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Shinya Aoki sends Tatsuya Kawajiri to hospital with vicious submission at DREAM.15

Shinya Aoki has a long history of sending his opponents to the emergency room with pretzel-shaped limbs and Tatsuya Kawajiri became the latest victim of the most lethal submission grappler in mixed martial arts during DREAM.15.

Aoki shot in for a takedown almost immediately in the first round of the DREAM Lightweight Championship bout before dropping to his guard and firmly attaching himself to one of Kawajiri’s legs. “The Crusher” did all he could to free his limb from the grip of Aoki, to no avail, as Kawajiri ultimately succumbed to one of the nastiest Achilles locks seen in the sport to date.

Kawajiri’s ankle showed visible damage following the bout and the lightweight was quickly transported to the emergeny room for X-rays.

Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante made his final return to the DREAM ring before hopping ship to Strikeforce count as the highly regarded lightweight battled tooth and nail with Katsunori Kikuno for the full fifteen minutes , utilizing takedowns and top control to pull away in the final round, on his way to a split decision victory.

Jake O’Brien embarrassed himself twice in Japan before it was all said and done. The first was when he showed up to Saitama grossly overweight and the second was when the UFC veteran submitted to a standing guillotine choke just 31 seconds into the very first round at the hands of Gegard Mousasi, who advances in the four-man DREAM Light Heavyweight Grand Prix.

Melvin Manhoef fans were met with disappointment for the second consecutive time during DREAM.15 as the feared striker hoped to rebound from a recent knockout defeat at the hands of Robbie Lawler but wound up tapping out to a painful kimura at the hands of Tatsuya Mizuno in the opening round. A series of monstrous punches from Manhoef had Mizuno in trouble early in the first round before the Japanese journeyman put K-1 veteran on his back and locked in the fight ending submission along with a crack at Mousasi at the upcoming DREAM Light Heavyweight Grand Prix Finals.

A full list of results from DREAM.15 are below:

Shinya Aoki def. Tatsuya Kawajirivia submission (Achilles lock) – Round 1

Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante def. Katsunori Kikuno via split decision

Gegard Mousasi def. Jake O’Brien via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 1

Tatsuya Mizuno def. Melvin Manhoefvia submission (kimura) – Round 1

Michihiro Omigawa def. Young Sam Jung via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 1

Mitsuhiro Ishida def. Daiki “DJ.taiki” Hata via unanimous decision

Kazuhiro Nakamura def. Karl Amoussou via unanimous decision

  • Dufresne says:

    Seems like Manhoef’s chin is getting softer. I don’t remember it being much of an issue for him before the Lawler fight, but maybe the bombs he ate in that fight + the 31 MMA bouts + 46 professional kickboxing matches are finally catching up to him.

    Mousasi seems to have done some work on his wrestling defense which is a very good thing. He popped right back up after that initial takedown and managed to sink in a nasty guillotine.

    I don’t know why people refuse to tap to Aoki’s submissions. He isn’t one of those fighters that will hesitate to break something to get his win. Kawajiri got some decent defensive kicks in, but it was pretty obvious that Aoki wasn’t going to let go.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I heard Aoki didn’t even wear his magic pants

  • @Dufresne:
    It’s understandable why Kawajiri didn’t tap to Aoki. He hates the guy and it was his title shot that he wanted for a long time. BUT, let’s get real. It’s not worth having a mangled foot because you’re too proud. Just tap, work your way back up, use the Gil blueprint (which he should’ve done), and beat the snot out of Aoki.

    No magic tights for Aoki at DREAM.15, only clinch gear shorts.

  • MCM says:

    “I don’t know why people refuse to tap to Aoki’s submissions. ….”

    Kawajiri did tap but he wasn’t really in jeopardy until Aoki cranked so hard it practically snapped his ankle. That’s one of my main problems with Aoki is that he doesn’t know how to apply enough pressure to submit a guy without actually breaking something, unlike say Palhares. At least he was sportsman like in his win this time and didn’t come across as an arrogant jack ass.

  • @MCM:
    Hard to say if Aoki really doesn’t know if enough pressure is enough to cause serious damage. It’s more like he prefers to go from 0-100 in a split second.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    As far as the fights go, overall it was a great card.
    I want anyone who dances too much on the way to the ring to lose.
    Two exceptions are Jason Miller and King Mo because they have style, and usually hot asian babes, and they make me laugh.
    I wanted Manhoef to lose simply because of his entrance.
    I thought he was gonna kill Mizuno.
    I was very surprised they didn’t stop the action and move the fighters out from the corner.
    Manhoef’s head was right underneath the corner pad and even he was screaming something.
    Maybe he thought they would move them out as well, but it don’t matter now.
    I think he was beat even before his head was sort of protected by the padding.
    Cool to see the guy that got a beating from Cro Cop finish off Manhoef.

    Man I was hoping for a Jake O’Brian blanket split decision victory over Mousasi.
    But the way I saw it, it was awfully nice of Gregard to help that drunk guy up off the canvas and keep him from puking on himself.
    I didn’t realize that O’Brian was actually a semi-finalist for the Dream Light Heavyweight Title.
    Come on Japan, you can do better than that.
    I get a feeling like they just wanted to feed a former UFC fighter to Mousasi.
    I bet Ricco felt the same way while he watched O’Brian embarrass himself from his corner.

    I wanted Aoki to lose,and I thought for sure Kawajiri would kick his ass.
    Fuck me, what a fight.
    First off,no Magic Pants.
    Gilbert Melendez must’ve left a big impression on him.
    He must’ve felt he had to prove himself without the Spandex.
    I still want him to lose every fight he’s ever in, but man he was awesome,especially how he seemed so patient when waiting to crank on Kawajiri,like you know I’m gonna beat you, here’s a chance to submit.
    Very impressive victory.
    I like how he showed respect after the fight this time,and saying things like,”This is the end of Pride” and how he’ll carry Dreams on his shoulders,and announcing he’s getting married etc.
    Then as soon as he announced the future Melendez fight, I quit being impressed and starting thinking about his ass getting kicked again,this time in Japan.
    I’m curious to see if he’ll wear the Magic Pants this time.
    I’m curious to know if Gilbert is practicing his knees to the head while on the ground.
    And isn’t there some kind of rule in Strikeforce about not using elbows ,but when in Dreams ,elbow all the fuck you want?
    I’m looking forward to this fight.

  • Dufresne says:

    “It’s understandable why Kawajiri didn’t tap to Aoki. He hates the guy and it was his title shot that he wanted for a long time. BUT, let’s get real. It’s not worth having a mangled foot because you’re too proud. Just tap, work your way back up, use the Gil blueprint (which he should’ve done), and beat the snot out of Aoki.”

    If it’s a triangle or a rear naked, hold on if you want to. You’re not likely to suffer career threatening injuries from one of those. But for just about any joint lock, if you can’t get out tap. You can’t fight with a shattered ankle or a blown out knee, and that means it’s most certainly going to take you longer to work your way back up to a rematch.


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