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Pedro Rizzo chops down Ken Shamrock at Impact FC 2 in Australia

Utilizing a ten-year advantage in the age department and a paralyzing thigh kick, Pedro “The Rock” Rizzo handed the 46-year-old Ken Shamrock the sixth defeat in his last seven bouts during “Impact FC 2: The Uprising” from Sydney, Australia.

Rizzo utilized superior foot work on the feet to fire off a series of punishing leg kicks that ulimately collapsed Shamrock to the canvas before some good old fashioned ground-and-pound sealed the deal.

Also picking up wins in Australia were Paul Daley, Murilo “Ninja” Rua and Soa “The Hulk” Palelei, while Denis Kang and Paulo Filho fought to a draw.

A full list of results from the event are below:

Pedro Rizzo def. Ken Shamrock via TKO (strikes) – Round 1

Paul Daley def. Daniel Acacio via submission (strikes) – Round 3

Soa Palelei def. Brad Morris via submission (keylock) – Round 1

Denis Kang vs. Paulo Filho ruled a split draw (29-28 Filho, 27-30, 29-29)

Murilo “Ninja” Rua def. Jeremy May via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 1

Jesse Taylor def. Murilo Bustamante via submission (dizziness) – Round 2

Jim York def. Peter Graham via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1

Glover Teixeira def. Marko Peselj via TKO (strikes) – Round 1

Richie Vaculik def. Glenn Taylor-Smith via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 2

Manuel Rodriguez def. Shane Nix via submission (north-south choke) – Round 1

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    did anyone else enjoy the irony when Shamrock took the mic and claimed he “NEVER QUITS” right after he quit due to leg kicks? i know i did.

    also, Daley is shit.

  • BigDave says:

    Is Ken RoidRage Shamrock still fighting? Who gave him his stupid Nickname anyway, Worlds most Dangerous man? What a joke. The only wins he has against anyone of substance are Bas Rutten x2, Dan Severn 1-1, and maurice smith. other then that anytime he has stepped up in compatition he has been beat. Retire you bum go back to wwe.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    He beat Severn, Funaki, Rutten x3, Smith, Kimo x2 and drew with Gracie and Taktarov. So he has won against 2 UFC champs a couple of Pancrase champs and been both a King of Pancrase and a UFC champ BigDave. He is old (46) and outdated but at one time he was one of the best in the world.
    I think he got the nickname from WWF wrestling..

  • hindsightufuk says:

    while i wouldn’t call him a bum i’ve never liked Ken Shamrock mainly because i’m just never certain if his fights were works or not. Even in losing he looks suspect, losing against Franklin and Sakuraba i’m sure he either quit by taking a dive or took a dive cos he’d been paid to

  • Dufresne says:

    Pretty sure he got the name because he was one of the first champs in the UFC and he was a champ over in Japan at the same time.

    I used to love watching him fight back in the mid to late 90’s, but since about the time him and Tito started bitching about one another I kinda quit caring.

    Ken has done a lot for the sport of MMA as a whole, not just as a fighter. He was one of the most outspoken, and surprisingly articulate supporters of MMA back when just about every state was banning it. I remember him debating with McCain and actually coming across very favorably. So even thought I have no interest in watching him fight any more and I personally think he’s just destroying his legacy as a fighter, I can’t hate on the guy too much because without him there’s a possibility I wouldn’t be able to watch anyone fight.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    “Even in losing he looks suspect, losing against Franklin and Sakuraba i’m sure he either quit by taking a dive or took a dive cos he’d been paid to”

    100% agree. Bo Cantrell vs Kimbo is still the worst case of obvious fixing for me. I also doubt Overeem’s loss to Kharitonov and there are a few others that I suspect were not legit but I wont get into them.

  • fitfreak says:

    I think it was 60 minutes that called Ken the “world’s most dangerous man.” They were doing a special on MMA (probably called it “cage fighting” though) a long time ago. Back then Ken was the man. The nickname just kind of stuck; he didn’t ask for it.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Jesse Taylor def. Murilo Bustamante via submission (dizziness)

    Wow… dizziness.

  • Dufresne says:

    Yeah, I missed that fight and when I looked it up it said something like “verbal submission: loss of equilibrium” it kinda through me for a loop.

    I haven’t gotten a chance to watch the video yet, but from what I’ve read Bustamante won the first round, and wasn’t getting beat up or anything in the second. He got taken down in the second, but managed to stall Taylor there and only got hit with a few minor shots. But when the ref stood them up he said he felt faint and dizzy.

    Elvis Sinosic said he talked to him after the fight and Murilo said he felt fine on the ground and that even he didn’t know what happened. Murilo also said on his facebook that he’s feeling fine, but that’s gotta be kinda scary. Hope he got checked out and it was just some kind of fluke. It’s always freaky when the head/brain/neck area get involved.

    Weird way to end a fight though.

  • Dufresne says:

    Also, if anyone gets to watch the Rua v May fight, I really hope you get to see the post fight interviews. First time I’ve ever heard a fighter complain of diarrhea after a loss…

  • Rece Rock says:

    HAHHAAA I gotta look that up… wonder if pepto bismo was a sponsor?

  • Rece Rock says:

    In all seriousness it’s a shame this is how Shamrock will be remembered…he was a pioneer and one of the very first UFC champions…

  • Rece Rock says:

    Just a thought…
    I know it’s a mute point years later but how sweet would it have been if Ken was the guy to give Kimbo his first loss back when they where hyping Kimbo up to be the next big thing… I think that could have been a nice high note for Ken to go out on but once again, Ken fucked up.

    Everyone credits either Seth P. or Kimbo as the reasoning behind the collapse of Elite xc… I think Ken S. deserves the credit cause his actions are what set everything else in motion.

  • Jayhak1 says:

    I totally disagree, Rece Rock.

    Lets not give shamrock undeserving credit for one of the shadiest moments in MMA history (his “accidental” cut 2 hours before the fight). I think as bad as Kimbo is, he would have knocked Ken out pretty damn early into the fight, and Ken knew that.

  • All this getting paid to take a loss is absolute junk. Re matches would have happened. Plus just talking about that crap without any zero proof or way to get it put a vibe out there that doesn’t really need to be out there. I think some fighters go in there to get a pay check and just fight enough to make the fans want to see the next time they fight and then. I mean, I don’t think that the promoters are asking the fighters to take a dive. I just think that some fighters don’t have the heart in every fight and just give up. I am sure Kro Cop had to really check himself after he quit to Jr. Fights are legit… I am sure.

    Ken is simply trying to ride the wave for as long as he can. Ken has been in MMA for a very long time. He is not a pioneer of MMA because MMA been going on long b4 his time but he did be apart of the 1st major push to get it in the public eye and he did it well. The shine is gone which isn’t easy to face. Ken should just go and fight lower end talent like the Beast Dan Sev does. Easy and relaxed money. Do some interviews and fight some just into mma guys with a couple fights. There is still a place for Ken Shomrock, just not in the main stream any more.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    FighFan, you know that many many fights in Pride were worked right? i’m not just making up some wild claim saying fighters get paid to throw fights like it’s some sort of conspiracy, but it used to happen a shit load, in the early UFC and Pride days. Its not like they were paid to ‘throw’ fights, they were works, which is just a preordained outcome. check out any Takada fight not involving Rickson Gracie as the perfect example.
    I can’t think of any instance where i have read of a Ken Shamrock fight that we know for sure was worked, all i’m saying about Ken is watch his fight with Rich Franklin, before he gets TKO’d he kinda loses his footing like he got rocked, except there was no punch. And the Saku fight were he gets hit and turns away from Sakuraba with his head through the ropes so the ref stops it and Ken immediately jumps up and starts complaining.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    and also check out Ken’s pantomime/WWE outburst after the Saku/Mezger fight in 2000

    not saying all his fights had the outcomes known, i loved his fight with Don Frye, but that was one of a very few

  • hindsightufuk . I have seen the fight with Franklin a few times. I saw Franklin win the fight plain and simple. Ken slipped on a decision with Franklin to advantage of. Sometimes I am disappointed the way a fight turned out but I don’t start seeing guys taking pay for going down on purpose.

    You have to give me something besides . . watch that fight, I could do that to a lot of fights which I will start with after this; Give me a article to read that was backed up time and time again. The last time I heard of fights being tainted was in the days of Don King which there was a lot of talk in the media as well. Speculation is going on here which, is does play as good but I really doubt that fighters are taking a pay bump to go down. I mean.. if that were the case then BJ took a fall to GSP because of the wild swing that missed completely and the fight with Franky vs Penn must have be a huge conspiracy as well. . oh and lets forget Machida vs Shogun 1 and 2. I am sure that Machida took a fall for the 3rd and final Big Bang money maker right. . LMAO.

    Can you see where I am going with this. Fights are legit until a probe is done. Fight on Fighters!! I won’t think twice .

  • hindsightufuk says:

    look i love this sport as much as anyone, i been a fan since the early days, i was one of the people watching videos taped from videos taped from videos of grainy ass events in Japan. I’m not making shit up or just speculating on this. i’m also not trying to convince you that fights get thrown, its not that straight forward. Seriously do some reading on it, not just so that you can be proved wrong but because its really really interesting. i know 5oz doesnt like anyone posting links to other sites but this is an awesome article to read, a great place to start that may just give you a taster and make you want to delve deeper

    i’m not trying to say everyone has been involved in these works, its just the way this sport started out. seriously do some research into it, as a fan of mma you’ll find it wicked interesting.

    I got some books at home as well that have pieces on this also, cant remember them off the top of my head but i will look when i get home and post the names for you.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Yeah I know a Takada fight that was so fake I was laughing. It even looked “pro-wrestling”. There was the V. Overeem vs Vovchaynchin fight that was sus and of course Rampage being offered more money if he lost without tapping.

    P.S. What the hell are you talking about Fightfan?.

  • fitfreak says:

    If I remember correctly, Ken slipped while throwing a kick, and Franklin took advantage of it.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Jayhak1 you have every right to disagree but if you really think Ken hurt himself on purpose to avoid a match with Kimbo thats purely fiction… If anybody knew Kimbo was a hack it would be a guy in the game for many years… Kimbo at that point had only a punchers chance, Ken would have submitted him in the first round, IMO.

  • Here is a solid point,

    Kimbo lost to Seth Petruzelli of all fights. A guy they pulled out of the crowd to fight Kimbo. If there were ever going to be a paid loss then it would have been that fight.

    @hindsightufuk says . there is nothing about your article that suggests that the fights were set up. In fact, the writer talks about how great of a event it was.

    Fights are what they are. Fights. Anything can happen.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    ok i’m not gonna argue with you over something that already has coverage if you want to find it .
    if you dont thats cool

  • Jstew3785 says:

    Well hindsight I for one thought the article was interesting. Some people have their own beliefs and refuse to think outside of the box. That’s cool and I respect that, but I’m just not that way. Like you said it’s already been covered before, it’s up to you to believe it or not.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    FightFan313 Seth was told that they wanted a stand up fight and he said as much.
    If you think fights are not fixed full stop. You are naive full stop.


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