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DREAM.15 Weigh-In Results and Video

DREAM.15 is all set to take place from the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan on July 10, as all fighters, with the exception of Jake O’Brien, have successfully made weight.

O’Brien is/was slated to take on Gegard Mousasi in the opening round of a light heavyweight grand prix before failing to make the contracted weight limit. Ricco Rodriguez has been mentioned as a possible replacement in the bout.

Also taking part on the card will be Shinya Aoki taking on Tatsuya Kawajiri in a lightweight bout, while Melvin Manhoef, Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante and Karl Amoussou are set to return to action as well.

A full list of weigh-in results for the event are below, followed by a video:

155 lbs.: Shinya Aoki (70 kg / 154.3 lbs) vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri (70 kg / 154.3 lbs)

155 lbs.: Gesias Cavalcante (70 kg / 154.3 lbs) vs. Katsunori Kikuno (70 kg / 154.3 lbs)

205 lbs.: Kazuhiro Nakamura (83.8 kg / 184.7 lbs) vs. Karl Amoussou (83.5 kg / 184 lbs)

145 lbs.: Michihiro Omigawa (64.8 kg / 142.9 lbs) vs. Young Sam Jung (64.8 kg / 142.9 lbs)

155 lbs.: Mitsuhiro Ishida (65 kg / 143.3 lbs) vs. Daiki Hata (65 kg / 143.3 lbs)

205 lbs.: Melvin Manhoef (90 kg / 198.4 lbs) vs. Tatsuya Mizuno (92.5 kg / 203.9 lbs)

205 lbs.: Gegard Mousasi (93 kg / 205 lbs) vs. Jake O’Brien (missed weight)

  • Rece Rock says:

    Ricco Rodriguez says on his Twitter that Dream wants him to fight Gergard…

    I never heard of a promotion straight up pulling a fighter for not making weight… I thought they make the fighter forfeit some of the purse (fine him a %) and have to agee to a catchweight bout???
    I dunno maybe shit’s diff. in Japan.

  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    Who knows what they have going on over at Diet Strikeforce. Japan is a weird place, you can buy dirty, used, girls panties in a vending machine, but they blur out genitals in porn. You can eat anything that swims other than a submarine but don’t be one of those fork using weirdos. It’s like an amusement park for LSD users over there, a truly magical place. I want to go just to watch former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman on TV 24/7, as he apparently is on like 5 different shows, including his own hosted talk show, in Japanese.
    Anyway, Manhoef sure came in light, and if Ricco was supposed to fight Overrated at HW, how are they expecting him to magically drop down to 205 to fight Mousasi? Plus, how far over was O’brien? He couldn’t have been further over the limit than Ricco would be. Fine him a % and fight on.
    What, by the way, could Strikeforce have to possibly gain by letting their contracted fighters go over there? The ability to once in awhile use a few Dream scrubs as fodder on their infrequent, already substandard cards? It just seems insane, it didn’t work for Elite XC, or Affliction, why would it for you? Like it or not, the UFC has the business model to prevent MMA from getting like boxing. For years, even your Grandma knew who the Heavyweight Champ was in boxing, but now, hell I don’t know. Like each Klitchko brother has something, that Valuev mutant might have something, even your aforementioned Grandma is fighting for a belt this weekend. It is just ridiculous, and people stop caring. As if it isn’t bad enough having multiple HW champs, Strikeforce is setting a precedent on having the loser of first round contender matches fight for the title, whatever that is about. Now Fedor gets Overeem? What? About 2 months too late for that stroke of genius guys. They are just incompetent and deserve to be crushed by the UFC.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    What’s with the horn-themed power ballad? Somebody was really rocking the trumpet in that one. And I like how they just kept looping that same song; must’ve been blasting it from a pretty sweet boom box in the corner of the room.

    And the room looked kinda odd for a weigh-in… sort of National Spelling Bee meets MMA weigh-in. Once Aoki put on his glasses I thought for sure he was getting ready to whoop some spelling bee ass.

    But there’s enough fighters on this card to have me intrigued; I’ll be watching. Hopefully they manage to salvage somewhat of a decent fight for Mousasi. And for anyone wondering, this event starts at 3am ET (very early Saturday morning)… or midnight for those of us on the west coast.

  • Dufresne says:

    Yourdaddydevilandlord, this may be my favorite post of the last few weeks. Funny and accurate.

    I don’t want SF gone yet, but I agree with your other statements on them.

  • David Andrest says:

    YDD&L Rock Fujiyama is the best show on television without a doubt.

  • LiverPunch says:

    UFC HW champ, SF HW champ, Dream HW champ, WVR HW champ, Wamma HW champ. Your point was something about boxing having multiple champs and MMA doesn’t right?. So that was not a point at all considering it is the same in MMA, well apart from the fact that in boxing they can fight each other and unify belts whereas in MMA that is not possible in some cases.
    Honestly I really find everything you said rubs me the wrong way because it is mostly wrong and misguided … no it ‘s just plain BS and it frustrates me that you get support.
    What SF can get out of i working with Dream is co-promoted events in Japan and the US, exposure for their fighterst and they don’t have to help the UFC by competing with each other. It is in their interest to cooperate. I mean what a bummer having fighters from different orgs fighting each other. I would much rather we never got to see them fight like Fedor and Lesnar. I would just hate it if we got to see the best fighters in the world compete. Just imagine how horrible it would be if Jacre could fight Maia, OH! and it almost makes me sick thinking that it would be possible for Melendez to compete against Florian or BJ.

    “Strikeforce is setting a precedent on having the loser of first round contender matches fight for the title”

    I think you will find that Randy lost his last 2 at HW and then his last at LHW only to get a HW title shot without ever having a HW contender fight, in fact his last HW fight was a loss 5 years previous. So who set what precedent?. Gez honestly you guys just don’t think do ya.

  • Dufresne says:

    If you’re going to point out that Randy got a title fight at HW after losing at LHW with his last HW bout also being a loss, the least you could do is point out that his last HW loss was for the title, and his last LHW loss was also for the title. And lets not ignore that Randy fought for the title in a different weight class than his most immediate loss. Rogers and Fedor both lost at HW and if rumors are true then both will have then gotten an immediate HW title shot off it.
    If you’re going to pull facts out to support your argument, at least use the entire fact.

    WVR doesn’t have a HW champion; DREAM doesn’t have a HW champion; WAMMA is all but defunct as they haven’t even updated their homepage since November of last year, which is actually before Fedor v Rogers much less Fedor v Werdum.

    I’ll acknowledge SF’s HW champ, even though he has a bad habit of not defending but once every 2 years, mostly because the UFC champ couldn’t defend his belt for almost exactly a year. I also admit that even though WVR and DREAM don’t have HW champs, they do have champs in several other weight classes. But can you name them without looking them up? I couldn’t. I actually had to look up WVR just to figure out it was the organization that put on Sengoku.
    My point being, yes there are several MMA organizations just as there are many boxing organizations. But your argument about us getting to see the best fighting the best is so far largely unfounded. There have been a few exceptions like Aoki fighting Melendez, but overall it’s playing out just like boxing is. There are great fighters but because they’re contracted under different organizations, sometimes even within cooperating organizations, they almost never get to fight. Mayweather v Pacquiao anyone?

  • Dufresne says:

    Looks like O’Brien did end up fighting and got choked out by Mousasi via standing guillotine.

    Manhoef also got tapped out via kimura.

    Aoki got the win via heelhook.

  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    Okay Liverpunch, I think you misunderstood, I know that there are a bunch of Champions in different promotions. That is the problem that is happening that is sending MMA down the road of boxing. I hate that we will never see some of these guys fight eachother. That is the point, I hate all of these organizations coming in and offering these wild contracts that they can’t afford to a few stars and have them fight former Kimbo victims. Then they announce a big fight, only to have it canceled because they can’t fulfill their ridiculous contracts, or don’t have the organizational skills to pull it off. I want MMA organized like other pro sports, with minor, developmental leagues and one big, major league where the best in every weight class fight eachother.
    As for Randy, admittedly, he was the UFC’s baby, but at least he backed up that decision by winning the HW belt, and at the time there wasn’t anyone glaringly obvious as the #1 contender that got passed up. Fedor was the obvious choice for the Overeem fight to begin with, but they had him fight Rogers. Fedor wins and then Rogers gets the title shot, OOOKKAAAYYY. Then they set up Fedor vs Werdum as a #1 contender match, Werdum wins, and now they are saying Fedor gets the shot against Werdum. That is why it is different. I will admit that the UFC has made mistakes along the way, or had circumstances change due to injury etc, but Strikeforce just seems to be confused and lost.
    And for the record, nothing I have ever done or said has ever rubbed you in ANY WAY. Rub yourself.


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