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Fabricio Werdum: ‘I will choke Fedor in the first round’

Werdum vs. Kyle

An established and respected veteran of the PRIDE, UFC and Strikeforce promotions, Fabricio Werdum has faced off with many of the best heavyweights MMA has to offer in the eight years the decorated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt has spent in the sport. Already having notched impressive victories over the likes of current Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem, Gabriel Gonzaga and Aleksander Emelianenko, Werdum will be taking a step up in competition on June 26 as he faces off with “The Baddest Man On The Planet”, Fedor Emelianenko.

Werdum isn’t kidding himself for one moment heading into this Saturday’s Strikeforce main event in San Jose. He knows the cards are stacked against him in the eyes of many. While confident in his abilities and potential to spoil Fedor’s party, Werdum is eager to convert his many sceptics against the man even he considers to be the best fighter on the planet.

“I know it will be a difficult fight because Fedor is the best in the world,” said Werdum on Inside MMA over the weekend. “I know a lot of people don’t believe in me because Fedor wins every time he fights, but everybody will believe in me after this fight.”

And while Werdum is extremely confident in his abilities regardless of where the fight with Fedor ends up, he’d be lying if he didn’t admit where his strength in the cage lies.

“My ways are on the ground,” said the 32-year-old Chute Boxe trained heavyweight. “I want to go to the ground because I believe in my jiu-jitsu.

“Next Saturday I will choke [Fedor] – believe in me – in the first round.”

  • bigbadjohn says:

    ya… and I’m going to the Moon tonight for a pulled-pork sandwich and a pint.

  • Rece Rock says:

    One can only dream…

  • Makington says:

    Well you got to have that mindset as a fighter to truly believe that you’re the best in the world or else you never will be. He has to really believe he has a chance…

    We don’t have to though.

  • manny says:

    Makington – I agree with you BUT only if your opponent is someone other than FEDOR.
    That’s just not going to happen.
    Fedor will make him tap b4 he does.

  • danw84 says:

    How could you possibly win if you think you’re going to lose?

    I wonder if he truly believes he will win, or is just trying to psych himself into it.

  • Guthookd says:

    Fedor’s time will eventually come. I don’t know if this is it…and I’m not going to pick Doom over feDora, but I will wet my self with joy if it happens.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Werdum has no chance on the ground. If (I said if!) Werdum has a chance, it’s on his feet. Arlovski was doing alright until the ill-advised flying knee, and Brett Rogers hung in there on his feet for a while, too. Fedor’s grappling isn’t a hole in his game.

  • Dufresne says:

    Eventually Fedor will either lose or retire. It has to happen at some point. Since he hasn’t retired yet, he does theoretically have the possibility of losing a fight still. I’m not sure if Werdum is going to be the one to do it, but it’s possible.

    I have to agree with you Angry Mike, Fedor is absolutely no slouch on the ground. In fact the majority of his MMA wins have come via submission and since 1997 he has placed no lower than 3rd in either the Russian or World Sambo Championships.

    I would also have to give Fedor the advantage on the feet as he’s KO’d more fighters than Werdum and I can only remember him actually being rocked on one occasion, by Fujita in 2003.

    Obviously you have to give the experience factor to Fedor as well as he has 34 MMA fights compared to 18 on his record.

    But all that doesn’t guarantee a victory, it just strongly, strongly suggests one.

  • bruisermoore says:

    Everyone is acting like Werdum never even won the Abu Dahbi heavyweight and absolute classes multiple times! He is the best heavyweight grappler in the game right now because he has proven it so at least give him some respect for his accomplishments.

    Now, with that said I don’t even see him making it to the ground until it’s after a huge overhand right from Fedor. He is going to try everything he can to take Fedor down but it’s just not gonna happen unfortunately. He can’t even pull guard if he wanted to because of Fedor viscious ground and pound that’s probably the last place he would want to be.

  • Spoken says:

    Agreed that Werdum is the best JIU JITSU grappler at HW, but Fedor is equally, if not more qualified in grappling with his background in Sambo. Not to mention the success he’s had at adapting it to MMA. I cant picture Fedor getting tapped by anyone in MMA right now.

  • Frankmur says:

    If he does beat Fedor Junior Dos Santos will be feeling pretty good and Dana will be promoting him as the man who beat the man who beat Fedor.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    I agree with him. I think he will choke Fedor in round 1. Only problem is I don’t think he will choke him out. Getting a choke and getting the submission are a little different. Either way I don’t care really who wins. I’m just happy for more free MMA.

    If Fedor does win I hope Overeem gets Fedor next. Time to see the best two HW in Strikeforce 1 on 1.

  • BillyWarhol says:

    I Believe it!! Fedor just got a Lucky Punch in against Brett Rogers – this White Palooka is a Joke!!

  • KTru says:

    good thing 5 oz has reported the biggest news of the day…..Wandy being taken off UFC 116 due to injured ribs and replaced by Chris Leben

  • LiverPunch says:

    I find it quite strange that some people who say Fedor is overrated also say a legit top 10 MMA fighter with victories over Gonzaga, Vera, Overeem, and big Foot and a 2 time BBJ world champ doesn’t have a chance. I’m confused.
    I think Werdum has a very good chance. I give him about 1 in 10. I gave Maia 1 in 1000 against Silva and that was generous. This fight is not as one sided as many make out.

  • danw84 says:

    KTru you’re saying that as if you were the reporter who learned that story.

    We read other sites as well bro.

  • slammy862 says:

    Whoever can hold Fedor down and beat him up without gasing will be the Last Emporer’s downfall and that means wrestler’s.(ref stoppage or bleeding to death)

    Fedor doesn’t know(modern) wrestler’s like the sambo and bjj crowd and these fighters are rising to the top in mma. (Cain, Carwin, Lesnar even MO)

    It’s no coinsidence that the UFC has these fighters and Fedor’s managers can’t find a contract that works.

    He said it best in an earlier article that he wants to retire undefeated. Strikeforce is the perfect place to work for that goal.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Coleman, Fujita, Babalu, Randleman,Lindland kinda wrestlers or do you mean just guys that are in the UFC?. Yes he wants to retire undefeated. Duh should he wish to be beaten?. The UFC is an island that will not allow its fighters to fight out of the UFC. too. Is that because they are scared of SF? slammy put your spin on the fact that Fedor doesn’t want to sign with the UFC but please put a positive UFC spin on the UFC not allowing its fighters to fight Fedor. I mean he is the no.1 but they refuse to fight him unless it is in the UFC. As far as Fedor not knowing modern wrestlers he does, even more so than those UFC fighters know modern sambo guys…true?.

    “It’s no coinsidence that the UFC has these fighters and Fedor’s managers can’t find a contract that works.”


    “It’s no coinsidence that the non-UFC MMA world has these fighters and UFC’s managers can’t find a contract that works to co-promote or allow their fighters to fight outside of the UFC”

    Huh?! would you look at that you can twist it both ways. Maybe it isn’t that simple. just maybe.

  • stone says:

    Fedor will KO this dude faster than JDS!… Or will he?

  • slammy862 says:

    No, it IS that simple!

    Get in with the big dogs or sit down and STFU!

    That’s simple.

    Read it again, jack.

    Hold him down and beat him up. Not old wrestlers and small wrestlers. The new breed of wrestler.

    You honestly believe the UFC is afraid of signing him to a contract?

    Yeah, all that $$$–where to put it all?

    They both have a ton to gain, but one is worried about finishing undefeated.

    Seems simple enough to me.

  • danw84 says:

    slammy, can you give one example where Fedor said anything remotely close to claiming he was the best? He barely talks. Shutting up more would be him NEVER speaking.

    You guys say Fedor is scared to fight the best, yet Dana White won’t let his guys go fight Fedor in Strikeforce or any other organization.

    Why not?

    Strikeforce is willing to co-promote, and they do it regularly. They allow their champions (Diaz) to go other places and potentially lose and lose some of their credibility. They’re talking about a fight between their lightweight champ and Bellator’s lightweight champ. The UFC hasn’t done that sort of thing since Rampage embarrassed Dana in Pride when Chuck went over.

    So I really gotta ask you “Fedor is scared” believers, who is the one who is scared here?

  • LiverPunch says:

    “You honestly believe the UFC is afraid of signing him to a contract?”

    No but I do believe they are afraid that if he doesn’t and beats a UFC champ or contender and that is why they wont because of Lidell vs Rampage 1. Chuck touted as the best the UFC had to offer got destroyed by Rampage, who at the time was 1 of about 5 competing for a title shot.

    “Yeah, all that $$$–where to put it all?”

    Do you believe Fedor is not making huge dollars co-promoting with SF?.

    “They both have a ton to gain, but one is worried about finishing undefeated”

    Tell me why the UFC will not allow it’s fighters to fight Fedor like Randy tried to?. Who is afraid or being “undefeated”?. Fedor has asked and tried to fight UFC champions. He has tried to fight Randy out of the UFC has tried to negotiate with the UFC for one fight deals and co-promotion etc the UFC and Fedor could not come to an agreement. He did not just turn down the UFC, the UFC turned him down too and took legal action against Randy couture to stop him from fighting Fedor in Affliction. Now just answer this, is that true and therefore are you talking out of your butt?
    And finally

    “Get in with the big dogs or sit down and STFU!”

    You should tell Dana that because Fedor is no1 and they wont fight him unless he signs, so then they can still claim to have the best even if he loses. Something they found hard to do after Chuck was destroyed in Pride by Rampage, which is the last time they allowed it to happen. I wonder why? hmmm maybe they want to stay “undefeated”.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Danw84 said it better than me. well down. You are promoted to 85 if you wish.

  • LiverPunch says:

    F#ck! done not down.

  • danw84 says:

    I didn’t say it better, just different.

    Nice to see other people who can actually think!

  • LiverPunch says:

    All tose that attack Fedor answer these Q.
    1) Did he try to neg 1 fight deals wit the UFC and the UFC said no?.
    2) Did he make public statements asking Dana to allow UFC champions and fighters to fight him?.
    3) Did he try and organize a co-promotion with the UFC, to which they said no?.
    4) Did he and Couture make moves to fight each other whist they were 1 and 2 in the world and Randy was UFC champ only to have the UFC sue Randy and ultimately stop the fight from taking place?.

    I will answer for you. Yes it is all true. Gee why wont the UFC just sign a contract with Fedor?. I mean he is the no.1 and they seem to want everything on their terms and refuse to LET their fighter fight him. Why?. Are they ducking him? are they afraid? no they are just worried he might win and the UFC would lose face and standing. Just imagine if Fedor was to destroy the UFC HW champion and then go and fight everywhere but the UFC. It would be a huge PR disaster for Dana and the UFC and he and the company would lose credibility.I would guess that Fedor wont sign because he doesn’t need to. He is making millions, has freedom of sponsor, fighting place/time/org and is building his own company. The idea that he wont fight because if he loses M1 dies is false because he tried to organize co-promotion and 1 fight deals. He still could have lost. The idea that he hasn’t fought top comp recently is false too but I can see a little bit of a misguided point here. You mean to say he hasn’t fought the top UFC fighters. To which I say who’s fault is that really?. Both are equally to blame. 1 wont sign a specific exclusive contract and 1 wont allow it’s fighters to fight him if he doesn’t.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I loved brocks comments about fedor being the greatest ever in his own lil world…alot of truth is said in jest…Fedor loses more and more respect & credibilty as time goes on, whether it’s deserved or not I really think with the evolution of the sport moving at lightspeed, fedor will be a footnote that will be easily overlooked 10 years from now. For all that he has done in the sport there will always be what’s left undone that will weigh heavier as years go on…there’s just an entirely new breed of fighter he is yet to test himself against…I don’t care how many former UFC champs he beat, they couldn’t hang with the new breed right now so that doesn’t measure anything for me, so therefore in my eyes he’ll be the best of a time not that long ago but he’s certainly not the p4p best currently….just my opinion.

  • Niv says:

    Fedor only loses credibility with those that only think in the box.

    Many valid points have been made about Fedor wanting and trying to fight UFC fighters but the UFC throws up the road blocks.

    Zuffa made over inflated remarks about throwing money at Fedor and everyone just believes it and goes on a non-stop rant about Fedor.

    Stop acting like lemmings.

    The biggest issue facing Fedor isn’t money but rights. The UFC wants to hold on to the Champions clause, likeness rights and any promotional video coverage.

    So in short the best fighter in the world who is free to make millions anywhere cannot be free to leave as long as he is champion even if he signed a one fight deal for the crown. The champion clause that every UFC contract has in it ensures that the contract automatically renews as long as you are champion. Last time the UFC negotiated with Fedor he said flat out “They want me to sign a contract that says I cannot leave if I’m undefeated.”

    Does that sound like a guy scared he’s going to lose? Exact opposite is the reality, he’s thinking about they will own me because I don’t plan on ever losing.

    Add in the fact that he would lose all rights to promote his future fights with video as the UFC would own his likeness rights. (They already own his Pride video, he’s starting over as it is, now he’d be looking at losing everything else forever.)

    Time to wake up people, the vast majority of mma fighters, UFC included know he’s the best. Unfortunately too many bloggers are busy stuffing there brains into one tiny box.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Stop acting like lemmings? Wow- Nice 90’s reference. While your at it where’s Waldo ?

    “The UFC wants to hold on to the Champions clause, likeness rights and any promotional video coverage.”
    – Yeah because NFL, MLB, NBA they all let everyone use there footage however they like right? C’mon man it’s Business!

    “They want me to sign a contract that says I cannot leave if I’m undefeated.”
    – Well going undefeated probably wouldn’t be an issue anyway Fedor *wink, wink*. But if it was why would you leave the top promotion if your holding a strap and getting paid more than anywhere else…? yeah what a shitty outcome Brock should just drop the belt and go fight in Dream where the big bucks are at?!

    “Add in the fact that he would lose all rights to promote his future fights with video as the UFC would own his likeness rights.”
    – He seems to be doing just fine with out video over at SF… the guy can’t conduct an interview and that’s the issue… SF’s top draw is mute.

    “Unfortunately too many bloggers are busy stuffing there brains into one tiny box.”
    – Yeah and unfortunately all the rest of the bloggers are busy stuffing there mouths with Fedors cock.

  • mcvojp01 says:

    What a bitch fuck werdum he sucks!!!

  • Creature says:

    I agree with rece rock, fedor was great back in the days of pride and was p4p best, but the sport has evolved so much and there is a new breed of fighters that have been mostley dominating the top competition, and most of those fighters r in the UFC, of course fedor beat former top ranked guys in the past, former UFC champs, but why did they leave? bottom line is cuz they were losing 2 the new breed, regardless of whose fault it is 2 why fedor keeps fighting guys tossed aside by UFC, or guys with not so much experience, he still hasnt tested himself against that new evolved mixed martial artist. do i think UFC should co promote? yes, do i truely understand why? yeah cuz its smart as hell and there trying 2 drown out the competition not co promote and have the other companies gain more fans.

  • Creature says:

    And 2 everyone critizing DW, put yourself in his shoes, would u rather do what hes doing, making himself rich as hell, giving his kids and family/friends a damn good life, or co promote so random ppl can have a good show and possibly ruin ur MMA empire? and if not 4 the UFC i dont think MMA would be nearly as known and popular as it is now

  • mcvojp01 says:

    All u fedor haters will see what happens sat night when ur sorry ass boy loses by KO

  • Dufresne says:

    Okay, I’m usually one of the ones that is complaining about Fedor’s ranking worldwide. Let me clear something up. Fedor is the best HW in the history of MMA and is currently one of the best HW’s in the game. The problem I have in ranking him the number one P4P is that I don’t get to see him fight the elite of the elite on a regular basis, so I don’t honestly know how he stacks up with them anymore.

    When he was in PRIDE, all the best HW’s were also in PRIDE, so when he destroyed them you could definitively say he’s the best. But now you have the best HW’s spread out between 2 promotions which makes it impossible to compare them currently. I don’t know if Fedor would beat the top level of the UFC’s HW division just as I don’t know if Carwin, Lesnar, Cain, or JDS would be able to beat Fedor, Overeem, or even possibly Rogers. Unless one of them transfers over from SF to the UFC or vice versa that question will never be answered.

    You can always say things like “fighter X beat fighter Y who beat fighter Z, so therefore fighter X is better than fighter Z” but that doesn’t work. We all know MMAth doesn’t pan out. It may give you an idea of how they could stack up, but nothing is set in stone. Hell, Serra beat GSP in the first round. Does that make him better than BJ Penn?

    And people can complain about the UFC not doing any cross promotions like SF and DREAM do, but can you really blame them? If say, Brock where to go to SF and get KO’d by Rogers, it would make it look like the entire UFC HW division was inferior to SF’s. How does that help the UFC? Same thing if they bring in a SF fighter for one fight. On the other hand SF is a much less established MMA organization so any and all exposure they can get is beneficial. The UFC has built themselves up as being the elite of the elite in the world of MMA, and in a lot of cases that’s true. So why would they want to risk both tarnishing their reputation while boosting the reputation of a competitor? There are dozens if not hundreds of professional leagues for both baseball and basketball spread throughout the USA, Europe, and Asia, could one of them have a team or players that are better than many of their USA counterparts? Absolutely. Is the NBA or MLB going to allow them to play the Lakers or the Yankees? Absolutely not. It’s all risk and no reward.

    So long story short. Is Fedor a skilled MMA fighter? Absolutely, he’s one of the best of all time. Do I know exactly where to put him these days? Nope. And honestly, no one knows definitively where he stands either.

  • Dufresne says:

    Oh, and as for Fedor’s rights to his appearance and likeness: I’m sure if Randy Couture could work out a clause in his contract that the UFC could use but did not own his likeness, Fedor can as well.

  • Niv says:

    Dufresne, you’re right I’m sure something with his likeness may be able to be negotiated but we don’t know for sure.

    The only thing we do know is that Randy is living proof of the rock solid vault that is the Champions clause.

    He left with his belt and the UFC tied him up in court and brought the Fedor vs Couture fight to an end.

    This is the biggest fear he had plain and simple.

    Rece “wink wink”, yeah I doubt Fedor would lose to anyone in the UFC today. The new evolved fighter you keep talking about doesn’t exist. The guys at the top of the sport are still Fedor, Shogun, GSP, Penn, Spider all fighters that have been around a long time.

    Why would he leave an organization when he’s on top? Because he has his own business, you don’t seem to understand the simple business that he cannot allow himself to be owned by another promotion when he has ownership stakes of his own.

    As for the new breed that everyone keeps talking about, there is a new and young exciting group coming up the ranks, but none of them have faced any of these past fighters like Big Nog in his prime. I think the previous generation of Nog, Cro Cop, Couture, Arlovski, Barnett were and in Fedor case are better than these up and coming guys.

    Fight sports will reinvent itself only so much, you can’t reinvent the wheel, fighting techniques have existed since time began and guys will only be able to amalgamate so much. It will come down to individual talent and once every blue moon a phenom arrives, right now you’re looking at him his name is Fedor.

    Rece keep the cock analogy for yourself.

  • Rece Rock says:

    “…once every blue moon a phenom arrives, right now you’re looking at him his name is Fedor.”

    Haahaa… Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive… omg how Cheesey.

    i’ll stand by my original rebuttal knowing there is no other challange for him outside of the UFC after Overeem…So let him travel around “championship clause” free, so he can kick some cans and go out a paper champ…Hey I guess if I was him as long as the money is right who cares?!

    That’s all good- so I will remember how good he used to be and how good of a business man he is now… but don’t ask me to lie to myself and say he is currently the best fighter cause he is not- the best atheletes test them selves and he hasn’t tested himself in a while.


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