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Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez on for UFC 121

It’s a bout that most fans felt had to happen, but now it’s a bout with a date and a venue.

It’s official, UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar will return to the Octagon and defend his title against Cain Velasquez.

The bout will take place during UFC 121 on October 23 from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

The news comes courtesy of UFC president Dana White, who recently confirmed the highly anticipated bout to

Lesnar was last seen slapping a game ending arm triangle on the previously undefeated Shane Carwin during UFC 116. The win established Brock as the undisputed heavyweight king in the UFC, and due to a recent defeat suffered by Fedor Emelianenko at the hands of Fabricio Werdum, the current king of the heavyweight division, period.

Velasquez appeared to raise his game to the next level in his previous outing against heavyweight legend Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira where the decorated former collegiate wrestler utilized a far superior striking game to pick apart the former PRIDE champion on his way to the first round TKO victory. The win earned the undefeated Velasquez a right to challenge for the title in Anaheim, not far from his training grounds in San Jose.

  • MickeyC says:

    Cain will have to use his speed & movement to avoid the take down. His stand up is WAY ahead of Brocks. I can’t stop thinking about his fight with Congo. Check rock him a bunch of times, but he has always able to secure the double leg. This will be tougher to do with Lesnar if he gets rocked.

  • Dufresne says:

    I agree that Cain’s striking is way ahead of Lesnar’s, I just don’t know if his speed and movement are going to be enough to avoid the takedown. Lesnar is unbelievably quick for a guy his size and his wrestling is arguably the best in the UFC’s HW division. Cain’s isn’t exactly crap, but I just don’t see him being able to stop the takedown for long.

    If Lesnar tries his Carwin game-plan and goes out there looking to stand, he could find himself in trouble again. If he does end up on his back with Cain going for the GnP stoppage I don’t think he’ll fair as well as he did against Carwin. Cain’s striking, and especially his GnP striking, is very accurate. He doesn’t have the power of Carwin, but power doesn’t mean much if you’re just punching your opponent on the shoulder.

    I’m gonna go with Lesnar via GnP in the late 1st, middle 2nd.

  • BigDave says:

    Tailor made match-up here. On the one hand you have the monster that has an ever evolving skill set. On the other a young guy who although not as big is still a huge man with top notch wrestling in some of the best striking I have ever seen in a guy his size.

    In this match the skill in wrestling evens out, but that’s where the the similarities end. Lesnar will have the size and possibly the strength advantage so It would be smart for Cain to not get caught on his back with brock throwing lunchboxes at him. Where Cain takes this fight is with supirior hands. Cain is heavy handed and pinpoint accurate, and although Lesnar won against Carwin he sure as hell looked like he didn’t like being hit. Carwin hits no where as well as Cain.

    Ultimately I see Cardio Being the key to Victory. If this fight goes into round three then Cain will pound him out, his cardio is of the charts and brocks although good isnt on Cains level.

    So how will this fight end? Violently with Brock staring at the lights after being woke up. Cain is simply just way to good and has the far better skill set, the only way Brock wins is to catch Cain early, save that its Cains fight to lose.

  • MickeyC says:

    I donlt see it makin it to round 3.

  • twyg says:

    BigDave, to say the wrestling is a wash is just you dreaming. Brocks size and strength make all the difference in this one. Brock will bring this fight to the mat,abd there is nothing Cain can do about it. Once that happens the fight will be over. No one in the world can get Brock off of them period. Cain doesn’t have the one punch KO power that it will take. Brock by GnP in the second.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I don’t see how the striking is going to be an issue when Brock just ate a few of Carwins 5x meat hooks for breakfast… I agree cleary Cain is the better striker but I don’t think he has the strength and power to put Brock to sleep…

    In the future I think we see Brock get knocked off the thrown by a relentless BJJ practitioner…not a striker

  • Rece Rock says:

    …and yes I know Cain has bjj but he’s a striker who has bjj, im talking about a guy who can pop off 5 sub attempts before I open my beer

  • MCM says:

    what twyg said.

    Cain has looked pretty good so far (sill cant’ get over not finishing Kongo), and I guess he has earned a title shot (though JDS earned it more), but he has nothing for Brock. Brock is the bigger, faster, fighter that can absorb inhuman amounts of punishment and still finish guys. Even if he eats 6 or 7 shots to the face shooting in for the takedown, Cain hasn’t shown the power top put a guy like Lesnar down with those shots. And like I’ve said before, we have no idea how he’ll respond off his back. I think his best chance of success is actually gonna be by sub…..but I don’t see it happening. (didn’t see brock by sub either, though)

  • twyg says:

    MCM, thanks for the shout out. BigDave I don’t mean to keep singling you out but you are the biggest Cain fan here as far as I can see. If Cain were going to win it would be by sub. I say that, because that is the only way we have seen him lose. I can’t see Cain getting a sub on Brock. I said Brocks size and strength are going to be the difference, and not only do I stand by that but that statement is going to be true for any future opponent in the near future.

  • BigDave says:

    Ya Twyg I guess you are right but just because I am a huge fan thats not What i base my thinking on as it comes to this fight.

    You saying he doesn’t have the power to take lesnar down is comical. He tossed Ben rothwell around(maybe not the greatest fighter in the world but a wrestler that weighed in at 264) like a ragdoll.
    So size will not be the reason that he will or will not be able to take down the bigger Brock, it will comedown to technique and Cain is a 2 time Division 1 All-American wrestler so that wont be a problem. Of course Brock was a Division 1 Champ and a runner up, so like I said the wrestling does cancel each other out to the ends that they are both extremly proficent at it.

    Oh, and also saying Cain can’t KO brock well lets see he is the only guy to actually KO big nog unconscious. Not even the “great Fedor” could do it and they fought three times. Its true he may not be as heavy handed as Brock but Lesnar has to be able to land and with as crisp a striker and as accurate that Cain is that will be much easyer said then done.

    Speed although Brock has ridiculous speed for a guy his size Cain has him beat there just simply because of Brocks extra bulk, So as I have broken it down here, and yes its my opinion but also facts. I feel Brocks only real shot is to hurt cain earlly and get the gnp win but anything other then a fight ending in the first round I see not a way for Brock to be able to keep up the pace or hurt Cain.

  • twyg says:

    I think we would all agree that Carwin hits harder then probably everyone else in MMA, and if he couldn’t KO Brock I don’t see Cain doing it. Cain is the better striker, but that won’t matter once Brock puts himon his back. I don’t see Cain taking him down early, but if it went into the later rounds it could happen. I don’t see it going into the later rounds, so to me it is not a possibilty. The wrestling would be even, but Brocks size and strength make him the better wrestler.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Yo, BigDelusional. How can you be taken seriously when an incredible bias shines straight through any of your logic any time you talk Cain?

    “He tossed Ben rothwell around(maybe not the greatest fighter in the world but a wrestler that weighed in at 264) like a ragdoll.”

    -Ragdoll is a overstatement, more like “bullied”. Not to mention Ben doesn’t have any world-class wrestling credentials and it is Cain’s cornerstone discipline. So yes, you can chalk up the apparent “rag dolling” to technique probably, and strength (as Ben may be big but his muscle mass doesn’t appear overwhelming).

    “so like I said the wrestling does cancel each other out”

    -They’re credentials may match-up quite well, but size and strength happen to be the reason for weight classes. too bad for Cain but in the UFC, there’s 60 pounds of room to dabble with in the HW category. Would you take Matt Hughes or Rashad Evans if they squared off? Because they have similar wrestling merit, as well.

    “the only guy to actually KO big nog unconscious. Not even the “great Fedor” could do it”

    -Ya, well 6 years of punches to the face can deteriorate a jaw pretty good, ask Chuck. Don’t start comparing him to Fedor now.

    “although Brock has ridiculous speed for a guy his size Cain has him beat there just simply because of Brocks extra bulk, So as I have broken it down here, and yes its my opinion but also facts.”

    -that doozy of a comment is 100 parts opinion and 0 parts fact.

    “I feel Brocks only real shot is to hurt cain earlly and get the gnp win but anything other then a fight ending in the first round I see not a way for Brock to be able to keep up the pace or hurt Cain.”

    -I can see the angle where you are coming with here. I too believe Cain’s (or anybody’s for that matter) best chance against Lesnar is to “punch and move” early in the contest and bank on his gas tank being low in the championship rounds. If Cain is going to win this contest, I see it happening by outpointing and possibly working towards a late TKO.

    But of course I don’t see Lesnar going that deep in to a fight and I don’t see anything that has convinced me Velasquez can punch any harder than Carwin. So naturally, I see an early rounds GnP stoppage for Brock. He will have then knocked off 2 undefeated fighters in his last 2 title defences and be without a doubt best HW in the world. And then, just then, maybe we’ll see Brock’s name crack some P4P lists…

  • bsousa63 says:

    i dont see cain winning. but Brock is gonna lose when he fights a striker that can do more than just throw bombs. He has when he backs up with his head down. He’s gonna catch a flyin knee or a headkick if he keeps doin that. but theres not really a fighter with great kicks in the hw division. brock via ddt 1st round

  • mu_shin says:

    -I can see the angle where you are coming with here. I too believe Cain’s (or anybody’s for that matter) best chance against Lesnar is to “punch and move” early in the contest and bank on his gas tank being low in the championship rounds. If Cain is going to win this contest, I see it happening by outpointing and possibly working towards a late TKO. Bigbadjohn

    My thinking as well, but i would differ on Lesnar’s cardio. Have you ever seen any of the promotional stuff they’ve done with Brock training in his private facility? Brock trains like an absolute maniac, as evidenced by the pools of sweat under his exercise bike, with trainers screaming at him to push further, and that’s only one aspect of his program.

    I definitely think Velasquez has the talent and ability to compete successfully with Brock Lesnar, but at present, I think Lesnar has proven he is the top athlete in the field, and anyone coming after his belt had better be prepared for war. I agree with BBJ that a stick and move strategy could work well for Velasquez, if he is disciplined enough to stay away from Brock, avoid the clinch and the take down, and go for outpointing the champion. By taking Brock into the later rounds, (isn’t the Herring fight his longest contest, three rounds?) Cain could pepper Brock with enough good shots to pave the way for a TKO or simply beating the champ to the punch for a decision victory.

    Cain does not have to finish Brock to win the fight, and if he realizes that, I think he can take the belt. If however, he thinks he has to get a KO or a submission, I think that plays into Lesnar’s strengths, the power ground and pound, and the newly dispayed submission knowledge we all saw against Carwin. Velasquez will come in around 240-245, so he’ll be outweighed, and I don’t think anyone would disagree that Brock will be stronger, so it will take a creative and innovative game plan for Velasquez to take the heavyweight crown, in my humble opinion…

  • BigDave says:

    Well as always im in the minority but thats fine by me, in the end we will see a great fight no matter the outcome and i will take my hat off to whomever wins the fight.

    But I think you will all be shocked when you see brock getting out classed by a guy who in my opinion is just a far better all around fighter.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Cain may be the crisper striker and a damn good wrestler but, to be able to hit someone much less KO them you have to be in a position to do so.

    How do you think Cain is gonna stop Lesnar when he shoots on him or pins him against the cage and leans into a take down? There will be a 20-30 pound difference that along with momentum will be heavily in Brock’s favor.

    I don’t think Cain is a slouch or in any way not deserving of this title shot but, just because he KO’d Big Nog who sat there and ate punches instead of making a real attempt to use his BJJ doesn’t equal futurechampion.

    I see Cain landing a few good strikes then Lesnar throwing him to the ground and working position for eventual stoppage via GnP. Brock isn’t your average HW. The speed he brings for a man his size is just crazy and I don’t see any current HW’s being able to contend with that.

  • stone says:

    Cain gots this… He might not be as powerful as Carwin but his boxing is WAY better! If he stuffs the first two takedowns he should be able to pick apart Brock with his in n out movement and boxing combos… Cains gas tank is not gonna run out like Shane… Brock is goin down! Brock just didn’t look all that impressive last time out! I hate the way everyone thinks taking such an ass whoopin in the 1st round is “impressive”

  • Dufresne says:

    “I hate the way everyone thinks taking such an ass whoopin in the 1st round is “impressive””

    Not calling you out stone, I’ve just noticed this around a lot of boards.

    It’s amazing how when a person likes a fighter they talk about how resilient a fighter is if he takes a lot of abuse and still pulls off the win (Big Nog especially). But if the fighter is disliked they talk about how he was getting his ass beat and usually (not always) blame the loss on the other fighter getting caught, gassing, or somehow making a stupid mistake.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Question for anyone who wants to answer:

    The people who feel Cain will beat Brock because of one reason or it because you are honestly a huge fan of Cain or just dislike Brock and will argue for any opponet he faces will be his conqueror?

    The same could go for the inverse for Lesnar you really feel he is honestly dominant or are you arguing for his victory because you don’t like his opponet or something else?

    I’m honestly a big Lesnar fan but, not to the point I feel he can’t be beat or even that I hate any opponet he faces I have followed him since he was in WWE and then I followed him in the news as he atttepmted the NFL then I was excited to see him try his hand at MMA as I stopped watching WWE once it became easier to follow MMA with the arrival of spike tv and TUF.

  • sides666 says:

    Cain is much like the other lack luster mexicans who have competed in the ufc he looks real good at first but then he will get smashed a couple of times and get sent packing just like huerta ortiz i know ortiz is still signed but hes not doing anything

  • Dufresne says:

    Wow sides666, that may have been one of the most racists posts on these forums in a very long time. Way to judge an entire nation’s heritage based on a very few fighters.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    holy shit that WAS racist. And Mad Hatter, youre dreaming if you think the kind of fans that hate Brock are going to admit theyll root on his opponent just for that reason. its unfortunate that so many people can’t recognize how good an athlete he is

  • BigDave says:

    Ok, I wasn’t going to post again but I need to now.

    Sides666 you are really and truely a racist moron.

    I wanted to address Mad Hatter. Mad I am a fan of Lesnars and have said that on many occasion even when most people on hear were saying he was a bum and didn’t deserve a title shot. I will never doubt his ability or the fact that everytime out he gets better.

    Yes, Cain is one of my Favorite fighters curently in mma I have made that abundently clear and will continue to do so, but looking at this fight objectively I just don’t see that why Brock seems so heavily favored. No matter how much i like brock or anyone does we all know that if Carwin was a better striker and picked his shot while he had lesnar down rather then throw a bunch of shots that hit him in the shoulders or forearms the fight would more then likely have been stopped.

    Everyone keeps saying that if Brock get Cain on his back the fight is over, To me that is a ridiculous statement. Yes Brock is bigger and probably stronger then Cain but, Cain is not Shane Carwin. Cain is a purple belt in BJJ so chances are he isnt going to get caught in a telegraphed Choke as Carwin did. We haven’t had the chance to see much of Cains ground game yet because lets face it he has just plain run through everyone that he has faced. So lets not be so quick to think Cain is done if he is on his back, and lets just use this as a marker to see just how damn good both of these top notch fighters are.

  • Dufresne says:

    Yeah, but Mir is a black belt in BJJ, and Lesnar finished him on the ground.
    Also, I don’t think he ran through Kongo, he got a lot of takedowns (most of which were because Kongo kept rocking him on the feet) and kept Kongo on his back that resulted in a decision victory.

    I also don’t see how Cain’s wrestling really compares favorably with Brock’s. Brock is a NCAA champ and a NCAA runner up on top of being an All American x2. Cain was an All American x2. There’s a few differences there.

    I think you’re right that Cain has the advantage on the feet. But I think they’re evenly matched in speed, and Brock has the advantage in wrestling.

  • sides666 says:

    It may have come off as racist but it was not meant to be i am mexican i was just pointing out the fact that there have been no elite fighters from mexico in mma

  • stone says:

    @ Dufresne… You always make good friggin points, but the reason I feel Cain will win is for the reasons I previously stated… I’m not sayin Brock has “no chance in hell”. I just think he’s gonna get out-classed. If Brock gets a takedown early in the 1st, Cain is in deep water, its a tall task for anyone to get big Brock off… Peace Dufresne, BTW I think you should write for 5oz’s, your comments are usually better than the actual post!

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Ya know Sides you could have combined both of your comments and reworded them both a little and not came across as a racist moron..just sayin..

    I think Brock will improve his stand up for his next match..he shouldn’t focus as much on thorwing punches as avoiding/blocking/taking the punches..more on his footwork..If he had better footwork he might have been able to avoid some of what happened to him in round 1.

    Carwin came in with big momentum in his strikes and with better footwork Brock might have been able to avoid being hit clean or possibly at all.That should be a big point of focus if he wants to remain on top. If he beats Cain then either JDS or Big Country will be up next and both those guys like to stand and bang.

    I think we will see an improved Lesnar or we will see a new champion sooner rather than later. Too many big punchers in HW division to not work stand up defense and train off your back. That would seem to be his weakness because wrestling definatley isn’t.

  • MCM says:

    For Mad_Hatter,
    I hate Brock. Well maybe not “hate”, but I’m not a fan that’s for sure. I was really hoping Shane would smash his face in and I said so plenty of times. But not being a fan does not mean I am ignorant of how skilled he is. I never saw him being able to take the kinda of punishment he did in his last fight, and I never saw him capable of submitting a Purple belt in BJJ (Carwin is a purple belt.)
    I don’t dislike Cain at all. But KO’ing a guy that is known for getting his ass beat for the first 10min of each fight, and taking a guy with 0 takedown defense to a dec, doesn’t lead me to believe that he will have anything for Brock.
    So, no. My personal feelings toward each fighter are in no way effecting my judgment of this fight.

    For sides666
    check out the WEC and the lighter weights for some quality Mexican fighters. And Tito Ortiz was one of the longest running LHW champs of all time and Cain is undefeated and in a title fight himself. I wouldn’t call either of those guys washed up.

  • king mah mah says:

    I’m sure it’s obvious by now,but I will root for whoever is fighting Brock because I just don’t like him.

    If that’s wrong I really don’t give a shit! Someone will put this big bastard to sleep soon enough!

  • Dufresne says:

    I’m kinda in MCM’s camp here, but I don’t really come close to “hating” Brock. I don’t really like the guy, or at least I didn’t like how he acted immediately before and after Mir II, but it’s not like I actively root against him.

    I have my list of fighters that I’ll root for in any fight (Leben), and those that I’ll root against in any fight (Kos & Rashad), it’s just that Lesnar isn’t on either of them and neither is Cain. Even on the fighters I actively like and dislike, I usually try to be objective to the point that I picked Rashad to beat Rampage and I even picked against Chris in his fight with Akiyama. But that doesn’t mean I was rooting for Akiyama or Rashad, just that I thought that their skill sets would give them the edge.

    In this fight, I think Lesnar’s skill set will give him the edge. That’s all I’m really basing this on.

  • mu_shin says:


    While it is difficult to be 100% objective in discussing these things, for me, the interest in blogs like this one has always been analyzing possible fight scenarios and using the experience I had in over ten years getting my ass kicked in TKD and submission grappling gyms to ascertain what strategies might present an advantage to a fighter given a particular opponent. I’m not a gambler, have never bet on any sport including MMA, I just like to imagine how an encounter might unfold, and sometimes share those thoughts on blogs like Five Ounces.

    I thought Rashad would beat Rampage because he has a more diversified game, and is more athletic. I thought Lyotot Machida would beat Rua in the second fight because his stance and his defensive radar are so unique. Okay, so I was one and one… I thought Brock would beat Carwin due to a very basic athletic advantage in quickness and full body strength and conditioning. Never thought it would go down the way it did, but Brock had his hand raised. For me, personality and behavior never enter into it, I just think about how I’ve seen a guy fight in the past, and how he might interact with a future opponent.

    When I look at the Velasquez fights, I see a really good striker with endless energy and a focused intensity that will take him far. What I don’t see is pile driver punching power, or the kind of overwhelming attack that will neutralize all comers. What Brock and Cain have in common is that they are both on the upswing, they are both climbing a steep learning curve, and they are both getting better all the time. Where I see the advantage in my assessment of Lesnar vs. Cain is Brock’s natural gifts: he’s now proven he can take not only a world class punch, but about fifty of them, and survive; he has the speed, strength, wrestling base, and ferocious intensity of a champion, and with his natural power and incredible conditioning, at this time I see him as having an advantage in this upcoming contest. I did write above, and still believe, that Cain has the tools to successfully compete with Lesnar, but I see Brock coming in to this fight as a favorite. I consider myself a fan of both of these guys, as I did with the Carwin match-up, and hope this one generates as much excitement and delivers as much action as the Lesnar/Carwin fight did.

    Last thought: Carwin comes back much stronger next time, learns from this loss, and cuts weight more carefully, not depleting his electrolytes and essential nutrients, and we’ll have a hell of a rematch when Brock and Shane meet the next time, regardless of who is wearing the hardware…

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Is Cains striking that good?. I am hearing all this talk of his striking and yet Kongo was tearing him apart on the feet. I give Kongo 7 out of 10 for striking and therefore give Cain no more than 6.
    I think his striking is OK but it isn’t all it being cracked up to be.

  • Dufresne says:

    Damn mu_shin, nicely said.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Thanks for the great feedback mu_shin. Seems there are intelligent people out there afterall. Not all hope is lost. :)

    Overall it seems most people don’t like Lesnar for his antics at UFC 100. Not sure how much diffrent I might feel if I had someone taunting /insulting/baiting me for several months in public then getting the chance to smash thier face into hamburger and doing it.

    Mir said some pretty hateful things like he wanted Brock to die in the cage and other such stupid shit. Think Brock just got fed up with him and had been anticipating getting his hands on Mir and then coming away with a very decisive victory. Seemed to fall back into WWE heel mode and his emotions got the best of him. I expect we will see a more respectful Lesnar in the future while still remaining true to himself

  • boomnutz says:

    i don’t know if i’ve ever seen so many people post, at least not so quickly, goes to show Brock is a polarizing figure. and a smashing machine! I think Brock is going to be too much for Cain, Cain’s striking is OK, much better than Brock’s but i still wouldn’t classify him as a “striker”, i hate to say it but knocking out Nog now, isn’t a fraction of the task it used to be. He’s been in WARS over the years, and i mean Frank Mir was able to knock him out, enough said. Plus Brock’s wrestling coupled with his size/speed advantage will be too much for Cain. Brock was a better wrestler anyway, and has much more talented wrestlers around now, i mean who has the size at AKA too really make Cain work??? Meanwhile Brock trains with the reason why Cain couldn’t win a national title. All in all i think this will be a good scrap but i think Brock will come out victorious and then we’ll be one fight away from the “Biggest Rematch Ever”


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