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Dustin Hazelett dropping to lightweight for next fight

Fans of Dustin Hazelett will be happy to hear the unassuming jiujitsu specialist will in fact return to the Octagon even after a pair of consecutive losses in the iconic eight-sided cage. However, according to his trainer, the next time “McLovin” steps into the ring he will be a completely different fighter – literally.

The Ohio-based Hazelett’s coach, fellow Mixed Martial Artist Jorge Gurgel, recently spoke about the move to Heavy, mentioning the UFC was having Hazelett back but that his next bout would be at 155-pounds.

“I figured he’d grow into a man’s body and that it would be extremely difficult for him to fight at 155, so he started fighting at 170lbs., but he walks around at 173lbs”, said Gurgel. “Now that we know that Dustin’s normal weight is 173 to 175lbs., we’re going to do everything we can to scientifically drop him off to 155lbs. so that he can maximize his performance at 155 and we’re going to go from there.”

The 24-year old was 5-4 as a welterweight in the UFC, including wins over Josh Burkman, Tamdan McCrory, and Jonathan Goulet. However, Hazelett had been TKO’d in three of his last five fights (most recently to Rick Story at UFC 117).

  • Rece Rock says:

    Guess they had to try something different…

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I would think he is very tall for making LW. But after getting tkoed 3 times he needs a change. Personally I would like to see him add about 10-12 lbs of muscle and start some intense wrestling training to add to his great BJJ. Really I dont see changing weight classes everytime fighters start losing. They need to address there weaknesses not just assume a drop in weight will suddenly make them better fighters.

  • beef says:

    “I figured he’d grow into a man’s body… but…”

    LOL, am I the only one to see this comment as unintentionally funny?

  • Guthookd says:

    Still pissed at him for gettin’ my boy Tamdan kicked out. Good luck to him though.

  • captchaos says:

    I really like Dustin. He’s a good kid with a great story! He looks really thin up top in that weigh in pic. Can you imagine what he will look like at 155? He is tall at 6’1″ and he doesn’t have really thin legs. Check out his calves some time. They are big. Where is he gonna lose the weight? He needs better wrestling and a little better stand up. He’s lacking a little strength right now for this division. maybe a drop will help!

  • Rich S. says:

    He’s going to look like a white Corey Hill at Lightweight, but hey..

    He’s taken some tough losses to great guys at 170, but every single one of his wins are outstanding.

    It seems like making 155 is a bit of a stretch for him, but if he can pull it off I’ll be excited to see him mix things up..

  • Sykotick says:

    Wow a 15lbs drop is a butt-load for a tiny 170lbs-er. Still could you a fight between him and Sotiropolis if it goes to the ground?! I know like 90% of people would scream “snoozefest” but remember Demian Maia vs Jason McDonald? Effin awesome match. I personally love a good ground match. But anyways if he can consistantly make the cut there are some seriously interesting match-ups for him at 155

  • hindsightufuk says:

    also a fight with him and Nate Diaz at 170/55 would be fun


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