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MMA community comments on Roger Huerta street-fight

When news broke last week regarding 21-4-1 Roger Huerta’s chivalrous involvement in a brawl outside an Austin nightclub it stood to reckon anyone who saw the accompanying video would have a strong take on what they’d just witnessed through the camera’s lens. As expected, an outpouring of opinion from fans, fighters, and a number of other people associated with Mixed Martial Arts has since surfaced, and in large part it has been very supportive of Huerta.

Here is a list of comments from people of particular interest made through their personal Twitter accounts…

“I’m down with Roger Huerta. Karma is a bitch, and so are you if you sucker punch a chick.” – Joe Rogan

“I think any dude that puts his hands on a girl deserves an ass whooping…if you sucker punch a woman? In my mind there’s no reasoning with that kind of loser. Straight to asswhoopin.” – Jason High

“It’s rare that a REAL pro fighter punches someone that doesn’t deserve it.” – Gabe Ruediger

“Congrats to Roger Huerta for being a man n taking care of business after seeing a man KO a woman in Austin, TX n then KO’g the A-Hole! Solid! Always in your corner, Roger… Stay strong and all the best!” – Bruce Buffer

“Capt Savin Hoes, hope no trouble for him.” – Urijah Faber

“I was disappointed with Huerta attacking that guy as bad as he did. Street fighting is never acceptable. Roger could have restrained the guy without beating him up. The guy was a total douchebag for hitting a girl and he surely deserved to be punished for his actions. The guy that attached the girl is a complete looser but I also feel that Roger went vigilante on the guy. An elite MMA fighter vs. Joe Douchebag is not a fair fight either. I am sure Roger (when he is calmer) will agree that he snapped and that is not the thing to do. The attacker could have had a gun, a friend with a gun etc. He already displayed a lack of judgment by hitting the girl. So I do not condone Rogers actions. The guy in me says hell yeah karma strikes again but the father in me says this is why the family courts wont allow my son to watch the sport. I know Roger and a lot of other MMA fighters and they are some of the best people in the world. It is a shame that this is what he will be known for. I hope that girl is okay and that Roger is not judge by this alone. I think most of us can understand the outrage, but we have to control the anger and do the right thing.” – Shane Carwin

“That’s what should happen to everyone that sucker punches a woman!!!” – Dana White

“Haven’t talked to you (Joe Rogan) but how awesome was Roger? Super hero sh*t!!! Can’t stop thinkin about it. Have a ton of respect for him!” – Dana White

  • stone says:

    Roger is the man! I bet if Roger sees this dickhead again he’ll KO’em AGAIN!!! TEXAS STYLE!

  • Dufresne says:

    I’m completely behind Roger on this one, but Carwin did bring up a good point. The guy that sucker punched a woman has already shown he’ll do shifty things, how do you know he or one of his boys isn’t carrying? Roger got lucky that the d-bag didn’t have a weapon and he got lucky again that the d-bag didn’t get seriously hurt which would definitely lead to prosecution.

    As proud as I am of a guy standing up and taking care of shit like a man, I’m also happy that d-bag didn’t end up seriously hurt or dead simply because I wouldn’t want that crap to come back on Roger for doing what everyone knows is right.

  • Niv says:

    Wow, Shane Carwin once again proves to be a very bright insightful guy.

    I as a guy get what Huerta did and totally understand it and respect it, but it should be tempered more with Carwin’s attitude and intelligence, he was bang on with his statement.

    I’m an even bigger fan of Carwin now than I was before.

  • Creature says:

    My friend told me that roger cant fight as a pro anymore because of this. if thats true. man i feel sorry 4 him, he is a great fighter.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Well Roger after your bfc contract
    is finished just Holla at dw cause he’s apparently a big fan

  • ash-uk-187 says:

    i was thinkin the same thing rece! Just from a bloke view i probably woulda done the same thing as roger but the mma fan in me hopes this doesnt come back to bite the sport in the ass, after all arent we all wanting the same mainstream recognition that boxing and other combat sports get?
    The last thing all mma fans want is the idiots who dont get our sport taking this out of context and creating the whole thing of bar brawlers image steriotype!

  • larsenator says:

    USA was and is built on violence – the proof is above! No wonders the rest of the world hates on you guys most of the time.

    He should have done what any descent security / door man would have done: Held him in a choke until the police had arrived. Now THAT would have been true hero shit Dana White.
    It doesn’t take a pro fighter or a hero to beat up an obese guy who obviously has mental problems (since he sucker punched a girl).

    Way to fuc**** go Shane Carwin – YOU are a hero!

  • madheartmma says:

    Roger is the MAN for doing this! Yeah…Sucka could of had an Uzi, his boy could be packin’ da 9 …aww shit, but Roger is SUPER Fast yo! AND he’s Matrix style dodging bullets ninja style, is all that & a bag of chips. Yeah..Anyway, Roger reacted , how he re-acted. We always wanna go back with the ” I should done this or that” after the dust clears & we think it through, But that dude was probably 100 lbs heavier than Roger. Props to him for doing REAL man in action stuff. He’s a 155 dynamo.

  • larsenator says:

    I bet you, Roger, his family, Bellator, the fans are going to be REAL stoked when he ends up sitting next to War Machine looking through bars! DAMN it’s great to be short sighted!

  • Creature says:

    Im sorry larsenator but theres no way hes getting locked up 4 that. if he does it wont be 4 long. and relax man. there is no need 2 sit there and talk crap about the US and other ppl on here trying 2 start arguments. we dont need another liverpunch lol

  • MCM says:

    I miss liverpunch [sigh].

    And larsentor, did you see the video? That guy was anything but obese, looked more like a roided meat head. Roger did what he did in heat of the moment and if and like I pointed out in the other story, the vidoe doesn’t tell the whole story. In USA Today, he says he didn’t throw the first punch.

    BTW larsentor, where are you from? It sounds pretty idyllic, a place where there is never any violence out side of drinking establishments.

  • MCM says:

    too much coffee this morning sorry about the bad grammar.

  • larsenator says:

    I’m not hating on the US I sais loads of countries are which is a fact. I have always wanted to live in the US as a matter of fact.

    Yup I saw the video. I live in Denmark and even though we also have gang wars etc. here it’s still rated as one of the safest places to live.
    Having said that I’ve worked the doors of many night clubs both in Denmark and in the UK (London) so I think I know what I’m talking about.
    I’m also and ex Muaythai fighter and have fought in BJJ and one MMA fight too (against Martin Kampmann).

    I TOTALLY loathe the idea of punching or slapping the opposite sex but our law is strict: If you see somebody comitting a crime (like the obese/roided up or whatever he is) and act like Roger Huerta did you are going to get prosecuted and will most likely end up in prison.

    I’ve NEVER thrown a punch whilst working security either as a sergeant or privately for night clubs and I’m only 178 cm tall. All the martial arts have still been handy as hell but as soon as you start punching, kicking, head butting etc. you are on the wrong side of the law and I think that’s the way it should be (over here). I know the US is way different (your gun law etc.).

    So I guess it’s just a matter of cultural differences.

    Oh and the opening line of US being built on violence is facts which can be found in all history books about the US history. As a matter of fact it was a fellow journalist (US based) who said it recently and it does make sense (maybe not to US people). Not trying to step on anybody’s toes but that’s how a lot of non-US people feel.

    And to clarify the “hates the USA” I’m referring to common knowledge over here in Europe (not to mention the Middle East). I do NOT hate the US but there are trends, laws etc. that I do not condone of and do not support but it’s most like the same if you looked into how we do it in tiny Denmark and a lot of the other European countries (we are ver different even though a lot of Americans refers to whatever European country as simply Europe).

  • madheartmma says:

    Hey,honestly, I’ve been to Denmark & other countries abroad, & Denmark has got their act together. They take care of their people (health care etc.) BUT I LOVE ME SOME AMERICA! Truthfully…we should all learn from each other, take the best plan, and make it work for us…kinda like MMA. And if someone screws w/ us. Just clone about 20,000 Roger Huerta’s and send them abroad, they’ll do the right thing! Oh snap, kracka-lack!

  • larsenator says:

    LOL. Yeah we should definitely learn from each other!

    Sorry for all the spelling and grammar mistakes. A bit late here now. :)

  • MCM says:

    It’s definitely a cultural thing as most Americans agree with the acts Roger took. There is also extremely compelling evidence on Cagepotato that it was NOT Huerta that committed the stomping.
    I understand the your reasoning but you must understand that unlike Denmark or every other European country, the USA was built upon the basis of individual freedoms. We may appear more violent but that’s because we have a tendency to not want government organizations to get involved when we can take care of situations ourselves. I am in noway trying to insinuate that my country is better than your country, I’m simply trying to give reason as to why we may appear more violent. I love Denmark, you guys make the best furniture ever.

  • elkymbo says:

    Yeah and Australia’s better anyway 😉

  • Dufresne says:

    I love Denmark, you guys make the best furniture ever.

    Maybe it’s the 12 beers I drank watching the fights, but that is one of the funniest lines I’ve read in a long, long time.

    But yeah, America was founded on violence, it was called the Revolutionary War. England was founded on a couple millenia of violence between the Anglos, the Saxons, the Norse, and the Romans. Hell, even France was founded on violence. They’re actually named after a type of throwing axe, the Fransisca. Basically all countries are based on violence, because if they weren’t, someone else who’s more violent would own them right now.

    Except you Australia. No sane person wants to take over a country with 20+ foot crocs, 7/10 of the worlds most venomous snake, the worlds most venomous octopus, the worlds most venomous jelly-fish, the worlds most venomous fish, plus the worlds most dangerous spider. Hell, even the duck billed platypus is venomous. No thanks, you can keep your cool kangaroos and koalas, I’ll keep my fingers and toes.

  • larsenator says:

    This has turned into a GREAT thread.

    And I agree with what you guys say – although I was hoping that our contribution to the world was a bit more than just furniture, lol. :)

  • elkymbo says:

    Hey, aside from all the shit trying to kill us down here there’s lots of culture and stuff! Nah who am I kidding it’s a bloody death trap down here :)

  • moosebaby02 says:

    this is some funny shit

  • MCM says:

    Duf, you forgot that Aussies are all criminals to boot. No one is taking over a country where they’re afraid to drop the soap.

    good sized beer though.

  • larsenator says:

    ROFL. I wish we had som Ozzies here. The thread would EXPLODE in typical Ozzie fashion! :)

  • winnipeggster says:

    i wonder if i punched shane carwins grandma in the face if he would have the same peaceful outlook towards me

  • elkymbo says:

    Damn it! As an Australian I feel I have let my country down by not being here to shit stir further. Bloody time zones it was time for my beauty sleep. Nah just kidding I’ve got a head like a pit bull chewing on a bumble bee :)

  • Dufresne says:

    elkymbo, you know you and whatever the hell those crazy creatures put on your head are loved.

    Seriously, are you sporting horns and a Fu Manchu? I have got to get to Australia…

  • elkymbo says:

    It certainly is tops down here. Especially during summer. Party central!!! And snakes…lots of snakes.


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