the Hammill fight his comments removed all doubt in my mind, he is just an arrogant asshole without an ounce of class or sportsmanship in him and I enjoy seeing him get KO’d every chance I get. Would still like to see a rematch with Hammill as well.

  • MCM says:

    Lots of Bisping haters on this site. It’s cool. I happen to like a good shit talker though.

    But personal feelings aside, this does sound like Cote trying keep himself relevant. Bisping is still a top ten MW in the UFC. Cote is not, mostly due to his inactivity. Add to that him coming off two losses and I can’t blame him. Just look at the smack talk Sonnen did and was given a #1 contender fight with Marquart.

    If this fight does go down though, I see Bisping coming out with his hand raised. Bisping is a much better technical boxer than Cote. And though I don’t see him finishing Cote with strikes I can see him finishing with a sub. Bisping has been in with better ground fighters and come away with the win. Aside from the hit from Hendo, Bisping has never been KO’d, and he’s been in with some heavy hitters. I don’t think Cote has the skills to out point or KO the Count.

  • boomnutz says:

    I hope they fight and i hope it happens to be one of those fights with UFC build up show so we can see them talk shit for 3 weeks prior to the fight…THEN i hope Cote knocks Bisping the fuck out…I honesty think Bisping is funny just don’t like his style

  • JBAR says:

    I don’t have any problem with the trash talking leading up to a fight, it was his comments in the ring after the fight that bothered me. This was a fight that was close ( I feel like Hammil won) and comments like “maybe he should go back to wrestling” were uncalled for.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    “But personal feelings aside, this does sound like Cote trying keep himself relevant”

    you could say the same thing about the loud mouth when he went on his twitter after the Silva vs Sonnen and called out Chael???

    all I see is Cote getting asked a question during an interview to promote his fight vs Lawler and him giving an answer about a fight that might happen down the road…….it wasnt like he went out and threw out shitbisping name did he???? no he was asked about him and gave an answer about him
    shitbisping has done worse
    and as for shitbisping being more of a technical boxer than Cote I highly doubt it. Cote does have a boxing background were his whole career started off with. Not saying he is the best but just saying that its there

  • MCM says:

    Not to pick a fight with you moosebaby02 but Cote only had 1 professional boxing fight… and he lost. Bisping (or shitbisping as he sometimes known) had 1 professional kickboxing fight and won. I still give the edge to striking to Bisping.
    But after re-reading the article and reading some other articles about it, your are correct in that is does sound as if the reporter was egging Cote into saying something negative about Bisping. Otherwise, I’m sure he would have kept his opinions to himself and simply continued to ask the UFC brass for a fight with the Count. I retract my earlier statement about staying relevant, but still feel Bisping would win the bout.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    ya i know he lost just stateing he has a background in it. also forgot that bisbing has kickboxing background.
    anyways i will have to disagree on the outcome. maybe its my dislike for the loud mouth but i still think with Cotes power it would only be a matter of time that he clips him a good one


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