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Roger Huerta facing Bellator champ Eddie Alvarez in non-title bout this October

When Roger Huerta (21-4-1) initially announced he had signed with Bellator Fighting Championships last season in order to participate in their lightweight tournament the fans’ anticipation was immediate for an eventual “Super Fight” against promotional lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez (20-2). However, a decision-loss to eventual tourney-winner Pat Curran (13-3) in the semi-final bracket all but erased hopes of seeing the two square off in 2010 based on Alvarez’s pre-existing commitment to fight the last 155-pounder standing (i.e. Curran).

However, like the sport itself, MMA match-making can be a fairly unpredictable practice with numerous factors playing a role in the final outcome. Fast-forward to Thursday night’s Bellator 24 broadcast when the company’s chief-executive, Bjorn Rebney, announced Huerta would be stepping in for an injured Curran to face Alvarez on October 21st in a non-title bout.

“El Matador”, whose only non-decision loss came more than six years ago, is known for his fearless approach in the ring, as well as for having a tremendous amount of heart and well-rounded set of skills. Prior to dropping three of his last four bouts, including losses to top UFC 155-pound contenders Ken Florian and Gray Maynard, Huerta had won an impressive sixteen-straight fights and should provide Alvarez with one of the stiffest tests he’s faced thus far in his career.

Alvarez also serves as perhaps the toughest opponent Huerta has ever stepped into the ring with. Winner of his last five fights, and ten of his last eleven, Alvarez is considered to be one of the top three lightweights in MMA and a threat to finish whether standing or on the ground.

No official location for the October 21st event has been finalized.

  • Dufresne says:

    Lol, looks like BFC was determined to get Heurta v Alvarez regardless.

    If I were Curran I would be kinda upset, even if this is a non-title fight.

    On the other hand, if Huerta beats Alvarez, Curran will be going into his title fight with a huge confidence boost.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Curran is hurt….why would he be upset?
    BFC is also capitalizing on the mainstream attention Huerta got as well…not a bad move, in my opinion.

  • Dufresne says:

    Ahhh, I somehow missed the “stepping in for an injured Curran” part of the sentence. Completely changes things.

  • MCM says:

    Glad to see this is not a title fight and in truth, I can’t think of any other fighter that’s available that could headline this fight with Alvarez on short notice. Hope Curran heals soon, anyone know what happened to him.

  • Guthookd says:

    They fucked up this time.

    Roger is going to win the fight, which means when Curran and Alvarez finally do fight for the title the result will be a paper champ.

    They took this “non-title super fight” business too far.

  • Guthookd says:

    Eddie looks to be about 15 years old too.

  • LiverPunch says:

    If SF had a guy who was 1-3 from his last 4 fighting the champion Rece Rock you would be spitting fire and doing all you could to try and make SF look bad. No doubt. In fact if SF had the 2 best fighters ever fighting you would try and put a negative spin on it. But not if it is BFC or UFC.
    This is bullshit. It is “non-title fight” so it must be in the magical land where if champions lose it doesn’t count just like the Lombard fight.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Welcome back liver punch…Or should I say look what the cat dragged in…

    My point was that it was a good BUSINESS move due to Huerta getting some mainstream coverage… Aw hell why am I expaining my self to you?!? Do me a favor and just skip over my post in the future… If you don’t like my opinion that’s fantastic and I’m happy for you just keep it moving..

  • twyg says:

    This sucks for Pat, because he isin great shape. I know what happened to him, but it is not my place to say. Hopefully Eddie can pull this out, so the title fight isn’t seen as complete bullshit. Although seeing how Pat already beat Roger the outcome shouldn’t matter if Pat gets the title.

  • MCM says:

    First off, Welcome back LiverPunch. Missed ya over in the Fedor thread, feel free to weigh in.
    and second,
    twyg you can’t go saying you know what happened and not spit it out! Especially if Pat is in good enough shape to fight.

  • Talengard says:

    Should be a great stand up war. Huerta has crisper technique than Alvarez by a hair, but Alvarez wins in the power department; I’ll be tuning in no doubt. I’d like to see Huerta get a W and then start stringing some together, I hope he’s been working on that takedown defense.

  • twyg says:

    He is not in good enough shape to fight; the injury is legit.

  • twyg says:

    Sorry for the double post, but by saying he is in great shape I meant that before the injury. His training was going great. I don’t know if he wants it out there yet, and as a friend of his I’m not saying shit until I know that it is ok. I’m not a journalist so I’m keeping it in confidence.

  • Creature says:

    As much as i seriously hate 2 admit it.. liver has a bit of a point, nothing against u rece cuz i also believe its a good business move. and that roger is a great threat 2 prolly anyone at 155. and i also have a feeling hes gonna come in there with something serious 2 prove and go home with the W

  • Dufresne says:

    Welcome back LP.
    Always good to have another intelligent poster, especially when they often have a different point of view from my own. Keeps me on my toes and makes me reconsider things :)

  • Rece Rock says:

    Hmm intelligent and liver punch in the same comment… Nah.
    A long winded post does not make one intelligent.

  • cutman says:

    Guys who cares about the belt, how about it is probably one if not the best matchup that Bellator has had… I am stoked for the fight… And how about Bellator not protecting their champ, oh don’t come back about Lombard either I don’t think there are alot of guys picking up the phone and saying hell ya ill fight Hector…..


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