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Randy Couture: ‘Lesnar is a bigger, stronger and more athletic fighter than Carwin’

From trading punches to trading hunting stories, former UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture recently spent some quality time alongside current UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar in preparation for the former WWE superstar’s title defense against Shane Carwin at UFC 116.

In total, Couture spent five days at the Death Clutch gym in Alexandria, Minnesota in order to gauge Lesnar’s camp for Carwin. During that time the UFC Hall of Famer came away with a valuable inside look into the training methods of the biggest draw in the sport.

“I don’t think the year off has hurt him. He’s made the adjustments physically and dietarily,” said Couture to in reference to Lesnar’s recent time away from MMA due to an intestinal infection. “He’s back to 100 percent full strength and I think that having the downtime wasn’t a huge issue for him. He was back pretty quickly to being able to train. Technically, he’s probably learned more and is a better fighter than he was a year ago.

“He’s had to make some dietary changes because of getting sick that has him leaner than he’s been, but he’s still in that 280-pound range. He probably won’t have to cut as much weight come fight time.”

According to Couture, for as skilled in the art of pummeling men as Brock currently is, the massive heavyweight champion is still a work in progress. In this bout with the fearsome undefeated knockout artist, Lesnar appears to be focusing on his opponent’s strong point in order to avoid being knocked senseless early, like all of Carwin’s previous opponents.

“He continues to learn very quickly. For this camp, he’s refining his striking tactics and technique, as that could be a component of this fight with Carwin,” said Couture. “There’s no secret there that Carwin’s going to try and come out and knock your head off.”

“I think the more Brock can make this a wrestling match, the less likely that Carwin is going to be able to have it his way and win the fight. I think Brock’s wrestling credentials are stronger and he’s a bigger, generally stronger, more athletic fighter than Carwin. If he can make it a wrestling match and keep it in those terms, he has a very good chance of winning the fight. If he gets sucked in the firefight, throwing four-ounce gloves at one another, anything can happen.”

  • bigbadjohn says:

    True, true and true.

  • I don’t think brock will be able to take Shane down. Brock also doesn’t have the punching options that Carwin has either. This is a very interesting fight though. Brock is a tough guy. I can see this fight going so many ways. If brock can keep the pressure on Shane for 5 rounds then I can see brock grinding out a vicotory. If brock can get a 1 or 2 fists on shanes jaw then I think shane would buckle enough for brock to take him down but keeping Carwin down will be the next story. Brock has those very quick short elbows but it took 2 rounds to finish Mir, Carwin aint mir. Carwin is a Wrestler of caliber. Not brocks Caliber but almost I mean.. they were “suppost grapple in college” per Shane and I really doubt there is enough of a gap at this point and when mixing mma in it. Wow .. just so many ways this fight could go when I break down into 2 rounds per round. I see these guys having 2 bursts per round and then some grind up against the fence for a while to establish dominance with either a takedown or some dirty boxing to the center of the ring.

    Very excited for this fight. I hope Shane wins because brock is just a big bully.

  • Makington says:

    I can definitely see Brock taking Carwin down, although I think he’ll really have to fight for it.

    I see a lot of people talking about how strong Carwin or Brock is, which is true, but it’s probably about equal. It’s not like either guy could ragdoll the other, so to me it comes down to technique. I think Brock has a little bit better technique and will therefore have the advantage in getting it to the ground. Carwin is going to need a good gameplan to keep moving and punish Brock everytime he tries to get him down.

    I can’t wait to see this fight, no idea who the hell will win.

  • Rece Rock says:

    It’s ain’t going to be pretty but I guarantee Brock gets the “W”.
    Brock gets it to the ground and will be on Carwin like a wet blanket…A win is a win…

  • Dufresne says:

    I see Brock taking this to the ground, and instead of staying chest to chest like he did with Mir which forced him to throw short shots, I think he’s gonna try and posture up more and get more force behind his punches. Mir is one of the top BJJ HW’s in the world, so one of the last things you want to do is to posture up on him and give him an opportunity to grab an arm or possibly throw up a triangle. Carwin on the other hand is a wrestler and wrestler’s traditionally don’t like being on their backs.

    I also don’t know if Carwin has been training in BJJ long enough to have a submission game that should worry Brock. I don’t see this going to decision, but I do see Brock getting the W via GnP.

  • manny says:


  • bigbadjohn says:

    Umm no. He won’t.

  • Kirtm says:

    If Brock can avoid the big punch from Carwin he wins easy.

  • Lethal Liquid says:

    Lesnar is taking a nap. He has the better camp. I hope they re-enforce the Octagon. Just keep one thing in mind all Carwin has to do is find Brock’s chin once. Just once

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    I am excited for this match. I think it ends up being a ground war. I think Brock will have the better ground game but, from what I understand Carwin is only a bit behind in his wrestling. I think these two huge guys are gonna maul each other for 3 rounds with Brock winner via GnP late 3rd round.

    If Carwin does manage to pull off the upset I would be surprised. I would think a main focus of Lesnar’s camp is his striking and striking defense. As long as he doesn’t get stupid like Mir and eat a few shots trying to get position and takes it to the ground I think Brock’s wrestling will give him the advantage.

    If Carwin does win via KO then Lesnar didn’t do his homework in the striking dept. I’ve only seen two of Carwin’s matches so I’ve never really seen his ground game but, hope he did his homework on take down defense. Have a feeling he will need it.

    No matter who wins, I don’t see these two massive guys going 5 rounds.

  • BillyWarhol says:

    I couldn’t agree more!! Brock will Smoke Carwin’s Ass!!

  • bigbadjohn says:

    whats up with this ‘all Carwin has to do is land one shot’ talk? Like if Lesnars 300 pound frame couldnt knock Shane out cold? i understand Carwin has more impressive KOs but Lesnar doesnt have a notoriously bad chin or even had to use his stand up since Randy… hmmmmm?

  • LiverPunch says:

    Yes he is.
    That should be enough to win but will it be on the night.

  • Lethal Liquid says:

    The reason I said ‘all he has to do is land one because that is Carwin’s reputation. He puts people’s shit out on the curb in devastating fashion. Plus I just don’t see Lesnar being able to hold him down. Take him down is one thing holding him down is another. He’s not gonna manhandle Carwin like he did Mir. So where will the fight most likely end up. The clinch. Remember what Carwin did to Mir in the clinch. Also consider Lesnar got rocked by Couture and Mir. Not exactly primetime strikers

  • LiverPunch says:

    I can’t remember Brock being rocked LL?. Truth is Carwin is bigger and a better wrestler. Carwin only really has one way to win. He needs to punch Lesnar in the head. I think all Lesnar (or anybody) has to do is try to stop that from happening and he has gone 99% of the way to winning. Easier said than done I know but I do believe that it is that simple. Just don’t get caught early on.

  • stone says:

    If I’m not mistaken, sometime during a fight, Rogan said Carwin helped Randy get ready for Brock. So Randy has trained with the both of them. So if Randy says Brock… Then DAMN IT, you gotta believe the man! Brock wins with wrestling!!!

  • raker says:

    Too many unknowns in this fight. Lesnar only has 5 pro fights and Carwin has only fought a total of about 15 minutes in 12 pro fights…none making it out of the first. We know they’re both big and strong and both can punch but there may also be dimensions to their games that we haven’t even had a chance to see yet. We haven’t seen Lesnar KO anyone like Carwin has but he smashed Herring’s orbital with one punch and tagged Mir early in their first fight. We also saw Carwin get staggered by Gonzaga early, only to come back with a big KO. We haven’t seen Brock’s chin or Carwin’s cardio tested. I can’t say either way who is going to win the fight but I know that these guys bring some incredible strengths and a whole lot of mystery into this fight. Can’t wait!!

  • RU486 says:

    According to wikipedia, Carwin has 2 wins by submission by rear naked choke, 2 wins by submission guillotine, and 1 win by submission strikes, so I would say that the sub game is there. Also, to whoever said Brock didn’t get rocked, I remember Randy putting a nice little cut on his face and sending him backwards a few feet. This is Randy we’re talking about, not exactly known for power punching. Also, how is either fighter going to fare against someone of equal size? The biggest guy Brock has fought has been Mir at around 240. Carwin however got Mir at 265.

    We can get all over-analytical about what if this, and what if that, but it all comes down to the fact that this is a really good fight, and either fighter has the potential to pull this one off. Brock will of course be the betting favorite because of his popularity, but it’s a much closer fight than that. I’m by no means saying this fight will go 25 minutes, but it really is a toss up.

  • LiverPunch says:

    He has 2 by rear naked what? guillotine buddy, no nakedness about it. I said I can’t remember him being rocked and is being cut and being forced back rocked? Not to my knowledge. Being rocked is being made wobbly, for lack of a better term, in my book, cuts or being forced back from a punch have little to do with it. Being rocked is being partially removed from your senses so that you are “hurt” or on “wobbly legs”.

  • Dufresne says:

    The only time I can remember Brock getting rocked/dazed/tagged/whatever is by Mir in the 2nd round of their rematch. He clipped Brock with a shot that seemed to stun Brock who changed levels and went for the single leg and while doing that Mir tried to Urijah Faber him and threw his other leg up for a knee that resulted in him getting taken down against the cage. Other than that I can’t remember him being in trouble in any fight except the Mir knee bar.

  • Only time Lesnar has been rocked was at WrestleMania 19 when he botched a shooting star press.


    Advantage: Lesnar.

  • mu_shin says:

    See this as a really even contest physically, two big strong wrestlers. What I’ve seen from Brock that I haven’t seen Carwin demonstrate is the speed coming forward into the shot. Have to agree with a lot of the previous posts, if Brock can slip that incredible punch from Carwin, and get Shane backing up, I think he can take him down, and Carwin is going to have to really tap into the ground technique to get out from under Lesnar. If Lesnar traps Carwin up against the fence on the ground, could be an ugly night for the challenger, but Carwin may have game on the ground we really haven’t seen as of yet, being that no one has made it out of the first round with this guy… Should be a great fight, and may the best man win…


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