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Nick Diaz: F*** you Mayhem!

Strikeforce Welterweight Champion Nick Diaz recently took some time out of his busy schedule to discuss his feelings on Jason “Mayhem” Miller and the possibility that the two may face off in the near future.

Mayhem recently made the possibility of the bout public during a recent Joe Rogan podcast.

If the grudge match does come to fruition, it looks like it could possibly happen in October.

Check out Diaz on Mayhem in the video below:

“I’m all out of favors” – Nick Diaz, 2010

  • MCM says:

    Wow. never saw that kinda response coming from a Diaz.

  • Dufresne says:

    Not the most succinct or well worded/thought out come back I’ve seen. You could have put some effort into it Nick…

  • YetiLee says:

    Video is private so I couldn’t see it, but I assume Diaz sounded all uneducated and like a douche as per usual, so I assume I am not really missing anything. Just Diaz trying to be all Thug like, and to be honest it has gotten really old.

  • thomo says:

    Diaz is just responding to Miller (185lbs) calling him out when he is the champion (170lbs), I like Mayhem but I would have said the same as Nick.
    I would like to see that fight but Mayhem just trying to stir up some publicity as a win over Diaz means more than a win over Miller.

  • raoulduke4247 says:

    Since this link i no longer good, here is another link to the video (not spam)

  • raoulduke4247 says:

    sorry bad link, here is the video

  • MickeyC says:

    just what stikeforce needed. A bit of bad blood is always helps sell tickets.

  • stone says:

    Nick sounded a lot better than Miller! Miller sounded like a douche! I don’t think Nick Diaz even acts like a “THUG”. He doesn’t wear braids or jewelry or have a bunch of “vato” tatoos… He doesn’t claim to be a “Gangster” or a “thug” and we all know thugs do! He’s just a “hard-head”. We all knew these kind of assholes growing up. They weren’t G’s or thugs, they were ussually “jocks” actually!!! But nevermind all the bullshit and let’s be honest. When you watch Nick Diaz in the cage, boy are you in for 1 helluva fight! He should catch weight Miller and whoop his goofy-ass! Then DEMAND A REMATCH W/KJ-NOONS! ALL DIAZ BRO.FAN HERE!!!

  • Makington says:

    I’d like to say he was talking so absent-mindedly and rambling because he was so focused on his driving but that’s just how he talks. I do believe he is permafried. Overall though, I am still a huge Diaz fan and really hope I can see this fight. The way he said it made him seem kind of immature and bitter but I respect the fact that he really does say what he means and backs it up. He doesn’t go all Tito on us and talk tons of trash and then resort to excuses when he gets his ass beat. I think both made stupid mistakes and I’m not surprised they blame eachother.

    Both guys are outspoken too so it’d make an exciting as hell fight plus some good interviews.

    Overall though I think Diaz is too well rounded and his striking is coming together too well and he’ll take home the decision.

  • 40oz says:

    He had me laughing at makin weight and why going after the little guy. Ohh yeah the hair and gold teeth.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    No catch weight. If he wants to fight Diaz he drops to 170.

  • AWOL781 says:

    Diaz is a clown. Mayhem is going to take him out. It’s people with the attitudes like diaz that give mma a bad name. I don’t blame mayhem at all. If I got jumped by 6 guys I would be callin them out to. If Miller didn’t get screwed in the decision against shields these conversions wouldn’t be taking place at all anyway.

  • Ellegua says:

    Kj Noons Would Dog Nates Again everyones On His Bandwagon But Honestly Who Has He Fought Lately????Diego Sanchez Would Own His Ass Again I Just Think He’s a Good Fighter Not #1 like he claims to be gsp would change his diaper so would kos and fitch

  • Rece Rock says:

    Nick vs mayhem is probably even less likely than fedor bs overeem… I’m not holding my breath


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